Heart attack is a very dangerous phenomenon, in which human life can also be lost. Due to the closure of the coronary artery, there is a sudden decrease in blood flow to the heart, which is called a heart attack. Due to a heart attack, the tissue around the coronary artery starts getting damaged very quickly. Heart attack depends on the severity of the patient's condition. Apart from this, the effect of a heart attack also depends on how soon it is treated.

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After you start recovering slowly after a heart attack, you should get treated for coronary artery disease. Getting the right treatment can reduce the risk of having another heart attack in the future. Apart from this, what should be eaten and what should not be eaten by heart attack patients should be kept in mind.

Along with this, take special care of what should be done and what should not be done after a heart attack. A special diet plan also plays a very important role in curing the effects of a heart attack. Therefore, the diet plan mentioned in this article should be adopted by heart attack patients.

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  1. How to take care after a heart attack
  2. What to eat and what not to eat after a heart attack
  3. The correct method of cooking for a heart attack patient
  4. Diet chart after a heart attack
  5. Takeaway

Before knowing about what to eat and what not to eat after a heart attack, let us find out how to take care -

Take rest till the doctor tells you

A severe heart attack can be a life-threatening event. If you have survived such a severe heart attack, consider yourself very lucky. However, if the heart attack was minor and your condition is not too severe, you should start feeling better in 2 to 3 weeks, but take rest until your doctor tells you to.

Your doctor may ask you to take rest for 3 months, so follow this completely. If you do this, your chances of slowly getting back to normal life will increase, but for this, you will have to be patient. If you are feeling stressed, make changes in your daily lifestyle.

Apart from this, your doctor may also forbid you to have sex or other physical activities for 2 to 3 weeks after a heart attack, so follow every doctor's instructions.

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Ask a doctor if any doubt about medicines

Taking medicines at the right time helps a lot in recovering after a heart attack. The medicines your doctor prescribes depend on how much heart tissue is damaged.

Along with this, it also depends on other risk factors for a heart attack. Therefore, if you have any doubts related to medicines, do ask your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe medicines for the following problems -

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Keep these things in mind to keep the heart healthy

After a heart attack, your doctor may recommend a little exercise or lifestyle changes. So follow all the instructions of your doctor. Apart from this, for a quick recovery from a heart attack, you also need to take care of other risk factors for your heart health. To find out the risk factors of heart health, keep the following things in mind -

  • Blood pressure should be less than 140/90 mmHg.
  • Men's waist should be less than 40 inches and women's waist should be less than 35 inches.
  • BMI should be between 18.5 ms and 24.9. Find out your BMI with this BMI calculator.
  • Blood cholesterol should be less than 180 mg/dL.
  • Blood glucose should be less than 100 mg/dL.

The following checks mentioned above have to be done regularly. Taking care of all these things helps in avoiding the risk of a heart attack.

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Lifestyle Changes After a Heart Attack

A heart-healthy routine also helps in the medical treatment of heart disease. So bring changes in your lifestyle. Ask your doctor what changes to make in your current routine and adopt a lifestyle as per his instructions.

Exercise - Exercise as prescribed by your doctor to help you recover from the effects of a heart attack. Exercising regularly helps in maintaining a balanced weight. Exercise is also beneficial for your muscles, especially your heart muscle. The following types of exercise are beneficial for heart attack patients -

With this type of exercise, the flow of oxygen in the whole body remains correct. Apart from this, the capacity of the heart to deliver blood to the whole body also increases. Along with this, exercise also reduces stress and high BP.

Eat the right way - Eating low-fat foods and fewer calories lowers the risk of a heart attack. However, if you are already a heart attack patient, then you eat at the right time and eat in the right way, which reduces the risk of heart attack again. A diet plan for the post-heart attack is mentioned below in this article.

Do not smoke - Smoking cigarettes is very harmful to heart attack patients. Cigarettes increase heart disease because it increases blood pressure. Apart from this, there is a lack of oxygen cells in the blood due to cigarette smoking, due to which the work of the heart becomes difficult. So quit smoking as soon as possible. Not smoking cigarettes has a good effect on your overall health and also reduces the risk of heart attack again. Apart from this, if someone smokes cigarettes around you, then stay away from them, this is also very dangerous.

Minimize other risks - Heart disease is also a type of genetic disease. But, heart attack mainly depends on your lifestyle. Along with this, diet is also very much responsible for heart attacks. Therefore exercising and not smoking reduces the risk of a heart attack. Apart from this, also ask your doctor about the following problems -

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To recover after a heart attack, doctors first advise you to eat the right diet. However, following a particular diet can be cumbersome for some people. But don't worry, you can talk to your doctor about getting back to eating your favorite foods once you've recovered -

What to eat after a heart attack

Please incorporated these things in your diet -

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What not to eat after a heart attack

The best way to be healthy after a heart attack that stay away from these kind of foods -

  • Heart attack patients should not eat bad fat foods.
  • Heart attack patients should not eat fast food and fried foods.
  • Foods high in sugar and salt, such as canned foods, processed foods, potato chips, chocolate cakes, ice cream, etc., should not be eaten by heart attack patients.
  • Avoid foods high in cholesterol such as meateggs, and butter.

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Along with taking care of the food and drink of the heart attack patient, attention should also be paid to the method of cooking. Therefore, use methods like steaming, and baking for cooking. If you have to use oil, then use olive oil, sunflower oil, and soybean oil.

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Heart attack patients should follow this diet plan, it will help in recovery after a heart attack.

Diet chart based on North Indian food after a heart attack 

Meal What to eat


2 paneer parathas and 1/4 cup tea without sugar (make tea with non-fat milk)

After Breakfast

1 apple


2 Rotis (without butter and ghee), 1 bowl Rajma curry, 1 bowl cabbage and carrot curry with half a cup curd.

After Lunch

1/4 cup tea without sugar (make tea with non-fat milk) 2 whole wheat biscuits.
Dinner 1 roti, 1/3 bowl brown rice, 1 bowl Arhal dal, 1 bowl okra.

After Dinner

2 kinnu

Diet chart based on South Indian food after a heart attack -

Meal What to eat


2 adai dosa, 1 teaspoon of tomato chutney, 1/4 cup of coffee without sugar (coffee made with non-fat milk), and more than half a cup of blackberries.

After Breakfast

1/3 cup sprouted moong dal lightly fried.


 4 idlis, 1 cup sambar (with vegetables), 1 tsp chutney powder, 2 bowl salad.

After Lunch

1/2 cup vegetable khichdi (make khichdi by mixing brown rice, moong dal, and vegetables), 1/2 bowl brinjal curry, and 1 bowl cucumber raita.

Before Sleeping at Night

Papaya Shake

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Heart attack is a serious disease. In this condition, the patient needs immediate treatment. After surgery and treatment, the patient needs to pay attention to many things. One should make our daily routine balanced, which includes exercising and keeping distance from stress etc. Apart from this, the patient should also pay special attention to his diet. In this article, we have explained in detail what a patient should eat and what not to eat after a heart attack.

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