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Often, we mistake the term ‘Heartburn’ as a disorder or a problem related to the heart. But, in fact, heartburn, also known as 'Pyrosis' in medical terms, is a disorder of the oesophagus (food pipe). It is not a disease but is one of the major symptoms pertaining to any abnormality in the functioning of the food pipe (oesophagus) and subsequent digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract). Heartburn is the most common symptom of GERD (Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease). It is felt as a burning feeling in the chest region. Commonly, it is known as acidity or hyperacidity. Treatment includes taking appropriate medicines along with modifications in lifestyle and diet.

  1. What is heartburn
  2. Heartburn symptoms
  3. Heartburn causes and risk factors
  4. Prevention of heartburn
  5. Diagnosis of heartburn
  6. Heartburn treatment
  7. Heartburn prognosis & complications
  8. Medicines for Heartburn
  9. Doctors for Heartburn

What is heartburn

Heartburn is a burning feeling in the chest region caused by the reverse flow of the acid produced in the stomach. Commonly, it is known as acidity. It is a major symptom of GERD. It is also sometimes felt as a bitter or sour taste in the mouth. It is commonly encountered after eating a heavy meal and lying down. The feeling can last for a few minutes or a few hours. If it occurs frequently, then it may be a sign of some serious condition which may require medical care and further investigations.

What is Heartburn?

Heartburn (pyrosis) is defined as a retrosternal (behind the breastbone) burning pain that travels upwards towards the throat. It is also defined as a form of indigestion felt as a burning sensation in the chest, caused by acid reflux into the oesophagus.

Heartburn symptoms

Symptoms pertaining to heartburn are very few and easy to identify. They are:

  • A burning pain in the chest region which usually occurs after eating mostly at night (as we tend to sleep after dinner).
  • Pain or burning feeling that may increase in intensity when lying down or bending over after meals or on empty stomach.
  • Bitter or acidic taste in the mouth.
  • Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing).
  • A cough and persistent sore throat (due to acid reflux which causes irritation in the throat).
  • Vomiting.
  • ‘Water brash’ (excessive watering or salivation due to salivary gland stimulation as the stomach acid enters the oesophagus).
  • Laryngitis due to irritation of the throat because of the stomach acid.
  • Chest pain which can often be misunderstood as angina.

Heartburn causes and risk factors


Occasional episodes of heartburn are common in our day-to-day life. A reflux episode is followed by oesophageal peristaltic waves (contractions and relaxations in the oesophagus to ease the movement of the food bolus) which effectively clears the food pipe. The saliva which is alkaline in nature (basic) neutralises the acid and the symptoms decrease slowly and completely. Heartburn occurs when the stomach and oesophagus are exposed to gastric acids for prolonged time resulting in persistent symptoms.

Other causes of heartburn are as follows:-

  • GERD.
  • Certain foods and drinks – coffee, alcohol, chocolates, fatty or spicy or sour foods.
  • Obesity
  • Smoking.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Stress and Anxiety.
  • Medicines such as painkillers.
  • A hiatus hernia (bulging of the stomach through the diaphragm in the chest cavity).
  • Abnormalities of the lower oesophageal sphincter (ring of muscle which controls the entry of food from the oesophagus to the stomach).

Risk factors

Risk factors are conditions which can trigger the onset or aggravate a disease or disorder. The following risk factors can cause frequent heartburn:

  • Daily intake of spicy foods.
  • Excessive intake of pungent foods such as onions and garlic.
  • Having citrus fruits.
  • Tomato and its products like ketchup or purees.
  • Fatty and fried foodstuffs.
  • Chocolates.
  • Alcohols, carbonated beverages (sodas and soft drinks).
  • Coffee and other caffeine drinks.
  • Large meals.
  • Obesity.
  • Pregnancy.

Prevention of heartburn

The most important step to tackle heartburn is to find out the exact cause. By making simple lifestyle changes, heartburn can be tackled easily. These include:

  • Eat small and frequent meals so that the acid secreted by the stomach is utilised and accumulation is prevented which can trigger heartburn.
  • Make adjustments in your sleeping posture by raising the level of your bed or by increasing the support beneath your head so as to make the chest and head rise above the waist level. In this way, the acid won’t be able to travel towards your throat.
  • Try weight loss if obesity is the cause.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety if it is the cause of heartburn.
  • Avoid foods which can trigger your heartburn. Caffeine should be avoided.
  • Have sufficient time-gap (3-4 hours) between meals and bedtime.
  • Do not smoke or consume alcohol.
  • Take prescribed medicines by consulting your doctor as sometimes some medicines can cause heartburn.
  • Do not wear clothes that are tight around the waist.

Diagnosis of heartburn

Young people who present typical symptoms of heartburn without any other complicated symptoms like unusual weight loss and anaemia can be treated without any major investigative procedure. Investigations are usually carried out in middle-aged or elderly patients if the symptoms are atypical or unusual. Some investigations which are usually carried out are:

  • Endoscopy is the investigation of choice to rule out an upper gastrointestinal disease. A 24-hour pH monitoring is indicated if endoscopy doesn’t prove sufficient and further invasive procedures are under consideration. This involves tethering a slim catheter (tube) with terminal radiotelemetry pH-sensitive probe above the gastro-oesophageal junction. The intraluminal pH is recorded whilst the patient undergoes normal activities, and episodes of pain are noted and related to pH. A pH of less than 4 for more than 6-7% of the study time is diagnostic of reflux disease.
  • X-rays (barium meal) are taken to view the shape and position of the stomach and oesophagus to rule out other causes.
  • Manometry (oesophageal motility testing) is performed in some cases.

Heartburn treatment

Simple lifestyle remedies are sufficient to ease heartburn. Mostly, over the counter medications such as antacid gels provide instant relief. Your doctor may prescribe you the following medications:

  • Antacids (systemic and non-systemic) which help to neutralise the stomach acids. Example- aluminium hydroxide gel, sodium bicarbonate etc.
  • H2-receptor antagonists (cimetidine, ranitidine, famotidine) which reduce the secretion of stomach acids.
  • Proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s; omeprazole, pantoprazole, esomeprazole) also reduce stomach acids and also help to heal oesophagitis. These are better than H2-receptor antagonists and provide long-term effects.

Very rarely, surgery such as fundoplication is performed to alter the oesophagus.

Lifestyle management

Lifestyle changes are one of the best remedies to treat heartburn. These include the following:

  • Lose weight. This helps in improving symptoms of GERD.
  • Avoid tangy foods such as tomatoes or spicy foodstuffs, as well as fried and fatty foods.
  • Elevate the head end of the bed to prevent reflux during sleep.
  • Avoid late meals and eat smaller regular meals.
  • Quit smoking as it is effective in improving heartburn and hyperacidity.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol intake.
  • Limit intake of sweets and chocolates as they can induce heartburn.
  • Antibiotics and some prescribed medications can cause heartburn, these should be taken only after consultation with the physician.

Heartburn prognosis & complications


Heartburn has a good outcome as it rarely causes any complications. It can also be treated effectively without any invasive procedures or complex drug regime. Simple changes in diet and lifestyle are sufficient. However, extreme cases of heartburn can be harmful and can lead to further complications. In such cases, the outcome is poor.


