There are many types of heart diseases, including heart attacks. Heart attack is a serious disease, in this situation a person may need to be admitted to the hospital. A person may have to stay in the hospital for 2 days to a week after a heart attack. Nowadays most people are facing heart attacks. Earlier heart attacks were seen only in older people, but now people of 30 to 40 years are also becoming victims of heart attacks. Proper treatment is needed when a heart attack occurs. Along with this, some things need to be taken care of even after treatment.

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Today in this article you will know what to do and what not to do after a heart attack.

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A heart attack is a medical condition. It can affect the whole life of the person. A heart attack can be fatal in many cases, but once a heart attack occurs, if you recover, then definitely make changes in your lifestyle. By making lifestyle changes, you can avoid future heart attacks -

Take medicine on time

After a heart attack, the most important thing is to take medicines from time to time. Whatever medicine the doctor gives after a heart attack, you must take it on time. After a heart attack, doctors can prescribe medicines like beta-blockers, statins, or aspirin for you. If you do not remember the time to take your medicine, you can set a reminder on your smartphone.

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Do regular exercise

Exercising is beneficial for overall health. You can also exercise to keep your heart healthy. After a heart attack, you must include exercise in your lifestyle. By exercising for 30-35 minutes daily, your heart can remain healthy. By doing regular exercise, you can avoid a heart attack in the future as well, because exercise improves blood circulation and makes the heart strong. If you want, you can also do walkingcycling, jogging, running, etc. to stay physically active.

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Control blood pressure and cholesterol

High blood pressure and cholesterol both are heart-related diseases. A person who has high blood pressure and cholesterol levels has a higher risk of heart attack and stroke, as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels can damage the arteries. So, if someone has had a heart attack once, he should keep his blood pressure and cholesterol under control. With this, you can protect yourself from heart attacks coming again.

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Control diabetes

Diabetes can also affect the heart. Therefore, if someone has diabetes, then it is important to keep your blood sugar level under control after a heart attack, because if the blood sugar level is not under control, then a heart attack can happen again.

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Lose weight

Being overweight can be one of the main reasons for heart disease. According to research, obese people have a higher risk of a heart attack. Therefore, if someone gets a heart attack once, then there is a need to keep the weight under control. A healthy weight-loss diet can be followed after a heart attack.

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Take healthy diet

Although a healthy diet should always be taken, after a heart attack, it becomes more important to take a healthy diet. By taking a healthy diet, you can protect yourself from heart disease. Healthy fats should be included in the diet after a heart attack. For this, you can make fruitsvegetables, whole grains, and olive oil a part of your diet. Also include fishfiberpotassium, and red meat. At the same time, consume sodium, dairy products, and sugar only in small quantities.

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After a heart attack, a person must follow a healthy lifestyle. For this it is necessary to do some things, then it is necessary to avoid some things. Avoid doing these things after a heart attack -

Don't smoke

Although smoking should never be consumed, if someone has any heart disease or has had a heart attack once, then smoking should be completely avoided. Do not smoke at all after a heart attack. After a heart attack, you should also avoid consuming tobacco and alcohol, etc. Smoking can trigger heart diseases and can lead to frequent heart attacks. It has also been proved in studies that people who smoke have a higher risk of heart attack than other people.

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Don't have sex

Although it is normal to have sex after a heart attack, having sex immediately after a heart attack should be avoided. You can start having sex a few weeks after a heart attack or you can take a doctor's opinion before having sex.

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Don't stress

Stress can be the main cause of heart attacks. Therefore, if someone has had a heart attack once, then he should not remain tense or worried at all. Stress can trigger heart attacks and heart diseases. Therefore, once a heart attack has occurred, one should try to remain stress-free. For this, you can do exercise and yoga.

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Nowadays heart attack has become common even among young people. Many people lose their lives after a heart attack, while some people recover, but these people remain at risk of having a heart attack in the future. If anyone ever gets a heart attack, then you can make changes in your lifestyle to avoid a heart attack in the future. For this, do regular exercise, take a healthy diet, and avoid smoking. Also, take your medicines from time to time.

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