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What is meningitis?

Meninges are the tissue layers that cover the brain and spinal cord and are responsible for their protection. An infection of these layers and the surrounding fluid results in inflammation and swelling in the skull. This condition can be life-threatening if it is not diagnosed and treated on time.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

The classic early symptoms of the disease include a stiff neck, fever, and confusion along with nausea, vomiting, and headache.

  • Other symptoms include sensitivity to light, irritability and decreased appetite.
  • These can further progress to altered consciousness, weaker brain functions and seizures.
  • Bacterial meningitis is a serious and contagious form of meningitis. Skin rashes are a late sign of one type of bacterial meningitis. Brain damage, hearing and vision loss are some of the long-term symptoms associated with meningitis.
  • Viral meningitis is rarely life-threatening and contagious but can impact with long-lasting symptoms such as headaches and memory problems.
  • Fungal meningitis is rare and can be seen in persons with very low immunity such as those with cancer or AIDS.

What are its main causes?

Meningitis can be infectious or noninfectious.

Infectious meningitis is caused by microorganisms that spread through the bloodstream and reach the brain or spinal cord. These microorganisms infect the meninges and the fluid surrounding them causing inflammation and swelling. Some microorganisms that cause meningitis are:

  • Bacteria – Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitides
  • Virus – Influenza virus, measles virus, HIV and Echovirus
  • Fungi – Candida albicans, Cryptococcus neoformans and Histoplasma

Noninfectious causes include:

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Early diagnosis and treatment of this condition can prevent brain damage and death.

The following tests are considered essential to diagnose meningitis:

  • Lumbar puncture – Cerebrospinal fluid is sent for microbial culture, CBC, protein and glucose levels, and C-reactive protein (infection marker) to help identify and confirm bacterial meningitis
  • Elevated white blood cell counts
  • CT scan of the head
  • A positive glass test for meningitis rash

Treatment includes the following measures:

  • Bacterial meningitis is treated with intravenous antibiotics that are effective in clearing away the infectious bacteria from the system.
  • Fungal meningitis is treated with antifungal agents.
  • Viral meningitis resolves on its own but can be treated with intravenous antiviral medications.
  • Vaccinations such as the meningococcal vaccine and Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine can also protect against certain types of meningitis.
  • Maintaining good personal hygiene and vaccinating before travelling to regions that show incidences of this disease will help prevent meningitis.
  1. Medicines for Meningitis
  2. Doctors for Meningitis
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Dr. Swati Narang