Complications of heartburn arise if it is not treated effectively and persists for a long period. Some complications which can arise are:

  • Oesophagitis (inflammation with mild redness and further complications like severe bleeding from oesophagus).
  • Barrett’s Oesophagus (the morphology of the lining of the oesophagus changes). It is undetected as it is asymptomatic until it presents as oesophageal cancer. Multiple biopsies are required to detect oesophageal cancer.
  • Iron deficiency anaemia can occur insidiously as a result of chronic, gradual blood loss from long-standing oesophagitis. Almost all such patients have a large hiatus hernia and bleeding can occur from subtle erosions in the neck of the hernia sac.  
  • Benign oesophageal stricture (narrowing) is caused due to long-standing oesophagitis. More so, it develops in elderly patients as they have poor oesophageal peristaltic activity. It leads to dysphagia (inability to swallow food).
  • Gastric volvulus (twisting of the stomach) causes complete blockage of food entry from the oesophagus to the stomach and often presents as severe chest pain, vomiting, and dysphagia with blood in stool and in vomit.
Dr. Vimal Raj

Dr. Vimal Raj

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Dr. Sanjay Jindal

Dr. Sanjay Jindal

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Dr. Om Shah

Dr. Om Shah

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Medicines for Heartburn

Medicines listed below are available for Heartburn. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
AciconAcicon 20 Mg Tablet3.0
FacidFacid 20 Mg Tablet3.0
FadineFadine 40 Mg Tablet3.0
FamocerFamocer 20 Mg Tablet3.0
FamocidFamocid 20 Mg Tablet3.0
FamonextFamonext 20 Mg Tablet4.0
FamtacFamtac 20 Mg Soflets4.0
Fm (Caplet)Fm 20 Mg Tablet3.0
Peptac(Bap)Peptac 40 Mg Injection54.0
TopcidTopcid 20 Mg Tablet3.0
AdvantacAdvantac 40 Mg Tablet62.0
AutidineAutidine 20 Mg Tablet4.0
FaltidinFaltidin 20 Mg Tablet3.0
Fam H2Fam H2 20 Mg Tablet3.0
FamitFamit 20 Mg Tablet4.0
FamoletFamolet 40 Mg Gelatin Coated Tablet29.0
FamonitFamonit 20 Mg Tablet3.0
FamorilaFamorila 20 Mg Tablet5.0
FamotinFamotin 20 Mg Tablet11.0
FamowalFamowal 20 Mg Tablet2.0
FampepFampep 20 Mg Tablet3.0
FudoneFudone 20 Mg Tablet3.0
PepdinPepdin 20 Mg Tablet2.0
PepgardPepgard 20 Mg Tablet11.0
TemcidTemcid 20 Mg Tablet110.0
FamodinFamodin 40 Mg Tablet5.0
Famotidine 20 Mg TabletFamotidine 20 Mg Tablet4.0
Famotidine 40 Mg TabletFamotidine 40 Mg Tablet6.0
Noacid(Mpn)Noacid 20 Mg Capsule3.0
PolyfamPolyfam 10 Mg Tablet16.0
ToburTobur 40 Mg Tablet37.0
RantacRantac 150 Mg Tablet22.51
AcidomAcidom 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet69.77
AcilocAciloc 150 Mg Tablet22.46
AfdilocAfdiloc 150 Mg Tablet5.0
ConsecConsec 150 Mg Tablet5.0
GertacGertac 150 Mg Tablet5.0
H 2 AH 2 A 150 Mg Tablet25.0
HealcerHealcer 150 Mg Tablet16.0
HistacHistac 150 Mg Tablet20.0
IntacIntac 150 Mg Tablet6.0
KaytecKaytec 150 Mg Tablet4.0
LantacLantac 25 Mg Injection7.0
MonolacMonolac 150 Mg Capsule20.0
OzotacOzotac 25 Mg Injection2.0
PepdacPepdac 150 Mg Tablet4.0
Peptac(Mpn)Peptac 150 Mg Tablet4.0
RadinRadin 25 Mg Injection3.0
RancafeRancafe 150 Mg Tablet6.0
RancorRancor 150 Mg Tablet7.0
RanialRanial 150 Mg Tablet5.0
RanicomRanicom 150 Mg Tablet5.0
RanicoolRanicool 150 Mg Tablet4.0
RanitasRanitas 150 Mg Tablet4.0
RanitinRanitin 150 Mg Tablet18.0
RanizacRanizac 150 Mg Tablet4.0
RanlocRanloc 150 Mg Tablet5.0
RanticaRantica 150 Mg Tablet5.0
RdinRdin 150 Mg Tablet5.0
RdinxtRdinxt 150 Mg Capsule75.0
RenitRenit 150 Mg Tablet4.0
RetinRetin 150 Mg Tablet8.0
StantacStantac 150 Mg Tablet6.0
TaurdinTaurdin 150 Mg Tablet4.0
UlcitabUlcitab 150 Mg Tablet52.0
ZinetacZinetac 150 Mg Tablet21.87
Aciloc OnlyAciloc Only 25 Mg Syrup56.0
Ancid (Ane)Ancid 150 Mg Syrup16.0
AntecAntec 150 Mg Tablet5.0
AztecAztec 150 Mg Tablet6.0
BintacBintac 150 Mg Tablet5.0
HelkossHelkoss 150 Mg Tablet5.0
Hytide RdHytide Rd 300 Mg Tablet51.0
MonolocMonoloc 150 Mg Tablet4.0
MonorinMonorin 150 Mg Tablet16.0
NicotacNicotac 150 Mg Tablet6.0
NilcerNilcer 150 Mg Tablet17.0
NitNit 5 Mg Tablet17.0
Nit MdNit Md 5 Mg Tablet28.0
Nit (Trident)Nit 25 Mg Syrup26.0
PeplocPeploc 150 Mg Tablet4.0
Peptac (Morpen)Peptac 40 Mg Injection2.0
PeptiranPeptiran 75 Mg/5 Ml Syrup54.0
RafilonRafilon 150 Mg Tablet5.0
RanacidRanacid 150 Mg Tablet4.0
RancerRancer 300 Mg Tablet9.0
RancetRancet 20 Mg Capsule6.0
RanibidRanibid 150 Mg Tablet5.0
RanilaRanila 150 Mg Tablet4.0
RanilinkRanilink 150 Mg Tablet5.0
RanipepRanipep 150 Mg Tablet4.0
Ranitidine HclRanitidine Hcl 50 Mg Injection3.0
Rantidine (Cipla)Rantidine 150 Mg Tablet7.0
RantimeRantime 150 Mg Tablet6.0
Rantodac TabletRantodac 150 Mg Tablet3.0
Ranx LRanx L 50 Mg Injection93.0
RenitabRenitab 150 Mg Tablet10.0
RetivaRetiva Injection2.0
RintinRintin 150 Mg Tablet5.0
UdidineUdidine 150 Mg Tablet4.0
UlcidinUlcidin 150 Mg Tablet5.0
UlciridUlcirid 150 Mg Tablet6.0
UlfastUlfast 150 Mg Tablet7.0
UltacUltac 25 Mg Injection3.0
ZoranZoran 150 Mg Injection3.0
ZynolZynol 150 Mg Tablet5.0
ZytakZytak 150 Mg Tablet4.0
CinestaCinesta 1 Mg Tablet63.0
CinitideCinitide Sr 3 Mg Tablet190.0
CintafluxCintaflux 1 Mg Tablet38.0
Cintapro OdCintapro Od 3 Mg Tablet Sr174.0
CintaproCintapro 1 Mg Tablet81.0
KinprideKinpride 1 Mg Tablet78.0
ProgitProgit 10 Mg Tablet60.0
CisakemCisakem 10 Mg Tablet10.0
CizaCiza 20 Mg Tablet94.0
EsoridEsorid 10 Mg Tablet43.0
GastronGastron 20 Mg Capsule47.0
GastroGastro 10 Mg Tablet36.0
MogitMogit 10 Mg Tablet59.0
MoticareMoticare 10 Mg Tablet35.0
NuprideNupride 10 Mg Tablet35.0
PeristilPeristil 10 Mg Tablet36.0
PrepulsidPrepulsid 10 Mg Tablet90.0
AliprideAlipride 10 Mg Tablet0.0
AlzideAlzide 10 Mg Tablet0.0
