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What is Electrolyte Imbalance?

Minerals or electrolytes are important for maintaining homeostasis or balance for different body functions. Imbalance in the levels of electrolytes in the body disturbs the normal functioning of nerves, hormones, and body fluids. An electrolyte imbalance means either an excess or a deficiency of one or more electrolytes like sodium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

What are the main signs and symptoms?

Few signs and symptoms that result from excess or deficiency of electrolytes in the body are:

What are the main causes of electrolyte imbalance?

The main causes of electrolyte imbalance include:

  • Loss of water from the body due to diarrhoea, vomiting, excessive sweating, severe infections, disorder in antidiuretic hormone, etc.
  • Disorder in the functioning of aldosterone (secreted by the adrenal gland) and parathyroid hormone, which are related to sodium and calcium in the body
  • Disorder in kidney function leading to abnormal loss or accumulation of electrolytes in the body
  • Medicines used for treating blood pressure (diuretics)
  • Congestive heart failure, lung disorders, etc.

How is electrolyte imbalance diagnosed and treated?

Doctors diagnose electrolyte imbalance on the basis of history, physical examination, and blood tests.

  • Blood Tests
    • A basic metabolic panel is used to measure serum sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, etc. for detecting a decrease or increase in electrolytes in the blood, pH of the blood, functions of kidneys, etc.
  • Urine Test
    • It is used to measure the levels of electrolytes in the urine.
  • Other Tests – These are done depending on the cause of electrolyte imbalance.
    • Serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen
    • Parathyroid hormone levels
    • Electrocardiogram, 2D echo, X-ray chest, etc. for detecting heart and lung problems

Treatment modes aimed at correcting the imbalance are mentioned below:

  • Electrolyte supplements through intravenous injections or oral tablets
  • Fresh fruits rich in electrolytes such as potassium
  • Symptomatic treatment for relieving muscle spasm, headache, nausea, etc.
  • Restricted water intake in case of oedema or swelling over the body
  • Medicines, such as diuretics, used to reduce oedema
  • Corticosteroids for adrenal gland-related disorders that result in electrolyte imbalance
  1. Medicines for Electrolyte Imbalance

Medicines for Electrolyte Imbalance

Medicines listed below are available for Electrolyte Imbalance. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
Dextrose With Normal SalineDextrose With Normal Saline 5% Infusion22.0
Dns (Venus)Dns Solution45.0
Dns Water (Albert)Dns Water 0.9% W/V Infusion29.0
HypersolHypersol 5% Eye Drop54.05
NasomistNasomist Nasal Drops31.0
NazoNazo Drop28.0
NazoneNazone Nasal Drops40.0
Normal Saline (Albert)Normal Saline 0.90% Infusion26.0
Normal Saline (Baxter)Normal Saline 0.9% W/V Infusion10.0
Normal Saline (Claris Life)Normal Saline 0.9% W/V Infusion10.0
D (Parentral)D 5% Infusion10.0
ExpavonExpavon 0.9% Infusion495.0
Haes SterilHaes Steril 3% Infusion292.0
HitsolHitsol Eye Drop55.0
IsolIsol 6% W/V Eye Drop40.0
Nacl 6Nacl 6 6%W/W Ointment92.0
Nasivion SNasivion S Nasal Drops30.0
NasiwarNasiwar Adult Nasal Drops57.0
Nasiwar SNasiwar S Nasal Drops29.0
NasoclearNasoclear Gel70.0
NozeclearNozeclear Nasal Drops12.0
N S (Baxter)N S Infusion25.0
SaltnaseSaltnase 750 Mg Tablet150.0
Sodium Chloride (Jan Aushadhi)Sodium Chloride Nasal Drops8.0
SolineSoline 6%W/V Ointment88.0
Tastee ZTastee Z 450 Mg Tablet16.0
Zoamet SZoamet S Nasal Drops38.0
Dex 10% (Skkl)Dex 10% Infusion22.0
D.N.S. DextsD.N.S. Dexts Solution29.0
Dns (Skkl)Dns 5%/0.45% Infusion18.0
ElecxirElecxir Ors Liquid25.0
NasowashNasowash Sachet12.0
Neo DnsNeo Dns Liquid495.0
Normal Saline (Nir)Normal Saline Infusion10.0
Normal Saline (Venus)Normal Saline Liquid22.0
N.S (Astra)N.S Solution16.0
Ns (Skkl)Ns 3% Infusion36.0
N.S (Venus )N.S Infusion10.0
OsmogelOsmogel 5% Eye Drop42.0
RofyRofy 25 Mg Tablet48.0
TromasolTromasol Infusion50.0
KclKcl Injection21.87
PotclPotcl 1.5 Gm Injection23.6
TroykclTroykcl 150 Mg Injection100.0
Sodium LactateSodium Lactate Infusion57.32
CatlonCatlon Drop62.0
SterofundinSterofundin Iso Infusion225.0
Diucontin KDiucontin K 20 Mg/250 Mg Tablet32.5
D.N.SD.N.S 5%/0.45% Infusion19.61
Dns (Baxter)Dns 5 G/0.45 G Infusion30.22
Dns (Parenteral Drug)Dns 5%W/V/0.9%W/V Infusion25.0
Dns (Denis)Dns Infusion45.0
GrelyteGrelyte Solution32.5
Sodium Chloride (Albert)Sodium Chloride Solution29.2
TnaTna Peri Infusion1837.5
Leclyte G PlLeclyte G Pl Solution44.48
N.S (Parenteral)N.S Infusion23.12
RallidexRallidex Infusion434.2
HyprosolHyprosol 0.490 W/V/2 W/V Prefilled Syringe110.0
HysolHysol Eye Drop45.0
Lignocad AdrLignocad Adr Injection12.5
Microspan NsMicrospan Ns 10 G/0.9 G Infusion407.59
Rallidex In NsRallidex In Ns 10 Gm/0.9 Gm Infusion434.2
Musing NasalMusing Nasal Drop35.0
SalinaSalina Nasal Drops26.93
Sinarest SSinarest S Nasal Drops36.32
PlegiocardPlegiocard 162.65 Mg/59.65 Mg/13.64 Mg Injection151.0
Ringer Lactate (Claris)Ringer Lactaten Infusion48.5
GelaspanGelaspan Infusion495.0
IntasolIntasol Infusion240.0
Ringer Lactate Ip PolyRinger Lactate Ip Poly Infusion39.17
Rl (Skkl)Rl Infusion31.25
Vilco InfantVilco Infant 0.065%W/V/0.001%W/V/0.002%W/V Nasal Drops44.2
VoluvenVoluven 6 G/0.9 G Solution499.0
RenolenRenolen Eye Drop49.1

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