Dr. Megha Tandon

Dr. Megha Tandon


Dr. Shakti Mishra

Dr. Shakti Mishra


Medicines for Meningitis

Medicines listed below are available for Meningitis. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
RoscillinRoscillin 100 Mg Drop31.0
CefocefCefocef 1000 Mg Injection63.0
FormicFormic 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection114.19
GramocefGramocef 1000 Mg Injection58.0
ZylocefZylocef 1000 Mg Injection61.0
Auract InjectionAuract 1 G Injection28.0
Cefantral InjectionCefantral 1000 Mg Injection33.0
C Tax InjectionC Tax 1 Gm Injection33.0
EvacefEvacef 1 Gm Injection24.0
GencefGencef 1 Gm Injection58.0
OminaxOminax 125 Mg Injection13.0
OmnataxOmnatax 1000 Mg Injection33.0
OmnicefOmnicef 1 Gm Injection36.0
Taxim InjectionTaxim 1000 Mg Injection33.0
Antax InjectionAntax 125 Mg Injection14.0
BestaxBestax 125 Mg Injection11.0
Biocef InjectionBiocef 1 Gm Injection85.0
BiotaxBiotax 1 Gm Injection33.0
Cefatal InjectionCefatal 1 Gm Injection25.0
Cefaxil InjectionCefaxil 1 Gm Injection37.0
CefentralCefentral 125 Mg Injection13.0
Ceflin InjectionCeflin 1000 Mg Injection27.0
CefnimaxCefnimax 1 Gm Injection30.0
CefomarcCefomarc 200 Mg Tablet146.0
CefotaxCefotax 1000 Mg Injection22.0
Cefotaxim InjectionCefotaxim 1000 Mg Injection31.0
CifaCifa 1 Gm Injection28.0
DesataxDesatax 1 Gm Injection27.0
EdicefEdicef 1000 Mg Injection26.0
EfotaxEfotax 1000 Mg Injection89.0
Haltax InjectionHaltax 250 Mg Injection14.0
Haltax S InjectionHaltax S 1.5 Gm Injection35.0
LupitaxLupitax 1 Gm Injection142.0
MutaxMutax 1 Gm Injection31.0
NepotaxNepotax 1 Gm Injection77.0
NilstatNilstat 500 Mg Injection47.0
NovataxNovatax 1 Gm Injection33.0
NutaxinNutaxin 125 Mg Injection10.0
OritaximOritaxim 1000 Mg Injection26.0
ProcefProcef 100 Mg Dry Syrup51.0
Q TaxQ Tax 1000 Mg Injection29.0
SifotaximSifotaxim 1 Gm Injection28.0
TaxiconTaxicon 1000 Mg Injection40.0
TaxiromTaxirom 500 Mg Injection23.0
TaxopenTaxopen 1 Gm Injection36.0
Tox InjectionTox 1 Gm Injection27.0
Troycef InjectionTroycef 1000 Mg Injection27.0
ZecefZecef 250 Mg Injection28.0
Zetaxim InjectionZetaxim 1 Gm Injection26.0
Cefatax InjectionCefatax 1 Gm Injection31.0
CefotimCefotim 1 Gm Injection40.0
CeftalCeftal 250 Mg Tablet189.0
Ct LCt L 5 Mg Tablet29.0
C ToxC Tox 1 Gm Injection21.0
ErataxEratax 1 Gm Injection43.0
Flamotax InjectionFlamotax 1 Gm Injection28.0
FotimeFotime 1 Gm Injection34.0
Gramotaz InjectionGramotaz 1 Gm Injection368.0
NirtaxNirtax 1 Gm Injection21.0
Novatax ONovatax O 100 Mg Tablet140.0
Taxifa STaxifa S 1500 Mg Injection146.0
Tox DcpTox Dcp Syrup29.0
UnitaxUnitax 1 Gm Injection59.0
ZoftaxZoftax 1 Gm Injection27.0
XopXop 100 Mg Tablet Dt66.0
CefazidCefazid 1000 Mg Injection183.0
FortacefFortacef 1 Gm Injection265.0
Fortum EsFortum Es 2 Gm Injection451.0
FortumFortum 1 Gm Injection258.0
ForzidForzid 2 Gm Injection505.0
MegazidMegazid 125 Mg Injection44.0
SpectrazidSpectrazid 1 Gm Injection265.0
TazidTazid 125 Mg Injection50.0
ZidimeZidime 200 Mg Tablet119.0
ActazActaz 1000 Mg Injection300.0
BetazBetaz 1 Gm Injection344.0
CefatumCefatum 1 Gm Injection130.0
CefdinCefdin 1 Gm Injection250.0
CefnepCefnep 1 Gm Injection200.0
Cefom (Modi Mundi)Cefom Injection72.0
CeftaCefta 1 Gm Injection263.0
CeftastarCeftastar 1 Gm Injection171.0
CeftazCeftaz 1 Gm Injection265.0
CefzidCefzid 1000 Mg Injection276.0
CefzidimeCefzidime 1 Gm Injection100.0
CefzidomeCefzidome 1 Gm Injection312.0
CefzyCefzy 1 Gm Injection220.0
CepitazCepitaz 1 Gm Injection135.0
EcozidEcozid 1 Gm Injection94.0
EutumEutum 1 Gm Injection231.0
FotaranFotaran 1 Gm Injection240.0
FotazomFotazom 1125 Mg Injection289.0
GrazidGrazid 1000 Mg Injection205.0
Kaicef SKaicef S 1 Gm Injection125.0
KeftaglanKeftaglan 1000 Mg Injection280.0
KrizidKrizid 1000 Mg Injection209.0
MeezatMeezat 1 Gm Injection240.0
NeceftNeceft 1 Gm Injection302.0
NosodimeNosodime 1000 Mg Injection240.0
OrzidOrzid 250 Mg Injection55.0
OtaxOtax 250 Mg Injection16.0
OzidOzid 250 Mg Injection50.0
Ozid (Pacific)Ozid 500 Mg Tablet54.0
PseudocefPseudocef 1 Gm Injection312.0
RoczidRoczid 1 Gm Injection300.0
SitrozidSitrozid 1 Gm Injection292.0
StefStef 1 Gm Injection276.0
TaczidTaczid 1 Gm Injection191.0
TazimideTazimide 1.125 Gm Injection485.0
TizimeTizime 1000 Mg Injection308.0
BectozidBectozid 1 Gm Injection62.0
Ceflor (Ranbaxy)Ceflor 250 Mg Injection60.0
CeflorCeflor 1 Gm Injection134.0
CeftalinCeftalin 250 Mg Tablet79.0
CeftalupCeftalup 1 Gm Injection355.0
CeftozidCeftozid 1 Gm Injection112.0
ProzidomProzidom Capsule49.0
SoftazidSoftazid 1 Gm Injection311.0
TrizedimeTrizedime 1000 Injection247.0
CefizoxCefizox 1 Gm Injection377.0
EldcefEldcef 1 Gm Injection359.0
EldecetEldecet 1 Gm Injection377.0
EpocelinEpocelin 1 Gm Injection1247.0
T ZoxT Zox 1 Gm Injection101.0
UnizoxUnizox 1 Gm Injection371.0
Cefaxone InjectionCefaxone 1000 Mg Injection32.0
C TriC Tri 1000 Mg Injection63.0
GentraxGentrax 1000 Mg Injection64.0
MaczoneMaczone 1000 Mg Injection64.0
Monocef InjectionMonocef 1000 Mg Injection50.0
Monotax InjectionMonotax 1000 Mg Injection61.0
OdicefOdicef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
OframaxOframax 1 Gm Injection62.0
TraxolTraxol 1000 Mg Injection64.0
Xone InjectionXone 1000 Mg Injection61.0
AccuzonAccuzon 250 Mg Injection28.0
AceftAceft 1000 Mg Injection74.0
AncefAncef 1000 Mg Injection62.0
Axiron (Bsp)Axiron 1 Gm Injection133.0
CafzoneCafzone 1000 Mg Injection31.0
CalicefCalicef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
CbzoneCbzone 1 Gm Injection86.0
Cebay TrxCebay Trx 1000 Mg Injection61.0
Cedon ICedon I 1000 Mg Injection56.0
Ceemi CxCeemi Cx 1000 Mg Injection57.0
CefadayCefaday 1 Gm Injection78.0
CefalCefal 1 Gm Injection69.0
CefbactCefbact 250 Mg Injection25.0
Cefde OCefde O 1000 Mg Injection57.0
CefdonCefdon 1000 Mg Injection58.0
CefkabCefkab 1 Gm Injection76.0
CefnidCefnid 1000 Mg Injection107.0
CefnosisCefnosis 1 Gm Injection72.0
CefogramCefogram 1000 Mg Injection64.0
CefonCefon 250 Mg Injection121.0
CefonenCefonen 1 Gm Injection29.0
CefprotecCefprotec 1 Gm Injection24.0
CefronyCefrony 1000 Mg Injection67.0
CeftocidCeftocid 1000 Mg Injection58.0
CeftraxCeftrax 1000 Mg Injection27.0
CeftrianCeftrian 1 Gm Injection56.0
CeftricaCeftrica 1.5 Gm Injection184.0
CeftrilCeftril 1 Gm Injection79.0
CeftrisoneCeftrisone 1000 Mg Injection21.0
CefxiCefxi 125 Mg Injection22.0
CefxoCefxo 1000 Mg Injection98.0
Cefzone (Acme)Cefzone 1 Gm Injection96.0
CefzoneCefzone 1000 Mg Injection92.0
CesafeCesafe 1000 Mg Injection64.0
CetriaxCetriax 1000 Mg Injection64.0