CisadeCisade 10 Mg Syrup16.0
CisapidCisapid 10 Mg Tablet0.0
CisawalCisawal 10 Mg Tablet0.0
PrydePryde 10 Mg Tablet0.0
BiospasBiospas 10 Mg Injection28.0
ColicureColicure Drop27.7
AcibanAciban 20 Mg Tablet31.0
Acigrip PAcigrip P 40 Mg Tablet60.0
AcipanAcipan 200 Mg Tablet56.0
Acipant (Bsp)Acipant 40 Mg Injection50.0
AcipantAcipant 40 Mg Tablet38.0
Acipant Dm(Bsp)Acipant Dm 40 Mg Tablet32.0
AldeprazAldepraz 40 Mg Injection52.0
AlentraAlentra 40 Mg Tablet53.0
AtcidAtcid 40 Mg Tablet38.0
AvipantaAvipanta 40 Mg Injection59.0
DipentDipent 20 Mg Tablet75.0
Dipent DmDipent Dm 40 Mg Tablet40.0
Ec PanEc Pan 40 Mg Tablet58.0
ElesecElesec Tablet47.0
EzoffEzoff 40 Mg Tablet Dr73.0
Floritex TabletFloritex Tablet21.0
GepanGepan 40 Mg Tablet13.0
GlanpanGlanpan 40 Mg Injection43.0
GopanGopan 40 Mg Injection51.0
GutfitGutfit 40 Mg Injection51.0
GutfreeGutfree 40 Mg Tablet55.0
HiperpanHiperpan 40 Mg Tablet36.0
IbyzoleIbyzole 40 Mg Tablet55.0
KubikKubik 40 Mg Tablet51.0
Mepzole PMepzole P 40 Mg Injection48.0
Mepzol PMepzol P 40 Mg Tablet42.0
MopantMopant 40 Mg Tablet61.0
NeuppiNeuppi 40 Mg Tablet73.0
NewpanNewpan 40 Mg Injection54.0
NicopentaNicopenta 40 Mg Injection18.0
NodysNodys 40 Mg Tablet34.0
NulacidNulacid 400 Mg Tablet58.0
NupanNupan 40 Mg Tablet75.0
OdpantOdpant 40 Mg Injection48.0
Odpant DmOdpant Dm 40 Mg Tablet65.0
OroprazOropraz 20 Mg Tablet38.0
P (Salud)P 40 Mg Tablet57.0
PalioPalio 40 Mg Tablet71.0
PanPan 20 Mg Tablet78.0
PanblocPanbloc 40 Mg Injection55.0
PancertPancert 40 Mg Tablet55.0
PancidPancid 40 Mg Tablet60.0
PancronPancron 40 Mg Tablet44.0
PandostalPandostal 10 Mg/20 Mg Capsule63.0
PandotPandot 40 Mg Tablet38.0
PanezPanez 40 Mg Tablet41.0
PanfirstPanfirst 40 Mg Injection47.0
Pangod (Medicowin)Pangod Tablet58.0
PangoldPangold 40 Mg Tablet38.0
PanidoPanido 20 Mg Tablet37.0
PanivPaniv 20 Mg Injection56.0
PanocPanoc 40 Mg Injection55.0
PanozPanoz 40 Mg Tablet42.0
PanplusPanplus 20 Mg Tablet22.0
PanprazolePanprazole 40 Mg Injection85.0
PansurePansure 20 Mg Tablet24.0
PantabPantab 20 Mg Tablet22.0
Pantacure (Calibar)Pantacure 40 Mg Injection57.0
PantadocPantadoc 40 Mg Tablet79.0
PantaficPantafic 40 Mg Injection49.0
PantafolPantafol 40 Mg Injection19.0
PantafordPantaford 40 Mg Tablet61.0
PantagardPantagard 40 Mg Injection54.0
PantakindPantakind 40 Mg Tablet26.0
PantakonPantakon 40 Mg Injection52.0
PantakulPantakul 40 Mg Tablet52.0
PantalPantal 40 Mg Tablet71.0
PantarPantar 40 Mg Tablet50.0
PantarilPantaril 20 Mg Tablet24.0
PantarunPantarun 40 Mg Injection49.0
PantasetPantaset 40 Mg Injection56.0
PantasticPantastic 40 Mg Capsule72.0
PantavinPantavin 20 Mg Capsule35.0
PantecPantec 20 Mg Tablet33.0
PanticaPantica 40 Mg Tablet46.0
PantimePantime 40 Mg Injection60.0
Pantin L. VPantin L. V 20 Mg Injection83.0
PantocarPantocar 40 Mg Injection74.0
PantocidPantocid 20 Mg Tablet57.0
PantodacPantodac 20 Mg Tablet79.0
PantodimPantodim Tablet60.0
PantofixPantofix 20 Mg Tablet36.0
Pantoloc (Avinash)Pantoloc 40 Mg Tablet50.0
PantonecPantonec 40 Mg Injection51.0
PantonisPantonis 40 Mg Tablet51.0
PantopPantop 20 Mg Tablet49.0
PantoprazPantopraz 40 Mg Injection22.0
PantosealPantoseal 40 Mg Injection55.0
PantosecPantosec 20 Mg Tablet83.0
PantosigPantosig 40 Mg Injection48.0
PantosisPantosis 40 Mg Injection46.0
Panto UlPanto Ul 40 Mg Injection52.0
PantovaPantova 40 Mg Tablet39.0
PantovelPantovel 40 Mg Injection56.0
PantozaPantoza 40 Mg Tablet73.0
PantozePantoze 40 Mg Injection50.0
PantrixPantrix 40 Mg Tablet59.0
PanvedaPanveda 20 Mg Tablet33.0
PanzacPanzac 40 Mg Tablet47.0
PanzenPanzen 40 Mg Tablet53.0
PanzoPanzo 40 Mg Capsule59.0
Panzo(Kenn)Panzo 40 Mg Tablet48.0
PazesPazes 40 Mg Tablet50.0
Pazo (Algen)Pazo 40 Mg Injection26.0
PazomPazom 40 Mg Injection20.0
PdsPds 40 Mg Tablet7.0
PentacurePentacure 40 Mg Injection54.0
PentagreenPentagreen 40 Mg Tablet20.0
PentanormPentanorm 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet59.0
PentastarPentastar 20 Mg Tablet69.0
PentatePentate 40 Mg Injection55.0
PentopenPentopen 20 Mg Tablet20.0
PentoyugPentoyug 40 Mg Tablet79.0
PentraPentra 40 Mg Tablet44.0
PepcinovaPepcinova 40 Mg Tablet54.0
PerfektPerfekt 40 Mg Tablet60.0
PetiolPetiol 40 Mg Injection50.0
PexelPexel 40 Mg Tablet41.0
PezolePezole 40 Mg Tablet45.0
PezoverPezover 40 Tablet99.0
PfantoPfanto 40 Mg Capsule60.0
PizaPiza 20 Mg Tablet37.0
PleezPleez 40 Mg Capsule64.0
PnoxPnox 40 Mg Tablet47.0
PnzPnz 20 Mg Tablet40.0
Pod (Shrri)Pod 40 Mg Tablet46.0
PolePole 40 Mg Injection55.0
PontaPonta 40 Mg Injection56.0
PopPop 40 Mg Tablet37.0
PotaPota 40 Mg Tablet60.0
P PanP Pan 40 Mg Tablet52.0
PpsonPpson 40 Mg Capsule27.0
PpzPpz 40 Mg Gel Syrup75.0
PratPrat 40 Mg Tablet76.0
Prevpan DsrPrevpan Dsr 40 Mg Tablet65.0
Propan 40Propan 40 20 Mg Tablet49.0
Propan (Scortis)Propan 40 Mg Injection54.0
PropanzPropanz 40 Mg Injection54.0
ProteraProtera 40 Mg Tablet86.0
ProtopanProtopan 20 Mg Tablet45.0
ProzenProzen 100 Mg Tablet15.0
P Top IvP Top Iv 40 Mg Injection65.0
PulcerPulcer 40 Mg Tablet52.0
PurfactPurfact Capsule65.0
P ZolP Zol 40 Mg Injection55.0
RadipanRadipan 40 Mg Injection48.0
RecazolRecazol 40 Mg Injection49.0
RpanRpan 40 Mg Tablet37.0
SafeprazSafepraz 40 Mg Tablet72.0
SaipanSaipan 40 Mg Tablet48.0
SonipanSonipan 40 Mg Injection74.0
SpandSpand 40 Mg Tablet76.0
SwipentoSwipento 40 Mg Tablet16.0
SwisspanSwisspan 40 Mg Tablet49.0
SyntacSyntac 40 Mg Tablet56.0
TopraTopra 40 Mg Tablet48.0
ToprazolToprazol 40 Mg Tablet38.0
UlcipanUlcipan 40 Mg Tablet49.0
UlkusUlkus 40 Mg Injection49.0
UltopUltop 20 Mg Tablet20.0
UnipanUnipan Tablet26.0
VantopVantop 40 Mg Tablet26.0
XoleXole 40 Mg Injection54.0
ZanfoateZanfoate 40 Mg Injection50.0
ZenolZenol 40 Mg Injection47.0
AcillectAcillect 40 Mg Injection56.0