CezoneCezone 1 Gm Injection95.0
Cezone PlusCezone Plus 1.5 Gm Injection121.0
C FaxC Fax 1.5 Gm Injection140.0
C LetC Let 1000 Mg Injection58.0
ComtrixComtrix 1000 Mg Injection60.0
ControxControx 1000 Mg Injection25.0
C Zone (Marc)C Zone 1 Gm Injection69.0
D CefD Cef 1 Gm Injection48.0
EfectalEfectal 1000 Mg Injection96.0
EfoceftEfoceft 1000 Mg Injection57.0
EldocefEldocef 1000 Mg Injection23.0
EtriEtri 1000 Mg Injection86.0
GracefGracef 1000 Mg Injection54.0
GrosafeGrosafe 1 Gm Injection60.0
HaxoneHaxone 250 Mg Injection28.0
HicefHicef 1000 Mg Injection52.0
IcfIcf 1000 Mg Injection58.0
ImunocefImunocef 1000 Mg Injection82.0
I TaxI Tax 1000 Mg Injection54.0
IvixoneIvixone 1000 Mg Injection90.0
JacefJacef 1000 Mg Injection60.0
KefotaxKefotax 1000 Mg Injection61.0
KeftraKeftra 1000 Mg Injection59.0
KexoneKexone 1000 Mg Injection59.0
KocefKocef 1000 Mg Injection25.0
Kocef (Kopranltd)Kocef 500 Mg Injection18.0
LorisolLorisol 1000 Mg Injection62.0
LucetumLucetum 1000 Mg Injection72.0
LyceftLyceft 1000 Mg Injection38.0
MarcefMarcef 1 Gm Injection56.0
MedocidMedocid 1000 Mg Injection65.0
MedoxoneMedoxone 1 Gm Injection60.0
MultixoneMultixone 1 Gm Injection44.0
NotaxNotax 1 Gm Injection68.0
NovaceftNovaceft 1000 Mg Injection75.0
Nu AxiomNu Axiom 1000 Mg Injection72.0
OcizoxOcizox 1 Gm Injection83.0
OmaxeOmaxe 1000 Mg Injection81.0
Onecef (Unimark)Onecef 1 Gm Injection70.0
OnetrixOnetrix 1000 Mg Injection64.0
Oxy (Dr.Johns Lab)Oxy 1000 Mg Injection94.0
PacicefPacicef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
PancefPancef 1000 Mg Injection62.0
PilcefPilcef 1000 Mg Injection25.0
PowercefPowercef 1 Gm Injection64.0
Radicef (Signova)Radicef 500 Mg Injection45.0
RamcefRamcef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
RecefRecef 125 Mg Injection22.0
RetelRetel 1000 Mg Injection58.0
Roxon (Rhombus)Roxon 1 Gm Injection75.0
SayotexSayotex 1 Gm Injection75.0
Sefozon (Exotic Lab)Sefozon 1 Gm Injection80.0
SefximSefxim 1000 Mg Injection72.0
SeptikenSeptiken 1 Gm Injection69.0
SicefSicef 1000 Mg Injection58.0
SitrotaxSitrotax 1 Gm Injection70.0
StercefStercef 1000 Mg Injection58.0
SupercefSupercef 1 Gm Injection61.0
SupravaSuprava 1000 Mg Injection58.0
SurecefSurecef 1000 Mg Injection55.0
TaxoneTaxone 125 Mg Injection21.0
TecxoneTecxone 1 Gm Injection37.0
TelcefTelcef 1000 Mg Injection54.0
Tg CefTg Cef 1000 Mg Injection83.0
TraxtonTraxton 1 Gm Injection79.0
TriglanTriglan 1000 Mg Injection55.0
TrixonTrixon 1000 Mg Injection64.0
TroxoneTroxone 1000 Mg Injection20.0
TroyaxoneTroyaxone 1000 Mg Injection58.0
TrustenTrusten 1000 Mg Injection128.0
UnitraxUnitrax 2000 Mg Injection120.0
WavocefWavocef 250 Mg Injection23.0
XfitXfit 1000 Mg Injection37.0
XolycefXolycef 1000 Mg Injection58.0
ZetriZetri 1 Gm Injection63.0
Zylocef (Alde Medi Impex)Zylocef 250 Mg Injection27.0
Aacef 1000 Mg InjectionAacef 1000 Mg Injection96.0
ActicefActicef 1000 Mg Injection72.0
AgizoneAgizone 1 Gm Injection18.0
AxoneAxone 1000 Mg Injection30.0
BecefBecef 125 Mg Injection20.0
CadiceftCadiceft 1000 Mg Injection22.0
CeflectCeflect 1000 Mg Injection55.0
Cefone (Makers)Cefone 1000 Mg Injection21.0
CefrinCefrin 500 Mg Injection49.0
CefritzCefritz 250 Mg Injection25.0
CeftisureCeftisure 1000 Mg Injection58.0
CetrexCetrex 1 Gm Injection67.0
CetzoneCetzone 500 Mg Injection43.0
CewarCewar 200 Mg Tablet117.0
Cezone (Cadila)Cezone 1000 Mg Injection58.0
CifamedCifamed 250 Mg Injection32.0
CiplacefCiplacef 250 Mg Injection24.0
C OneC One 1000 Mg Injection25.0
CorcefCorcef Syrup130.0
C TrikC Trik 250 Mg Injection28.0
CurecefCurecef 1000 Mg Injection95.0
CuxoneCuxone 1000 Mg Injection77.0
EdizoneEdizone 1000 Mg Injection79.0
EkcefEkcef 1000 Mg Injection55.0
EmtriaxoneEmtriaxone 1000 Mg Injection90.0
Encef (Enzo)Encef 1 Gm Injection69.0
EracefEracef 1 Gm Injection65.0
GramozoneGramozone 1 Gm Injection78.0
HanucefHanucef 1 Gm Injection56.0
Hicef (Wyeth)Hicef 200 Mg Tablet130.0
IfytroxIfytrox 1 Gm Injection85.0
Litacef XLitacef X Injection69.0
MahazoneMahazone 1 Gm Injection22.0
Marcef TMarcef T 1.125 Mg Injection105.0
MaxizonMaxizon 1 Gm Injection135.0
MaxizoneMaxizone 500 Mg Injection45.0
MedtraxMedtrax 1 Gm Injection69.0
MocefMocef 1 Gm Injection65.0
MonocareMonocare 1 Gm Injection72.0
MonogeeMonogee 500 Mg Injection18.0
NefzonNefzon 1000 Mg Injection63.0
NirixoneNirixone 1 Gm Injection130.0
NosocefNosocef 1000 Mg Injection25.0
OmisafeOmisafe 1 Gm Injection76.0
Oncef (Plus India)Oncef 1 Gm Injection73.0
OnecefOnecef 250 Mg Injection22.0
OnlycefOnlycef 1000 Mg Injection61.0
Oxy (D.R. Johns)Oxy 250 Mg Injection38.0
RanceffRanceff 1 Gm Injection28.0
ReceftReceft Injection82.0
RitecefRitecef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
RitexoneRitexone 1000 Mg Injection78.0
Rocef (Glenmark)Rocef 1 Gm Injection95.0
SafeloSafelo 250 Mg Injection35.0
SafezoneSafezone 1000 Mg Injection60.0
Safezone PlusSafezone Plus Injection105.0
SasucefSasucef 250 Mg Injection74.0
SofcefSofcef 1000 Mg Injection83.0
SpectacefSpectacef 1000 Mg Injection28.0
StacefStacef 1 Gm Injection69.0
SupraxoneSupraxone 1000 Mg Injection56.0
SymtraxSymtrax 1 Gm Injection72.0
SynthocefSynthocef 1 Gm Injection21.0
TriocefTriocef 1000 Mg Injection81.0
TrioxTriox 1000 Injection60.0
TrixoneTrixone 1 Gm Injection72.0
Trox (An Pharmaceutical)Trox 1 Gm Injection78.0
TrustcefTrustcef 1000 Mg Injection61.0
TruxoneTruxone 1000 Mg Injection64.0
TulixoneTulixone 1000 Mg Injection58.0
UcefUcef 1 Gm Injection67.0
XiacXiac 125 Mg Injection25.0
XiftXift 500 Mg Injection55.0
XoyXoy 500 Mg Injection89.0
Zipod XZipod X 1000 Mg Injection57.0
ZoftarizZoftariz 1 Gm Injection37.0
ZotacefZotacef 1000 Mg Injection71.0
AltacefAltacef 1.5 Gm Injection327.0
CefakindCefakind 125 Mg Syrup105.0
Ceftum TabletCeftum 125 Mg Tablet91.0
OratilOratil 250 Mg Tablet142.0
PulmocefPulmocef 250 Mg Tablet157.0
StafcureStafcure 1.5 Gm Injection205.0
SupacefSupacef 1.5 Gm Injection260.0
ZefuZefu 125 Mg Syrup129.0
ZocefZocef 125 Mg Syrup165.0
AksicefAksicef 500 Mg Tablet330.0
AllsefAllsef 1.5 Mg Injection200.0
AlphacinAlphacin 500 Mg Tablet285.0
Ancef OfAncef Of 125 Mg Tablet138.0
AtomAtom 250 Mg Tablet194.0
AuceeAucee 250 Mg Tablet79.0
AxacefAxacef 125 Mg Dry Syrup165.0
AxifurAxifur 1.5 Gm Injection242.0
AxtlAxtl 125 Mg Tablet57.0
Barcef SBarcef S 1.5 Gm Injection110.0
BarocefBarocef 500 Mg Tablet158.0
BidBid 125 Mg Syrup48.0
BigcefBigcef 125 Mg Tablet114.0
BioximBioxim 200 Mg Tablet188.0
Cdef AxCdef Ax 125 Mg Syrup195.0
CefaCefa 250 Mg Tablet27.0
CefaceCeface 1.5 Gm Injection182.0
CefaheadCefahead 500 Mg Tablet500.0
CefaprimCefaprim 250 Mg Tablet121.0
Cefaxil (Lark)Cefaxil 125 Mg Syrup139.0
CefbetCefbet 1.5 Gm Injection204.0
CefimunCefimun 125 Mg Syrup80.0
CefkingCefking 1.5 Gm Injection168.0
CefogenCefogen 250 Mg Injection45.0
CefoprimCefoprim 1.5 Gm Injection230.0
CefopritCefoprit 1.5 Gm Injection230.0
Ceforange ACeforange A Tablet132.0
CefoximCefoxim 1.5 Gm Injection199.0
CefpilCefpil 125 Mg Dry Syrup35.0
CefroxCefrox 125 Mg Tablet103.0
Cefrox (Marc)Cefrox 1.5 Gm Injection104.0
CeftilCeftil 125 Mg Syrup129.0
CefulinCefulin 250 Mg Tablet95.0
CefumexCefumex 250 Mg Tablet350.0
CefuricaCefurica 1.5 Gm Injection228.0
CefurinCefurin 500 Mg Tablet487.0
Cefutab OCefutab O 125 Mg Syrup124.0
Cef VepanCef Vepan 125 Mg Dry Syrup112.0
CefzimCefzim 1.5 Gm Injection195.0
Cefzime (Zee Lab)Cefzime 15 Gm Dry Syrup250.0
CelfeeCelfee Dry Syrup128.0
Cemax TCemax T 500 Mg Tablet352.0
Centra (Bsp)Centra 100 Mg Injection26.0
CeroCero 500 Mg Tablet280.0
CeromCerom 125 Mg Dry Syrup110.0
CeroximCeroxim 250 Mg Tablet152.0
CetilCetil 1.5 Gm Injection226.0
ClaventiacefClaventiacef 1.5 Gm Injection229.0
ColescefColescef 500 Mg Tablet492.0
CovatilCovatil 1500 Mg Injection205.0
Engel (Bluecross)Engel 1.5 Gm Injection75.0
ExeptionExeption 1.5 Gm Injection185.0
ExlExl 250 Mg Tablet131.0
FectiboonFectiboon 125 Mg Dry Syrup119.0
FervayFervay 1500 Mg Injection190.0
ForcefForcef 1.5 Gm Injection191.0
FortaranFortaran 1000 Mg Injection325.0
ForuForu 125 Mg Syrup131.0
ForumForum 250 Mg Tablet61.0
FurobidFurobid 125 Mg Tablet58.0
FurotilFurotil 250 Mg Tablet146.0
FuroxFurox 125 Mg Tablet51.0
Futum (Albatross)Futum 250 Mg Tablet26.0
GoodgenGoodgen Tablet300.0
GramfuGramfu 250 Mg Tablet280.0
HappycefHappycef 250 Mg Tablet249.0
IviroximeIviroxime 1.5 Gm Injection180.0
JectocefJectocef 1000 Mg Injection28.0
JosparJospar 1.5 Gm Injection248.0
JoxcyJoxcy 250 Mg Tablet250.0
KeroxineKeroxine 1.5 Gm Injection204.0
LibacefLibacef 125 Mg Oral Suspension140.0
Maxcef(Akumentis)Maxcef 1.5 Gm Injection275.0
MedoxilMedoxil 250 Mg Tablet58.0
Mic SefMic Sef 500 Mg Tablet399.0
MilcefMilcef 1.5 Gm Injection178.0
MovacefMovacef 500 Mg Tablet761.0
NaximNaxim 250 Mg Tablet298.0
NovacefNovacef 1.5 Mg Injection220.0
OcefOcef 125 Mg Dry Syrup99.0
Oftum (Omega Pharmaceuticals)Oftum 250 Mg Tablet80.0
RestumRestum 250 Mg Tablet198.0
RoyalcefRoyalcef 250 Mg Injection123.0
SafeuroxSafeurox 500 Mg Tablet160.0
SalcefSalcef 250 Mg Tablet138.0
SalkefSalkef 250 Mg Tablet138.0
ScorcefScorcef 250 Mg Tablet118.0
Seforex (Exotic Lab)Seforex 250 Mg Tablet279.0
SefureSefure 250 Mg Tablet86.0
SpectraximeSpectraxime 1.5 Gm Injection192.0
SpizefSpizef 1.5 Gm Injection255.0
SvcefSvcef 500 Mg Tablet468.0
SyfurSyfur 500 Tablet495.0
TravexelTravexel 1.5 Gm Injection137.0
TuftilTuftil 250 Mg Tablet117.0
UraxeUraxe 250 Mg Tablet219.0
ViltacefViltacef 250 Mg Tablet242.0
WidcefWidcef 1.5 Gm Injection196.0
XoxeXoxe 250 Mg Tablet249.0
ZenoximZenoxim 125 Mg Tablet67.0
ZymocefZymocef 1.5 Gm Injection215.0
ZytumZytum 500 Mg Tablet300.0
AaximAaxim 250 Mg Tablet571.0
AbactumAbactum 250 Mg Tablet165.0
ActapodActapod 100 Mg Tablet Dt110.0
AdeximAdexim 250 Mg Tablet246.0
AkucefAkucef 500 Mg Tablet559.0
AnbidAnbid 250 Mg Tablet350.0
AquacefAquacef 250 Mg Tablet250.0
ArkagenArkagen 500 Mg Tablet825.0
Athxim OAthxim O 250 Mg Tablet213.0
AxilentAxilent 250 Mg Tablet227.0
AxtumAxtum 500 Mg Tablet480.0
Bacticef OBacticef O 100 Mg Tablet104.0
Bacticef (Prayas)Bacticef 1000 Mg Injection65.0
Bacticef SBacticef S 1.5 Gm Injection111.0
BacticinBacticin 500 Mg Ointment61.0
BactilemBactilem 1500 Mg Injection266.0
BactumBactum 250 Mg Tablet161.0
BencefBencef 250 Mg Tablet111.0
Cat XpCat Xp 250 Mg Tablet85.0
CefactinCefactin 250 Mg Tablet31.0
Cefadur CaCefadur Ca 250 Mg Infusion51.0
Cef (Alkem)Cef 250 Mg Capsule86.0
CefasomCefasom 500 Mg Tablet220.0
CefasynCefasyn 250 Mg Tablet84.0
CefentaCefenta 500 Mg Tablet143.0
CefnextCefnext Tablet332.0
CeforimCeforim 250 Mg Tablet99.0
CefotilCefotil 100 Mg Tablet125.0
Cefoxim LaCefoxim La 250 Mg Tablet67.0
CefrotuxCefrotux 250 Mg Tablet46.0
CefsafeCefsafe 250 Mg Tablet94.0
Ceftalin OCeftalin O 250 Mg Tablet79.0
CefticaCeftica 250 Mg Tablet102.0
Ceftil (Stallion)Ceftil 125 Mg Tablet25.0
CefunusCefunus 250 Mg Tablet100.0
CefurockCefurock 500 Mg Tablet545.0
Cefuroxime Axetil 250 Mg TabletCefuroxime Axetil 250 Mg Tablet90.0
CefuzaxCefuzax 250 Mg Tablet199.0
Ceroxim ICeroxim I 1.5 Gm Injection287.0
CeroxitumCeroxitum 250 Mg Tablet176.0
Cetil (Alu)Cetil 250 Mg Tablet240.0
Cetil OdCetil Od 500 Mg Tablet67.0
ClasitilClasitil 1.5 Gm Injection238.0
CorflmCorflm 1000 Mg Tablet15.0
CrestumCrestum 500 Mg Tablet407.0
C Tri TC Tri T 250 Mg Tablet286.0
CuremeCureme 250 Mg Tablet283.0
CuximeCuxime 500 Mg Tablet616.0
DawcefDawcef O 250 Mg Tablet275.0
EnduroxEndurox 500 Mg Tablet650.0
EvercefEvercef 250 Mg Tablet60.0
FuromarkFuromark 250 Mg Tablet197.0
FuroFuro 250 Mg Tablet419.0
FutumFutum 250 Mg Tablet321.0
FxmFxm 250 Mg Tablet279.0
GericefGericef 250 Mg Tablet120.0
GramGram 250 Mg Tablet331.0
InhicefInhicef 250 Mg Tablet142.0
InicInic 500 Mg Tablet550.0
JuscefaxeeJuscefaxee 500 Mg Tablet739.0
KefoxKefox 250 Mg Tablet183.0
KefstarKefstar 500 Mg Tablet369.0
ManoximeManoxime 250 Mg Tablet103.0
MavximeMavxime 500 Tablet292.0
MaximMaxim 250 Mg Tablet300.0
M CefuroM Cefuro 750 Mg Injection126.0
Neroxim (Nitin)Neroxim 250 Mg Tablet247.0
NovaroximNovaroxim 250 Mg Tablet247.0
OafuroOafuro 500 Mg Tablet640.0
OltumOltum Dry 125 Mg Powder84.0
OmniximOmnixim 500 Mg Tablet123.0
PeroxPerox 500 Mg Tablet384.0
RoboximRoboxim 125 Mg Tablet125.0
RocefRocef 500 Mg Tablet81.0
Safex (Vintage)Safex 250 Mg Tablet179.0
SeazoxSeazox 250 Mg Tablet88.0
SeftaSefta 250 Mg Tablet132.0
ThicoThico 250 Mg Tablet248.0
TorfurTorfur 250 Mg Tablet145.0
VeceffVeceff 250 Mg Tablet123.0
WilcefWilcef 250 Mg Tablet238.0
XeXe 500 Mg Tablet563.0
XimeXime 100 Mg Tablet Dt50.0
Xim (Parasol)Xim 250 Mg Tablet246.0
XorimaxXorimax 250 Mg Tablet150.0
XtilXtil 250 Mg Tablet233.0
ZirockZirock 500 Mg Tablet714.0
Amicin InjectionAmicin 100 Mg Injection19.0
AmikamacAmikamac 100 Mg Injection21.0
AmitaxAmitax 500 Mg Injection66.0
IvimicinIvimicin 100 Mg Injection18.0
MacmikaMacmika 100 Mg Injection21.0
MbkacinMbkacin 100 Mg Injection18.0
Mikacin InjectionMikacin 100 Mg Injection19.0
MikastarMikastar 500 Mg Injection53.0
MikMik 100 Mg Injection19.0
OmnikacinOmnikacin 100 Mg Injection25.0
AcilAcil 100 Mg Injection21.0
AcmacinAcmacin 100 Mg Injection17.0
AkikAkik 100 Mg Injection11.0
AlfakimAlfakim 100 Mg Injection24.0