AdpantaAdpanta 40 Mg Tablet60.0
AlpentaAlpenta 40 Mg Tablet65.0
AnleoAnleo 40 Mg Tablet80.0
ApantaApanta 40 Mg Injection58.0
ArkpineArkpine 40 Mg Tablet75.0
ArlocArloc 40 Mg Tablet61.0
AthzolAthzol 40 Mg Tablet79.0
BelycoolBelycool 40 Mg Tablet37.0
CocidCocid 20 Mg Tablet4.0
ControsecControsec 40 Mg Injection51.0
CupanCupan 40 Mg Tablet50.0
CurepanCurepan 20 Mg Tablet40.0
DonazolDonazol 40 Mg Tablet52.0
DrupanDrupan 40 Mg Tablet50.0
DutchpanDutchpan 40 Mg Tablet66.0
DyspanDyspan 40 Mg Tablet61.0
Ec Pan (Icon)Ec Pan 40 Mg Injection54.0
EracidEracid 40 Mg Injection52.0
ForpanForpan 40 Mg Tablet76.0
FritopanFritopan 40 Mg Tablet80.0
GastropanGastropan 40 Mg Tablet62.0
GerdinGerdin 40 Mg Injection59.0
GlenpazGlenpaz 40 Mg Tablet12.0
GudbieGudbie 40 Mg Tablet79.0
HclfreHclfre Tablet58.0
Insta ZosecInsta Zosec 20 Mg Tablet85.0
JopanJopan 40 Mg Tablet59.0
Junior BraviaJunior Bravia 20 Mg Tablet56.0
JuspantaJuspanta 40 Mg Tablet75.0
LapentLapent 40 Mg Tablet50.0
LupipanLupipan 20 Mg Tablet64.0
LypanLypan 40 Mg Injection56.0
MacpantaMacpanta Capsule150.0
ManezManez 20 Mg Tablet23.0
Megazole 40 Mg TabletMegazole 40 Mg Tablet61.0
MegazoleMegazole 20 Mg Tablet74.0
NexpanNexpan 20 Mg Injection119.0
NitzoleNitzole 40 Mg Injection58.0
NostormNostorm 40 Mg Tablet32.0
NoxantorNoxantor 40 Mg Tablet60.0
NulcerNulcer 40 Mg Injection51.0
NupentaNupenta 40 Mg Tablet31.0
OfcidOfcid 300 Mg Suspension47.0
OprideOpride 50 Mg Tablet37.0
PageroPagero 20 Mg Tablet30.0
PanagePanage 40 Mg Tablet66.0
PanaronPanaron 40 Mg Tablet50.0
PanastaPanasta 40 Mg Tablet58.0
PanbidPanbid 40 Mg Tablet48.0
PanbuffPanbuff 40 Mg Tablet59.0
PancerPancer 40 Mg Tablet45.0
PancruzPancruz 40 Mg Tablet65.0
PandolPandol 40 Mg Tablet61.0
PandrivePandrive Tablet54.0
PaneuPaneu 40 Mg Tablet55.0
PanfastPanfast 40 Mg Injection64.0
PangardPangard 40 Mg Injection54.0
PangoPango 40 Mg Tablet66.0
PanhilPanhil 40 Mg Tablet61.0
PanindiaPanindia 40 Mg Capsule78.0
PanjaPanja 40 Mg Tablet42.0
PankaiPankai 40 Mg Injection65.0
PanlidPanlid 40 Mg Tablet47.0
PanlocPanloc 40 Mg Injection41.0
PanlozPanloz 40 Mg Tablet65.0
Pan MdPan Md 20 Mg Tablet64.0
PanmintPanmint 40 Mg Injection47.0
PanompPanomp 40 Mg Injection75.0
PanonPanon 40 Mg Tablet52.0
PanopazPanopaz 40 Mg Injection51.0
PanotroyPanotroy 20 Mg Tablet41.0
PanpotPanpot 40 Mg Tablet49.0
PanprezPanprez 40 Mg Injection68.0
PanpurePanpure 20 Mg Infusion96.0
PanrayPanray 40 Mg Injection58.0
PanrolePanrole 40 Mg Injection50.0
PansaPansa 40 Mg Injection55.0
PansalvePansalve 40 Mg Injection18.0
PansecPansec 40 Mg Infusion53.0
PanserPanser 40 Mg Tablet51.0
PansioPansio 40 Mg Injection51.0
PanspedPansped 20 Mg Tablet93.0
PanstonePanstone 40 Tablet65.0
PantabitPantabit 40 Mg Tablet55.0
PantabolPantabol 40 Mg Tablet48.0
PantaPanta 40 Mg Tablet64.0
PantachekPantachek 40 Mg Tablet41.0
PantachemPantachem 40 Tablet75.0
Pantacid (Patson)Pantacid 40 Mg Oral Gel44.0
PantacoolPantacool 20 Mg Tablet41.0
PantactPantact 20 Mg Tablet42.0
Pantagon (Ordain)Pantagon 40 Mg Injection51.0
PantakanPantakan 20 Mg Tablet39.0
PantanaPantana 40 Mg Tablet76.0
PantanamPantanam 40 Mg Tablet65.0
PantaomPantaom 40 Mg Injection62.0
PantapilPantapil 40 Mg Injection51.0
PantarivPantariv 40 Mg Tablet65.0
PantaronPantaron 40 Mg Tablet49.0
PantascotPantascot 40 Mg Injection54.0
PantasunPantasun 40 Mg Tablet61.0
PantazPantaz 40 Mg Tablet38.0
PantazolPantazol 40 Mg Injection54.0
PantazolePantazole 40 Mg Injection53.0
PanterPanter 40 Mg Tablet48.0
PantexPantex 40 Mg Tablet50.0
PantezPantez 40 Mg Tablet44.0
PantinPantin 20 Mg Tablet28.0
PantiumPantium 40 Mg Injection53.0
PantixPantix 40 Mg Tablet71.0
PantocalmPantocalm 40 Mg Injection17.0
PantocardPantocard 40 Mg Injection113.0
PantocipPantocip 40 Mg Infusion55.0
PantoclasPantoclas 40 Mg Tablet76.0
PantocurePantocure 40 Mg Tablet57.0
PantodinPantodin 40 Mg Injection50.0
PantofitPantofit 40 Mg Injection53.0
Pantofit LPantofit L Tablet160.0
PantogardPantogard 40 Mg Tablet55.0
PantogenPantogen 40 Mg Tablet52.0
PantokinPantokin 40 Mg Injection56.0
PantolPantol 40 Mg Tablet44.0
PantoletPantolet 40 Mg Tablet49.0
PantolupPantolup 40 Mg Tablet16.0
PantomaxPantomax 40 Mg Injection55.0
PantomPantom 40 Mg Injection55.0
PantomedPantomed 40 Mg Injection88.0
Pantom FtPantom Ft 40 Mg Tablet67.0
Panto (Micro)Panto 40 Mg Tablet70.0
PantomorePantomore 40 Mg Injection22.0
PantonipPantonip 40 Mg Injection57.0
PantonirPantonir 40 Mg Tablet80.0
PantopacePantopace 40 Mg Injection50.0
PantopegPantopeg 40 Mg Tablet52.0
Pantop FortePantop Forte 20 Mg Tablet43.0
PantopikPantopik 40 Mg Injection49.0
PantoredPantored 40 Mg Injection60.0
PantorelPantorel 40 Mg Tablet50.0
PantoricaPantorica 40 Mg Tablet49.0
PantorishPantorish 40 Mg Tablet57.0
Pantosar(Sev)Pantosar 40 Mg Tablet42.0
PantosPantos 40 Mg Tablet58.0
PantoshootPantoshoot 40 Mg Tablet112.0
PantospinPantospin Tablet49.0
PantosynPantosyn 40 Mg Tablet51.0
PantotabPantotab 40 Mg Injection63.0
PantovarPantovar 40 Mg Tablet55.0
PantozolePantozole 40 Mg Tablet64.0
Pantra PPantra P Tablet49.0
PantruPantru 20 Mg Tablet28.0
PantzPantz 40 Mg Injection60.0
PanumPanum 40 Mg Tablet72.0
Panum IvPanum Iv 40 Mg Injection55.0
Panum ZPanum Z 40 Mg Capsule75.0
PanvirPanvir 40 Mg Tablet45.0
PanvistaPanvista 20 Mg Tablet32.0
PanwarPanwar 40 Mg Injection54.0
Pan XprPan Xpr 40 Mg Tablet57.0
Pan Xpr DPan Xpr D Tablet51.0
PanzecPanzec 40 Mg Tablet60.0
PanzelPanzel 40 Mg Injection59.0
Panz (Isis Lab)Panz Injection55.0
Panz Od (Isis Lab)Panz Od 40 Mg Tablet68.0
PanzolePanzole 20 Mg Tablet77.0
ParidonParidon 40 Mg Tablet40.0
ParxParx 40 Mg Tablet58.0
PatPat 40 Mg Tablet57.0
PatzePatze 40 Mg Tablet73.0
PeePee 40 Mg Tablet63.0
Pencid (I Med)Pencid 40 Mg Tablet72.0
PendonePendone 40 Mg Tablet50.0