AmiactAmiact 100 Mg Injection17.0
AmibioticAmibiotic 100 Mg Injection8.0
AmicaAmica 500 Mg Injection48.0
AmicidAmicid 100 Mg Injection16.0
AmicomAmicom 100 Mg Injection15.0
AmijectAmiject 100 Mg Injection27.0
AmikabAmikab 100 Mg Injection16.0
Amikacin InjectionAmikacin 100 Mg Injection15.0
AmikamedAmikamed 100 Mg Injection21.0
AmikanitAmikanit 100 Mg Injection25.0
AmikasAmikas 250 Mg Injection12.0
AmikaterAmikater 100 Mg Injection20.0
AmikatilAmikatil 100 Mg Injection19.0
AmikefAmikef 500 Mg Injection69.0
AmikopAmikop 250 Mg Injection8.0
AmikosideAmikoside 100 Mg Injection58.0
AmilabAmilab 100 Mg Injection58.0
AmimacAmimac 250 Mg Injection35.0
AminatAminat 100 Mg Injection19.0
AminogenAminogen Eye Drop136.0
AmisacAmisac 100 Mg Injection11.0
AmisafeAmisafe 100 Mg Injection15.0
AmisterAmister 100 Mg Injection19.0
AmitrustAmitrust 100 Mg Injection20.0
AmivaAmiva 500 Mg Injection55.0
AmizecAmizec 100 Mg Injection16.0
AmkeyAmkey 100 Mg Injection15.0
AmtopAmtop 100 Mg Injection19.0
AroxineAroxine 100 Mg Injection22.0
BiklinBiklin 100 Mg Injection15.0
Biocin (Marc)Biocin 100 Mg Injection15.0
CachmikCachmik 100 Mg Injection9.0
CormikCormik 100 Mg Injection15.0
DimikDimik 100 Mg Injection16.0
EmicaEmica 100 Mg Injection16.0
EmikacinEmikacin 500 Mg Injection60.0
EncinEncin 100 Mg Injection16.0
G KacinG Kacin 250 Mg Injection29.0
GlycacinGlycacin 500 Mg Injection65.0
GlykacinGlykacin 500 Mg Injection58.0
JakacinJakacin 500 Mg Injection55.0
KazomikKazomik Ear Drops54.0
M Cin (Parenteral)M Cin 100 Mg Injection237.0
MegamikaMegamika 100 Mg Injection14.0
Mika BestMika Best 100 Mg Injection10.0
MikabitMikabit 100 Mg Injection17.0
MikadexMikadex 100 Mg Injection15.0
MikajectMikaject 100 Mg Injection15.0
MikaromMikarom 500 Mg Injection55.0
MikasafeMikasafe 100 Mg Injection16.0
MikasetMikaset 100 Mg Injection15.0
Milkalab 500Milkalab 500 500 Mg Injection34.0
OmacOmac 500 Mg Injection19.0
OrkacinOrkacin 100 Mg Injection20.0
SitrocinSitrocin 100 Mg Injection13.0
SpaikeSpaike 100 Mg Injection58.0
ZekacinZekacin 100 Mg Injection6.0
ZoftamicZoftamic 100 Mg Injection70.0
AcgatesAcgates 500 Mg Injection74.0
AerobactAerobact 100 Mg Injection14.0
AkasynAkasyn 250 Mg Injection9.0
AlinfecAlinfec 250 Mg Injection30.0
AmcinAmcin 100 Mg Injection7.0
AmeeAmee 100 Mg Injection8.0
AmfectAmfect 250 Mg Injection34.0
AmicipAmicip 100 Mg Injection6.0
Amikacin SulphateAmikacin Sulphate 500 Mg Injection11.0
AmikanexAmikanex 100 Mg Injection6.0
AmikapenAmikapen 500 Mg Injection8.0
AmimaxAmimax 100 Mg Injection19.0
AmineAmine 500 Mg Injection59.0
AmipicAmipic 100 Mg Injection5.0
AmironAmiron 100 Mg Injection16.0
AmistarAmistar 100 Mg Injection18.0
AmitalAmital 500 Mg Injection61.0
AmitoAmito 500 Mg Injection59.0
AnamikaAnamika 500 Mg Injection61.0
AycinAycin 100 Mg Injection19.0
AzcinAzcin Gel50.0
BlumikaBlumika 250 Mg Injection35.0
BrukinBrukin 500 Mg Injection60.0
CamicaCamica 100 Mg Injection18.0
CecefCecef 1000 Mg Injection70.0
CuresinCuresin 250 Mg Injection27.0
D CinD Cin Eye Drops22.0
EmbikaEmbika 100 Mg Injection14.0
EumikEumik 100 Mg Injection15.0
FymikaFymika 100 Mg Injection16.0
Ivimicin 50Ivimicin 50 50 Mg Injection18.0
KacimarkKacimark 100 Mg Injection13.0
KacinKacin 100 Mg Injection19.0
KlomicKlomic 500 Mg Injection59.0
LupamikLupamik 100 Mg Injection30.0
MakinMakin 100 Mg Injection14.0
MarichMarich 500 Mg Injection15.0
MaxeeMaxee 100 Mg Injection1.0
MciMci 100 Mg Injection18.0
MicaMica 100 Mg Injection22.0
MicinMicin Injection8.0
MikanirMikanir 100 Mg Injection79.0
MikataxMikatax 100 Mg Injection15.0
Mikatax MdvMikatax Mdv 500 Mg Injection250.0
MkcinMkcin 100 Mg Injection5.0
NikacinNikacin 500 Mg Injection44.0
NkacinNkacin 500 Mg Injection70.0
NosomikNosomik 100 Mg Injection15.0
ProcinProcin Eye Drops57.0
SermikaSermika 100 Mg Injection19.0
UdicinUdicin 250 Mg Injection29.0
UnimikaUnimika 100 Mg Injection21.0
Web MWeb M 500 Mg Injection45.0
AmpilinAmpilin 1 Gm Injection20.0
AmpiwokAmpiwok 250 Mg Capsule37.0
AristocillinAristocillin 100 Mg Drops16.0
BacipenBacipen 500 Mg Injection15.0
BiocilinBiocilin 500 Mg Capsule65.0
BroadicilinBroadicilin 1 Gm Injection14.0
CampicillinCampicillin 250 Mg Capsule28.0
OrcillinOrcillin 250 Mg Capsule44.0
ZycillinZycillin 250 Mg Capsule16.0
AfdillinAfdillin 500 Mg Injection8.0
AmpianAmpian 250 Mg Capsule29.0
AmpicadAmpicad 500 Mg Injection7.0
AmpikemAmpikem 250 Mg Capsule17.0
AmpipenAmpipen 500 Mg Capsule468.0
AmpurinAmpurin 125 Mg Dry Syrup20.0
BinocloxBinoclox 500 Mg Injection7.0
DynacilDynacil 500 Mg Injection8.0
GercillinGercillin 250 Mg Capsule13.0
LupillinLupillin 250 Mg Capsule30.0
MagnacillinMagnacillin 125 Mg/125 Mg Injection11.11
MahacillinMahacillin 250 Mg Capsule19.0
MegasynMegasyn 250 Mg Capsule104.0
NatcocillinNatcocillin 250 Mg Tablet31.0
NeocillinNeocillin 1 Gm Injection11.0
NepocilNepocil 500 Mg Capsule52.0
PiracillinPiracillin 250 Mg Capsule15.0
Sam AtSam At 2.5 Mg Tablet70.0
SterpenSterpen 500 Mg Injection25.0
Synthocal MzSynthocal Mz Tablet29.0
SynthocilinSynthocilin 1 Gm Injection11.0
SynthocillinSynthocillin 250 Mg Capsule11.0
VersatillinVersatillin 125 Mg Syrup13.0
IntacillinIntacillin 250 Mg Capsule18.0
LabcillinLabcillin 500 Mg Injection7.0
LabicillinLabicillin 500 Mg Injection7.0
PenglobePenglobe 200 Mg Tablet22.88
Accuzon PlusAccuzon Plus 1.5 Gm Injection135.0
Ace(Swiss Pharma)Ace 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection12.5
AciloxAcilox 125 Mg/125 Mg Injection41.5
AdcAdc Eye Drops9.75
AllcloxAllclox 125 Mg/125 Mg Capsule46.87
AmclofAmclof Capsule28.31
Ampicloxin DsAmpicloxin Ds 125 Mg/125 Mg Capsule30.0
Ampicloxin KidAmpicloxin Kid 125 Mg/125 Mg Tablet26.75
AmpiloxAmpilox 100 Mg/25 Mg Injection19.36
Ampilox CAmpilox C 100 Mg/50 Mg Drop29.7
Bactimox PlusBactimox Plus Capsule43.66
BaxinBaxin 125 Mg/125 Mg Injection8.18
Bluclox PBluclox P 125 Mg/125 Mg Tablet14.95
CilcloxCilclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection60.81
Clamp KtClamp Kt 125 Mg/125 Mg Tablet94.31
CombiloxCombilox 125 Mg/125 Mg Capsule28.01
Combilox KidCombilox Kid 125 Mg/125 Mg Tablet11.0
Dc 1 DoseDc 1 Dose 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection29.85
Dc TusDc Tus Syrup59.05
MegapenMegapen 1 Gm Injection21.65
MixMix 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection8.45
Monaclox PlusMonaclox Plus 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule92.62
Monocillin PlusMonocillin Plus 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection21.13
NamcloNamclo Capsule53.27
NepocloxNepoclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection13.71
PloxPlox 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection8.12
RoxipenRoxipen 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection10.65
SynerpenSynerpen 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule37.13
WilcloxWilclox Capsule230.0
ZycloxZyclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule57.54
Ace Plus SpAce Plus Sp Tablet16.66
AmpicloxAmpiclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet32.32
Ampilox C DsAmpilox C Ds 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection22.1
Ampilox C PaedAmpilox C Paed 125 Mg/125 Mg Injection14.8
Ampoxin KidAmpoxin Kid 125 Mg/125 Mg Tablet19.9
AmpoxinAmpoxin 125 Mg/125 Mg Capsule29.3
Ampurin CAmpurin C 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection14.2
Baciclox KidBaciclox Kid 125 Mg/125 Mg Tablet28.35
Baciclox PlusBaciclox Plus 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule38.75
BacicloxBaciclox 125 Mg/125 Mg Capsule33.0
Bactimox LbBactimox Lb 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet79.84
BlucloxBluclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule19.3
BroadicloxBroadiclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule11.76
CampiloxCampilox 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection13.81
CaroloxCarolox Tablet47.15
Clompic KidClompic Kid 125 Mg/125 Mg Tablet11.2
Clompic NeonateClompic Neonate Injection7.2
ClompicClompic 125 Mg/125 Mg Capsule25.6
CloxaidCloxaid 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule25.84
CloxapeneCloxapene 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule36.71
Dc WhiteDc White Cream95.0
Duoclox KidDuoclox Kid 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule16.27
DuocloxDuoclox 125 Mg/125 Mg Capsule14.82
ElcloxElclox Injection9.3
Gerciclox KidGerciclox Kid Tablet13.37
GercicloxGerciclox Capsule22.4
LampykloxLampyklox Capsule35.0
LupicloxLupiclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection7.18
MagaloxMagalox 125 Mg/125 Mg Capsule26.56
MegabactMegabact 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule66.0
M LoxM Lox Capsule78.75
Ozoclox LbOzoclox Lb Capsule65.4
Penclox APenclox A Injection13.22
Penclox PPenclox P Injection9.71
RosciloxRoscilox 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection15.07
SyncloxSynclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule23.57
Synclox KidSynclox Kid 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet15.06
SyncocinSyncocin 125 Mg/125 Mg Injection7.88
XtracillinXtracillin Capsule35.45
ZycloZyclo 250 Mg/250 Mg Ointment75.97
Ancef SbAncef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection109.05
AticefAticef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection85.0
Avitrax SAvitrax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection112.37
Axiron EsAxiron Es 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.0
BenokingBenoking 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.0
Big TumBig Tum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.54
Calicef SbCalicef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.5
CebactumCebactum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection100.0
CeetaCeeta 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.5
Cefaday SCefaday S 250 Mg/125 Mg Injection99.0
CefjoinCefjoin 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection159.0
Cefnid SCefnid S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Cefomarc PlusCefomarc Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Tablet140.0
Cefpen SCefpen S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection93.81
Cefpra SCefpra S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection102.27
CefsulCefsul 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection127.38
CeftichekCeftichek 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.0
Ceftocid PlusCeftocid Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection130.0
Ceftrax SbCeftrax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Ceftrica SCeftrica S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Ceftril SCeftril S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection112.68
CeftrimaxCeftrimax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.03
Ceftron SbCeftron Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection140.0
Cem 1500Cem 1500 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.12
Cephone SCephone S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.87
Cesafe SmCesafe Sm 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection106.32
Cetriax SCetriax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection109.4
CezoprimeCezoprime 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection169.0
C ForteC Forte 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection73.87
Comtrix SComtrix S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection104.76
Corcef SbCorcef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection120.0
C Zone PlusC Zone Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection130.0
Efectal SEfectal S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.0
Efoceft SEfoceft S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection109.51
Etri SEtri S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.42
Extacef XlExtacef Xl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection90.0
FtaFta 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection150.0
Gracef SbGracef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection100.0
Imunocef SImunocef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection112.0
Kefotax SbKefotax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.0
Klokcef SlKlokcef Sl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection139.0
LiftazLiftaz 1000 Mg/125 Mg Injection126.45
Lorisol SLorisol S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection95.0
Lucetum ForteLucetum Forte Injection85.71
Lyceft PlusLyceft Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection128.06
Mat CsMat Cs 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection103.6
MonobactMonobact 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection127.15
Monocef SbMonocef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection139.0
Monotax SbMonotax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection70.44
Notax SbNotax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection85.0
Ocizox SbOcizox Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection112.28