PensecPensec 40 Mg Tablet80.0
PenstalPenstal 40 Mg Tablet45.0
PentabPentab 20 Mg Tablet42.0
PentacidPentacid 40 Mg Tablet60.0
Pentagon (Achemic)Pentagon 40 Mg Tablet14.0
Pentagon (Indswift)Pentagon 40 Mg Injection23.0
PentalinkPentalink 40 Mg Infusion55.0
PentalocPentaloc 40 Mg Tablet52.0
PentaqPenta Q Tablet35.0
PentasifPentasif 40 Mg Tablet56.0
PentazerPentazer 40 Tablet79.0
PentocipPentocip 40 Mg Tablet60.0
PentokPentok 40 Mg Injection60.0
PentosecPentosec 40 Mg Tablet91.0
PentowokPentowok 40 Mg Tablet11.0
PentozedPentozed 40 Mg Tablet52.0
PentozenPentozen 40 Mg Injection85.0
PenzolePenzole 40 Mg Tablet41.0
PenzotasPenzotas 40 Mg Tablet47.0
PepmarkPepmark 40 Mg Tablet35.0
PepnilPepnil 40 Mg Tablet49.0
PeptilcerPeptilcer 20 Mg Capsule174.0
PerfamePerfame 40 Mg Tablet81.0
Petop (Razekan Biolabs)Petop Tablet57.0
PikerPiker Tablet73.0
PilpanPilpan 40 Mg Tablet9.0
PnxPnx 40 Mg Tablet50.0
Pnz FastPnz Fast 40 Mg Tablet70.0
PolinzerPolinzer 40 Mg Injection48.0
PonyPony 40 Mg Injection49.0
Pp(Allentis)Pp Tablet50.0
PpiPpi 20 Mg Capsule53.0
P PpiP Ppi 40 Mg Injection54.0
PprPpr Tablet47.0
Pp SetPp Set 40 Mg Tablet58.0
PptroyPptroy 40 Mg Tablet58.0
PraizePraize 20 Mg Tablet24.0
PrazoPrazo 40 Mg Tablet60.0
PrazoqolPrazoqol 40 Mg Tablet65.0
PrazotelPrazotel 40 Mg Injection51.0
PrepentoPrepento 40 Mg Tablet52.0
PrevocidPrevocid 40 Mg Tablet48.0
ProlocProloc 40 Mg Tablet85.0
PropantaPropanta 40 Mg Injection58.0
Proplus(Prf)Proplus 10 Mg Tablet38.0
ProtochekProtochek 40 Mg Tablet61.0
ProtonilProtonil 20 Mg Injection58.0
Pz 4Pz 4 40 Mg Tablet75.0
P ZoleP Zole 40 Mg Tablet47.0
RepanRepan 20 Mg Tablet36.0
Repan ZRepan Z Tablet125.0
Rezol(Regalia)Rezol 40 Mg Injection54.0
RizoleRizole 40 Mg Tablet70.0
RostrumRostrum 40 Mg Tablet90.0
SolopanSolopan 40 Mg Tablet46.0
S Top (Shrinivas)S Top 40 Mg Injection46.0
SymtopSymtop 40 Mg Tablet40.0
TeratopTeratop 40 Mg Tablet510.0
TopTop 40 Mg Tablet65.0
ToppTopp 40 Mg Tablet20.0
ToprazTopraz 40 Mg Injection50.0
Top SdTop Sd 30 Mg Tablet49.0
Top STop S 40 Mg Tablet52.0
TopzoleTopzole 40 Mg Tablet64.0
Tpz 40Tpz 40 40 Mg Tablet55.0
TripepsaTripepsa 40 Mg Tablet79.0
TroypantoTroypanto 40 Mg Injection54.0
UdipanUdipan 40 Mg Tablet56.0
UlcepanUlcepan 40 Mg Tablet38.0
UlridUlrid 40 Mg Tablet41.0
UxlUxl 40 Mg Tablet46.0
Vap(Omenta)Vap 40 Mg Tablet59.0
Virzol TabletVirzol Tablet47.0
VppiVppi 40 Mg Tablet49.0
VrpzVrpz 40 Mg Tablet79.0
WellWell 40 Mg Tablet70.0
WopanWopan 40 Mg Tablet47.0
WrespanWrespan 40 Mg Tablet70.0
XepentaXepenta 40 Mg Injection66.0
YespentaYespenta 40 Mg Injection58.0
ZanpanZanpan 40 Mg Tablet40.0
ZapZap Capsule110.0
ZepoxinZepoxin 40 Mg Injection54.0
ZipantZipant 40 Mg Tablet32.0
Zolex(Excare)Zolex 20 Mg Tablet28.0
ZopenZopen 40 Mg Tablet54.0
ZosectaZosecta 20 Mg Tablet93.0
ZovantaZovanta 20 Mg Tablet0.0
AcigripAcigrip 20 Mg/40 Mg Tablet79.0
Acigrip DsrAcigrip Dsr 20 Mg/40 Mg Capsule79.0
Acio PlusAcio Plus 30 Mg/40 Mg Tablet60.0
Acipant DsrAcipant Dsr 30 Mg/40 Mg Capsule75.0
Aldepraz DAldepraz D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet72.0
Alentra DsrAlentra Dsr 40 Mg/30 Mg Tablet80.0
Alpant DsrAlpant Dsr 30 Mg/40 Mg Capsule70.0
Anleo DsrAnleo Dsr 30 Mg/40 Mg Tablet110.0
Apan DsrApan Dsr 10 Mg/20 Mg Capsule79.0
Arloc DArloc D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet71.0
Atcid DAtcid D 10 Mg/40 Mg Capsule44.0
Atcid DsrAtcid Dsr 20 Mg/40 Mg Tablet65.0
CalmgutCalmgut 10 Mg/20 Mg Capsule30.0
Cocid DCocid D 10 Mg/40 Mg Capsule77.0
Cocid DsrCocid Dsr 30 Mg/40 Mg Tablet100.0
Concid DConcid D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet45.0
DompanDompan Forte Tablet77.0
DomtacDomtac 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet62.0
DyofluxDyoflux 30 Mg/40 Mg Tablet99.0
Ec Pan DsrEc Pan Dsr 30 Mg/40 Mg Capsule95.0
Elesec DsrElesec Dsr 30 Mg/40 Mg Capsule76.0
Floritex DFloritex D Tablet34.0
Forpan DsrForpan Dsr 40 Mg/30 Mg Capsule98.0
Fupan DFupan D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet78.0
Gastropan DsrGastropan Dsr 30 Mg/40 Mg Capsule75.0
Gepan DGepan D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet62.0
GerdomGerdom 30 Mg/40 Mg Tablet79.0
GitekGitek 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet61.0
Glanpan DsrGlanpan Dsr Capsule78.0
Gopan DGopan D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet70.0
Gutfree DGutfree D 10 Mg/40 Mg Capsule95.0
Hyzole DpHyzole Dp 10 Mg/20 Mg Capsule39.0
Ibyzole DIbyzole D 40 Mg/30 Mg Tablet95.0
InoxInox 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet51.0
Jopan DsrJopan Dsr 10 Mg/40 Mg Capsule63.0
Kazole DKazole D 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet43.0
Kazopan DKazopan D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet52.0
Kubik D2Kubik D2 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet39.0
Kubik DsrKubik Dsr 30 Mg/40 Mg Tablet62.0
Latop DLatop D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet70.0
Macpanta DsrMacpanta Dsr Capsule165.0
Mbcid DMbcid D 40 Mg/30 Mg Capsule Sr87.0
Mepzol PdMepzol Pd 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet48.0
Nodys DNodys D 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet40.0
Nupenta DNupenta D 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet42.0
PadupPadup 30 Mg/40 Mg Capsule65.0
Palio DPalio D 30 Mg/40 Mg Capsule Sr88.0
Panaron DPanaron D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet45.0
Panbloc DPanbloc D Tablet117.0
Pancert DPancert D 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet61.0
Pancron DsrPancron Dsr Capsule57.0
Pancron DPancron D Tablet55.0
Pan DPan D Capsule Sr104.0
PandomPandom 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet49.0
Pandot DPandot D 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet48.0
SufrateSufrate Cream50.0
Junior LanzolJunior Lanzol 15 Mg Tablet92.0
LanLan 15 Mg Capsule41.0
LancidLancid 30 Mg Capsule67.0
LanfilLanfil Tablet78.0
LanproLanpro 15 Mg Capsule72.0
LansLans 30 Mg Capsule70.0
LanspepLanspep 30 Mg Capsule46.0
LansproLanspro 15 Mg Capsule32.0
LanzolLanzol 30 Mg Capsule77.0
ZesZes 30 Mg Capsule48.0
Anz (Taurus)Anz 30 Mg Capsule41.0
AprazolAprazol 0.25 Mg Tablet11.0
ChexidChexid 30 Mg Capsule45.0
DdrDdr 30 Mg Tablet135.0
LamezolLamezol 30 Mg Capsule156.0
Lancer (Divine Lifecare)Lancer 30 Mg Capsule12.0
LancibayLancibay 15 Mg Capsule27.0
LanipLanip 30 Mg Capsule44.0
LansetLanset 30 Mg Capsule44.0
LansofastLansofast 30 Mg Capsule50.0
LanviLanvi 30 Mg Capsule49.0
LanzopenLanzopen 15 Mg Capsule25.0
L CidL Cid 30 Mg Capsule45.0
LenzipLenzip Capsule49.0
LepezLepez 30 Mg Capsule70.0
LesozapLesozap 30 Mg Tablet52.0
LevantLevant 15 Mg Capsule25.0
LocidLocid 30 Mg Capsule80.0
LonidoLonido 30 Mg Capsule49.0
LpLp Capsule47.0
Luxet PlusLuxet Plus 0.25 Mg Tablet31.0
MansoManso 30 Mg Capsule45.0
MolanMolan 15 Mg Capsule25.0
NewzolNewzol 30 Mg Capsule45.0
PepPep 15 Mg Capsule11.0
Pepzol (Consern)Pepzol 30 Mg Capsule47.0
ProtogutProtogut 15 Mg Capsule22.0
Q LanseQ Lanse 30 Mg Capsule29.0
SplanzSplanz 15 Mg Capsule32.0
UlgoUlgo 30 Mg Capsule65.0
ZapacidZapacid 15 Mg Capsule28.0
ZopraZopra 20 Mg Tablet36.0
AcilanzAcilanz 30 Mg Capsule43.0
AnzolAnzol 30 Mg Capsule45.0
BiolanBiolan 30 Mg Capsule49.0
Endocid LEndocid L 30 Mg Capsule45.0
LanchekLanchek 30 Mg Capsule40.0
LancusLancus 30 Mg Capsule59.0
LansoLanso 30 Mg Capsule70.0
LansocapLansocap Capsule8.0
LansojoyLansojoy Tablet58.0
LasoleLasole 30 Mg Capsule57.0
LL 30 Mg Capsule50.0
LeeLee 30 Mg Capsule42.0
LezoLezo 30 Mg Capsule42.0
LizaLiza 30 Mg Capsule22.0
LotusLotus Capsule47.0
LpzLpz Capsule45.0
LupizoleLupizole 30 Mg Capsule45.0
OmlecOmlec Capsule45.0
PropilanPropilan 30 Mg Capsule44.0
Pylorex (Aurobindo)Pylorex 30 Mg Capsule33.0
MicMic 2.5 Mg Tablet17.0
MopidMopid 5 Mg Tablet23.71
Mosiba(Bep) KidMosiba Kid Tablet24.0
MozaMoza 2.5 Mg Tablet30.0
MozaxMozax 2.5 Mg Tablet22.33
M PrideM Pride 5 Mg Tablet18.94
MusicMusic 5 Mg Tablet29.96
MyprideMypride 2 Mg Tablet14.98
PeripridePeripride 5 Mg Tablet20.41
Regmotil MRegmotil M 5 Mg Tablet23.0
EmosaEmosa 5 Mg Tablet26.85
MoprideMopride 5 Mg Tablet28.75
MosacMosac 5 Mg Tablet33.73
MosaconMosacon 2.5 Mg Tablet16.5
MosafeMosafe 2.5 Mg Tablet17.0
MosagenMosagen 5 Mg Tablet25.2
MosartMosart 2.5 Mg Tablet13.5
MosibaMosiba 2.5 Mg Tablet38.5
MovarideMovaride 2.5 Mg Tablet16.1
MozasefMozasef 2.5 Mg Tablet17.5
MozatoneMozatone 2.5 Mg Tablet15.51
MuzicMuzic 2.5 Mg Tablet15.0
RemoRemo 5 Mg Tablet25.0
RemotRemot 2.5 Mg Tablet16.33
KinetixKinetix 5 Mg Tablet27.0
MosadacMosadac 5 Mg Tablet33.75
MosapidMosapid 5 Mg Tablet270.0
ColinolColinol 10 Mg/40 Mg Injection8.65
GanatonGanaton 50 Mg Tablet95.0
GituneGitune 50 Mg Tablet57.75
ItofluxItoflux 50 Mg Tablet38.1
ItokineItokine 50 Mg Tablet48.58
ItomisItomis Tablet50.0
ItonormItonorm 50 Mg Tablet47.0
Itotor OdItotor Od 10 Mg Tablet93.67
ItzaItza 50 Mg Tablet71.5
MotizaMotiza 50 Mg Tablet66.23
RetuneRetune 50 Mg Tablet48.8
AmptyAmpty 50 Mg Tablet48.15
DiscomDiscom 50 Mg Tablet41.06
ItoguardItoguard 50 Mg Tablet45.62
ItozItoz 50 Mg Tablet42.7
Re TrideRe Tride 50 Mg Tablet38.0
TonateTonate 50 Mg Tablet52.25
ZetoZeto 50 Mg Tablet41.08
AdizaAdiza 10 Mg Tablet105.0
AlwelAlwel 10 Mg Tablet87.5
ChekcidChekcid 10 Mg Tablet76.0
IladacIladac 10 Mg Tablet106.0
IladayIladay 10 Mg Tablet83.39
IlakingIlaking 10 Mg Tablet79.0
IlaproIlapro 10 Mg Tablet95.0
IlatopIlatop 10 Mg Tablet95.0
LupilaLupila 10 Mg Tablet105.0
BlokcidBlokcid 10 Mg Tablet87.5
IladifIladif 10 Mg Tablet86.9
IlaoneIlaone 10 Mg Tablet80.0
PeptorilaPeptorila 10 Mg Tablet66.4
IlacareIlacare Tablet85.0
DiosisDiosis 1000 Mg Tablet70.0
NodosisNodosis 1000 Mg/15 Ml Suspension136.0
Agrawal Soda Bicarb GlycerinSoda Bicarb Glycerin Ear Drop37.5
SodanetSodanet 500 Mg Tablet32.0
DimolDimol Tablet7.05
NodisNodis Suspension52.15
MagasipMagasip Syrup61.9
MagfluxMagflux Syrup59.61
AccurateAccurate 10 Mg/150 Mg Injection4.9
Accurate DsrAccurate Dsr 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet38.05
Bintac DBintac D 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet5.6
CyclotabCyclotab Tablet28.75
DoranDoran 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet40.0
PeriranPeriran 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet24.06
RandexRandex 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet2.11
RandonRandon 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet33.17
Ranicom DRanicom D 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet6.13
Ranicool DmRanicool Dm 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet6.4
Rantac D TabletRantac D 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet19.48
R PlusR Plus Tablet5.78
UlcidomUlcidom 10 Mg/150 Mg Capsule47.87
CbrandCbrand Tablet9.62
Gertac DmGertac Dm Tablet6.12
Ranila DRanila D Tablet5.48
Ranipep DRanipep D 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet6.92
RaniprideRanipride 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet29.5
Ranitas DmRanitas Dm 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet5.69
Ranit DRanit D 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet39.0
Rd VRd V 150 Mg/10 Mg Tablet63.0
Reloc DmReloc Dm 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet4.75
Zynol DmZynol Dm 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet5.26
Ibukind PlusIbukind Plus 100 Mg/162.5 Mg Suspension17.35
Acidom OAcidom O 4 Mg/150 Mg Tablet16.33
Anset RAnset R Injection19.45
Ranidom On + RantdnRanidom On + Rantdn Injection19.59