Odicef SOdicef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection129.0
Odicef S KidOdicef S Kid 125 Mg/62.5 Mg Injection35.0
Omaxe SbOmaxe Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Onetrix SOnetrix S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection111.08
Oxy SOxy S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.57
Pilcef SbPilcef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.5
Recef SRecef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection114.0
ResichekResichek 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection67.78
RokcefRokcef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection113.0
Safetri SSafetri S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection90.0
Sefozon SbtSefozon Sbt 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.0
Sefxim SlSefxim Sl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection139.0
Sitrotax SSitrotax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection96.91
Stercef SStercef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection99.05
SulbactomaxSulbactomax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection149.0
TericefTericef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.0
Tericef MonoTericef Mono 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection58.0
Traxol STraxol S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Triglan STriglan S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.18
Trixone PlusTrixone Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection72.5
Trixon STrixon S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.25
Troyaxone STroyaxone S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection155.0
Unitrax SUnitrax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.8
Vancef SlVancef Sl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection148.69
VcefVcef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection105.0
Wavocef SWavocef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection130.21
Xl OneXl One 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection128.19
Xolycef SbXolycef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection132.0
XtumXtum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection162.09
Zepodox SZepodox S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection84.5
Zetri SZetri S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Zylocef SZylocef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.0
Afzone SAfzone S Injection136.0
Auxone SAuxone S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection110.42
Axone SbAxone Sb 500 Mg/250 Mg Injection64.26
Cefbact SCefbact S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection43.75
Cefika SCefika S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection95.0
Cefoat SCefoat S 250 Mg/125 Mg Injection168.42
Cefodin SCefodin S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection131.46
Cefrad SCefrad S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection108.62
Cefrine PlusCefrine Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.85
Cefritz SCefritz S Injection128.07
Cefscope SCefscope S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection120.18
Ceftriaxone 500 Mg + Sulbactam 250 Mg InjectionCeftriaxone 500 Mg + Sulbactam 250 Mg Injection39.28
Cefzone SCefzone S 500 Mg/250 Mg Injection81.25
Cetrex SCetrex S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection92.28
Cewar SCewar S Injection127.96
C One SbC One Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection40.0
ConsCons 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection106.17
Cs 1Cs 1 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection135.28
Cs 2Cs 2 1000 Mg/1000 Mg Injection270.56
C Tox SC Tox S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection37.5
Curecef SsCurecef Ss 500 Mg/250 Mg Injection125.0
Edizone SbEdizone Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection120.43
Effimax SEffimax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection108.9
EffimaxEffimax 250 Mg/125 Mg Injection38.1
Ekcef SEkcef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.01
Emtriaxone SbEmtriaxone Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection118.11
Fixi SFixi S Injection142.35
Formic NeoFormic Neo 125 Mg/62.5 Mg Injection36.5
Gramolin SbGramolin Sb Injection130.9
Grandcef XpGrandcef Xp 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection103.6
Grosafe SGrosafe S Injection110.95
Ifytrox SbIfytrox Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection135.0
Infutrax SInfutrax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
I Tax SI Tax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection114.11
KeftragardKeftragard 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.0
Kxone SlKxone Sl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection131.2
LentazLentaz 1.5 Gm Injection103.5
Litacef XsLitacef Xs 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.0
Lupitrix SLupitrix S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection148.0
Maczone PlusMaczone Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.85
Marcef SMarcef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.37
MilibactMilibact 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection142.5
Mocef SMocef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.9
MonomacMonomac 1000 Mg/500 Mg Infusion71.92
Monomac SbMonomac Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Infusion96.25
Nefzon SNefzon S Injection124.96
Oframax ForteOframax Forte 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection139.0
Omisafe PlusOmisafe Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection128.1
Opera SOpera S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection98.94
Pancef SPancef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.0
PulcefPulcef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection105.0
S CefS Cef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection104.15
Stacef SStacef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection151.81
Tg Cef STg Cef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection106.7
Traxol S KidTraxol S Kid Injection37.22
TraxtoTraxto 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.0
Truxone SbTruxone Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection41.66
Viocef SViocef S Injection111.42
VitaferolVitaferol Sachet19.5
Xiac AdXiac Ad 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection131.0