Reden OReden O 2 Mg/150 Mg Tablet42.5
R T DomR T Dom 10 Mg/150 Mg/20 Mg Tablet9.76
AcifluxAciflux 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule124.16
Cyra ItCyra It 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet Sr117.4
Diorob PlusDiorob Plus 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet119.05
DuoprideDuopride 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet124.08
Aciloc DAciloc D 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet44.12
AcispasAcispas 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet16.5
RadicRadic 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet18.0
CycloranCycloran 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet20.0
RanidicRanidic Tablet5.29
Ranitas DcRanitas Dc 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet5.77
Rd SRd S 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet6.08
Reden PlusReden Plus 10 Mg/150 Mg Injection9.95
ZidiumZidium Injection53.1
IrsIrs 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule113.8
ItomaxItomax 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr121.0
Itomis PlusItomis Plus 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule132.0
ItoprazItopraz 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr144.0
Mac ItMac It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule109.5
Pepraz IPepraz I 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule114.0
Peptard ItPeptard It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule105.77
Pepzera ItPepzera It 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet123.75
Rabefit ItRabefit It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule119.0
RabeprideRabepride 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet49.52
Rabepride SrRabepride Sr 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet75.23
Rabez ItRabez It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule89.0
Rabol PlusRabol Plus 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet103.45
Rabot ItRabot It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule112.0
Rabsig ItRabsig It 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet133.33
Sonirab ItSonirab It Capsule129.9
Tomdik IrTomdik Ir 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet99.9
Vilflux ItVilflux It 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet105.5
Acera ItAcera It 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet103.0
Bravia ItBravia It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule145.0
Fampep ItFampep It Capsule62.5
Happi ItHappi It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule147.5
Helirab ItHelirab It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule100.0
Ito PlusIto Plus 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet90.0
ItorabItorab 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr141.0
ItorebeItorebe 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr125.53
Itza RbItza Rb 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr122.05
Motiza RdMotiza Rd Capsule142.65
Nabton ItNabton It Capsule133.56
Nurab ItNurab It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule78.95
Rabekay PlusRabekay Plus Capsule42.5
Rabemac ItrRabemac Itr 20 Mg/150 Mg Tablet96.68
Rabeto PlusRabeto Plus 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule125.0
Rabikem ItRabikem It Tablet115.62
Rabiloz ItRabiloz It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule92.86
Rabiros ItRabiros It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule109.0
Rablet ItRablet It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr175.5
Rebostride SrRebostride Sr Capsule75.75
Rito SrRito Sr 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule115.0
Ulcerab ItUlcerab It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule135.0
Veloz ItVeloz It 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule168.0
ZoriteZorite 20 Mg/150 Mg Capsule105.77
SpasSpas 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops38.18
Alipride MpsAlipride Mps 125 Mg/10 Mg Tablet0.0
Cisapid MpsCisapid Mps 125 Mg/10 Mg Tablet0.0
Moticare MpsMoticare Mps 125 Mg/10 Mg Tablet0.0
Cisade MpsCisade Mps 10 Mg/125 Mg Tablet36.96
Esorid MpsEsorid Mps 125 Mg/10 Mg Tablet40.18
Gastro MpsGastro Mps 125 Mg/10 Mg Tablet3.85
AlmagAlmag 400 Mg/50 Mg Oral Gel64.97
CidCid 400 Mg/20 Mg Syrup56.0
CongelCongel 480 Mg/25 Mg Syrup40.53
DewgelDewgel Syrup47.57
Engel ( Endocard)Engel Suspension65.0
GastroxGastrox 400 Mg/20 Mg Oral Gel59.83
GelikemGelikem 480 Mg/25 Mg Suspension50.05
MagaconeMagacone 450 Mg/20 Mg Syrup39.22
MaglidMaglid 400 Mg/20 Mg Suspension70.0
MagnateMagnate Kid Sachet80.0
Magsim MpsMagsim Mps 480 Mg/50 Mg Syrup58.13
Mega SMega S Syrup 400 Mg/60 Mg/5 Ml46.97
MegaswissMegaswiss 800 Mg/50 Mg Tablet11.58
MerigelMerigel 10 Mg/50 Mg Suspension53.0
MoskaMoska 400 Mg/20 Mg Tablet8.27
RacidRacid 480 Mg/20 Mg Syrup49.85
StomagelStomagel 500 Mg/40 Mg Suspension53.25
Stomagel PlusStomagel Plus 500 Mg/40 Mg Suspension128.92
TiterTiter 500 Mg/25 Mg Suspension41.5
Ulgel SaunfUlgel Saunf 400 Mg/20 Mg Tablet13.1
UlticidUlticid 800 Mg/125 Mg Oral Gel73.7
Ultracid MUltracid M 400 Mg/20 Mg Suspension59.0
Acicool Mps MintAcicool Mps Mint 500 Mg/25 Mg Syrup19.68
Acixx Pineapple SyrupAcixx Pineapple Syrup38.27
Acixx Sanuf SyrupAcixx Sanuf Syrup38.27
AcixxAcixx 400 Mg/20 Mg Syrup51.0
AdmagelAdmagel Suspension59.0
Alupectin SAlupectin S Syrup91.13
Anglogel MpsAnglogel Mps Syrup27.31
BigmuteBigmute Suspension59.0
EcsogelEcsogel 480 Mg/20 Mg Suspension49.31
ElcidElcid Suspension57.37
Glygene MGlygene M 400 Mg/60 Mg Suspension49.57
KooloxKoolox 400 Mg/60 Mg Liquid33.87
LozicidLozicid Suspension55.0
MagsimMagsim 480 Mg/50 Mg Syrup47.28