Xone SbXone Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection103.5
Zotacef SZotacef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.75
Zoxin SZoxin S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.0
AmcloxAmclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule69.02
Ampilox DsAmpilox Ds 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection20.12
Ampilox KidAmpilox Kid 125 Mg/125 Mg Tablet27.0
Ampilox NeonatalAmpilox Neonatal 50 Mg/25 Mg Injection13.0
Ampilox PaediatricAmpilox Paediatric 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection13.46
AmpoxidAmpoxid 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule27.47
Baxin DBaxin D 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule59.5
Biclox DBiclox D Capsule57.3
Broadiclox NovoBroadiclox Novo 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule51.0
Cloxaid DCloxaid D Capsule66.0
MahacloxinMahacloxin 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule70.0
Megatin DcMegatin Dc Capsule35.75
TopcloxTopclox 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule31.25
Versatillin DcVersatillin Dc 250 Mg/250 Mg Capsule36.25
AmpirokAmpirok 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection126.0
AstreakAstreak 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection44.76
Pre OpPre Op 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection72.13
SaltumSaltum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection105.0
SulbactSulbact 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection54.85
SulboxaSulboxa Tablet424.52
AmpitumAmpitum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection96.0
Pressilin PPressilin P Tablet20.66
SulbacinSulbacin Injection125.9
ApcApc Tablet89.0
Ampilong DsAmpilong Ds 500 Mg/500 Mg Tablet71.82
AmpilongAmpilong 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet37.22
LongactLongact Tablet50.27
AugtaxAugtax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection205.91
Biotax SbBiotax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection38.07
Cefnimax SCefnimax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection31.79
Desatax SDesatax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection71.5
DuotaxDuotax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection41.0
IvimaxIvimax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection70.0
Lyforan PlusLyforan Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection82.9
MaxitaxMaxitax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection43.03
Otax SOtax S 250 Mg/125 Mg Injection20.0
Rycef SRycef S 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection250.0
TaxtamTaxtam 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection32.8
TuftaxTuftax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection74.28
XibactXibact 500 Mg/250 Mg Injection42.3
CefupCefup 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection32.83
Edicef SbEdicef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection31.87
Effimax PlusEffimax Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection31.79
Nutaxin SNutaxin S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection33.15
SultaxSultax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection34.72
TaximaxTaximax 1500 Mg Injection49.5
AugxetilAugxetil Cv 250 Mg Tablet285.0
Bigcef CvBigcef Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet139.0
Ceface CvCeface Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet126.0
Cefbet CvCefbet Cv Tablet184.2
Cefudif CvCefudif Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet165.0
Cfuro CvCfuro Cv 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Dry Syrup108.0
ClavuroxClavurox Tablet325.0
Maxcef CvMaxcef Cv 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Dry Syrup140.0
MaxcefMaxcef Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet294.0
Milcef CvMilcef Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet132.0
Ocef CvOcef Cv 250 Mg/62.5 Mg Tablet131.45
Oratil CvOratil Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Syrup57.16
RaxclavRaxclav 625 Tablet291.42
Xoxe CvXoxe Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet192.0
Zocef CvZocef Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet218.5
Altacef CvAltacef Cv 250 Mg Tablet286.5
Cefoxim CvCefoxim Cv 375 Mg Tablet125.0
Cefrox CvCefrox Cv 500 Mg Tablet450.0
Cefu CvCefu Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet170.47
Ceroxim XpCeroxim Xp 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet268.0
Covatil CvCovatil Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet310.5
FastclavFastclav 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Dry Syrup146.0
Forcef CvForcef Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet178.45
Pulmocef CvPulmocef Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet110.0
Stafcure CvStafcure Cv 125 Mg/250 Mg Tablet310.5
Tuftil CvTuftil Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet216.0
UmoximUmoxim Cv 325 Mg Tablet299.0
Zefu CvZefu Cv 250 Mg/62.5 Mg Tablet143.0
Ca 007Ca 007 125 Mg/500 Mg Injection133.0
PotentoxPotentox 125 Mg/500 Mg Injection179.87
MikapimeMikapime 125 Mg/500 Mg Injection144.7
PrimegardPrimegard 125 Mg/500 Mg Injection133.0
Ceflin SCeflin S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection32.6
ZydotumZydotum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection320.0
Cefudif SCefudif S 750 Mg/375 Mg Injection225.0
Cfuro SbCfuro Sb Injection239.0
Combilox LbCombilox Lb 250 Mg/250 Mg/60 Ms Capsule30.2
Molox LbMolox Lb Capsule36.0
Amplus CapsuleAmplus Capsule79.0
Baxin D LbBaxin D Lb 250 Mg/250 Mg/60 M Capsule65.0
Baxin LbBaxin Lb 250 Mg/250 Mg/60 M Capsule65.0
Broadiclox Lb KidBroadiclox Lb Kid Tablet11.27
Broadiclox LbBroadiclox Lb 250 Mg/250 Mg/60 Mg Capsule44.87
Campilox LbCampilox Lb 250 Mg/250 Mg/60 M Capsule19.37
ClaxClax 250 Mg/250 Mg/60 Mc Capsule17.5
Combilox Lb KidCombilox Lb Kid Tablet14.3
Elclox PlusElclox Plus 250 Mg/250 Mg/60 Ms Capsule55.26
Gerciclox LbGerciclox Lb Capsule20.16
Mediclox PlusMediclox Plus Capsule41.9
Neclox L SNeclox L S Capsule18.73
TobracefTobracef 1000 Mg/120 Mg Injection450.0
Vanco PlusVanco Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection428.0
Xl VXl V 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection360.0
XplocefXplocef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection425.0
Cefirone VCefirone V 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection390.0

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