MegaMega 400 Mg/40 Mg Tablet6.21
MegsMegs Suspension45.42
NcaNca 800 Mg/50 Mg Tablet15.32
NilacidNilacid Suspension96.0
PolycainPolycain 800 Mg/125 Mg Oral Gel95.0
PracidPracid Suspension40.76
SiberSiber Oral Gel53.32
Siber ForteSiber Forte Oral Gel70.0
SimgelSimgel 480 Mg/20 Mg Suspension46.13
Ulgel TabletUlgel 400 Mg/20 Mg Tablet11.0
UlgeneUlgene 400 Mg/20 Mg Oral Gel18.75
VegacidVegacid Suspension62.5
VikcidVikcid Syrup45.12
WisfastWisfast 400 Mg/20 Mg Suspension35.85
Xylanta DsXylanta Ds 800 Mg/40 Mg Tablet27.62
XylantaXylanta 400 Mg/20 Mg Suspension53.0
SpasmelanSpasmelan 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops16.0
BarozymeBarozyme Liquid44.93
DebulDebul 170 Mg/80 Mg Tablet70.0
Diapepsin PDiapepsin P 170 Mg/80 Mg Tablet69.42
EncarminEncarmin Drop55.0
Hiact P PHiact P P Tablet75.51
Hiact PHiact P Tablet101.99
PankreoflatPankreoflat 170 Mg/80 Mg Tablet93.0
B ZymeB Zyme Syrup58.0
DiozymeDiozyme Syrup59.12
EndyzeEndyze 170 Mg/80 Mg Tablet66.0
GesdypGesdyp 200 Mg/60 Mg Tablet59.0
KreaseKrease Tablet57.5
CentwinCentwin 10 Mg/40 Mg Suspension13.2
CloparClopar 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet19.02
ColicareColicare 10 Mg/10 Mg Drops25.0
ColinormColinorm 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops20.73
Colispas PeadColispas Pead 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops23.0
ColistatColistat Drops25.0
ColisurColisur Drop24.13
Coliwin NfColiwin Nf 10 Mg/40 Mg Drop35.0
ColwinColwin 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops28.57
Diospas DDiospas D 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops22.5
GastrazineGastrazine 10 Mg/40 Mg Capsule49.0
RemiganRemigan 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops23.31
Spas KidSpas Kid 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops27.0
SpasmigonSpasmigon 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops12.75
Spasmoban Dps.Spasmoban Dps. 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops27.4
SpaswenSpaswen Drops16.91
TopspasTopspas 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops12.5
VerinVerin 10 Mg/40 Mg Drop39.0
ColiconColicon 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops25.0
Dicon 2Dicon 2 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops28.75
NocolicNocolic 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops27.03
SpasfizSpasfiz 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops25.0
SpasmindonSpasmindon Drop25.7
SpasmokaySpasmokay Drops10.0
SpasmokemSpasmokem 10 Mg/40 Mg Drops12.5
SpasmoverSpasmover Drop10.13
SpasrineSpasrine 80 Mg/250 Mg Tablet70.0
SpastoneSpastone Drops12.37
Spaztus SyrupSpaztus Syrup27.9
Blokcid DBlokcid D 30 Mg/10 Mg Tablet99.0
Iladay DsrIladay Dsr 30 Mg/10 Mg Capsule Sr99.88
IladomIladom 30 Mg/10 Mg Capsule108.0
Ilapro DIlapro D 30 Mg/10 Mg Tablet99.0
Iladac DsrIladac Dsr Capsule99.0
Lupila DLupila D Capsule108.0
Blokcid LBlokcid L 10 Mg/75 Mg Tablet143.0
Iladac LIladac L 75 Mg/10 Mg Tablet180.0
CintodacCintodac 3 Mg/40 Mg Capsule232.8
Pantoza CtPantoza Ct 3 Mg/40 Mg Tablet191.0
Safepraz PlusSafepraz Plus Capsule200.0
Nupenta CpNupenta Cp 3 Mg/40 Mg Capsule190.0
ConrinConrin 10 Mg/10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet0.0
Pepdac DPepdac D 10 Mg/10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet6.46
Rt Dom ForteRt Dom Forte 10 Mg/10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet27.5
Dicka FDicka F 50 Mg/20 Mg Tablet33.4
DiclosefDiclosef 50 Mg/20 Mg Tablet15.75
Dk FamDk Fam 50 Mg/20 Mg Tablet52.88
Yekin SYekin S 50 Mg/20 Mg Tablet50.0
DisprinDisprin Tablet4.7
Dom M.P.S.Dom M.P.S. 10 Mg/125 Mg Tablet26.0
Domstal MpsDomstal Mps 10 Mg/125 Mg Tablet38.45
Domper MpsDomper Mps 10 Mg/62.5 Mg Tablet33.33
EirefEiref 40 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr189.0
Pantocid ItPantocid It Capsule199.0
Pantop ItPantop It 40 Mg/150 Mg Capsule153.25
Ganaton TotalGanaton Total 40 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr263.5
Gastropan ItGastropan It Capsule120.26
ItopanItopan 40 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr119.52
P 2 CapsuleP 2 Capsule125.0
Pan ItPan It 40 Mg/150 Mg Capsule166.5
Panplus ItPanplus It 40 Mg/150 Mg Capsule120.18
Pantagon ItPantagon It 40 Mg/150 Mg Capsule Sr52.75
Pantocaf ItPantocaf It 40 Mg/150 Mg Capsule155.0
Pantodac ItPantodac It 40 Mg/150 Mg Capsule234.6
Syntac ItSyntac It Tablet115.62
Geflux DGeflux D Syrup55.0
FamdonFamdon 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet35.0
Lanip DLanip D 10 Mg/30 Mg Capsule47.98
Lanspro DLanspro D 30 Mg/30 Mg Capsule118.5
Lanzee DmLanzee Dm 10 Mg/30 Mg Capsule88.6
LeedomLeedom 10 Mg/15 Mg Capsule66.73
Locid DLocid D 10 Mg/30 Mg Capsule106.05
LancidomLancidom 10 Mg/15 Mg Capsule48.0
Lans DxrLans Dxr 30 Mg/30 Mg Capsule59.0
L DomL Dom Capsule50.0
Lotus DLotus D Capsule64.9
Magnate PMagnate P 5 Mg/300 Mg/25 Mg Syrup65.0
M Pride MpsM Pride Mps 5 Mg/125 Mg Tablet24.95
Somapride MpsSomapride Mps 5 Mg/125 Mg Tablet27.7
NorperNorper 10 Mg/480 Mg Tablet6.15
MetadrateMetadrate 10 Mg/480 Mg Syrup39.68
PlegiocardPlegiocard 162.65 Mg/59.65 Mg/13.64 Mg Injection151.0
Rantac MpsRantac Mps 400 Mg/20 Mg Syrup76.04
Rate 3Rate 3 Syrup54.07
Fast MpsFast Mps Syrup73.9
Regmotil MpsRegmotil Mps 5 Mg/125 Mg Tablet49.1
TalsilTalsil 500 Mg/50 Mg Tablet10.89
Talsil ForteTalsil Forte 500 Mg/50 Mg Suspension72.0
Dab TabDab Tab Tablet5.28
UlpaneUlpane 2.5 Mg/5 Mg/400 Mg Tablet73.37
Veloz MVeloz M 20 Mg/15 Mg Capsule109.0
Happi MHappi M 20 Mg/15 Mg Capsule95.0
RabefluxRabeflux 20 Mg/10 Mg Tablet54.0
Gelusil MpsGelusil Mps Sachet8.0
GemcalGemcal Kit160.5
Magnate DMagnate D Drop33.63

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