Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder. This problem is more common in women of fertile age. Menstruation time can be more or less due to PCOS. In this situation, the timing of periods can also be irregular. In such a situation, some measures can be adopted to bring periods in PCOS. These measures include changes in diet such as consumption of papaya, parsley, ginger, and pomegranate as well as yoga.

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Today in this article we will talk only about the measures to bring periods in PCOS -

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Changes in diet and lifestyle are needed to regulate periods in PCOS. Come, let us know about these methods in detail -


Parsley leaves can help stimulate menstruation in PCOS. Parsley contains a good amount of vitamin C and apiol organic compounds. Both of these can help stimulate uterine contractions. In such a situation, to bring menstruation at a regular time put one spoon of parsley leaves in water and heat it for some time and drink it lukewarm.

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If periods are not coming on time in PCOS, then ginger can also prove to be helpful. Ginger is also known as a natural menstrual stimulant. Due to its medicinal properties, it has been known for centuries to stimulate periods. In this case, in case of PCOS, you can drink ginger boiled in a cup of water every morning.

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Raw papaya

Eating raw papaya can be beneficial for bringing periods of PCOS. Research done in this regard shows that carotene (a type of protein) is found in raw papaya, which can control the (reproductive) hormone called estrogen. This can help women suffering from PCOS to get periods naturally. Its vegetable can be eaten or its juice can be drunk.

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Consuming pomegranate can help in regularizing periods in PCOS. According to the study published in this regard, there is a lot of vitamin C in pomegranate. Vitamin C can work to keep estrogen levels balanced. This can improve menstrual irregularities.

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If a sufficient amount of Vitamin D remains in the body, then the symptoms of PCOS like delay in periods can be avoided. Fish and egg yolk is considered to be good source of Vitamin D. Apart from this, vitamin D supplements can also be consumed on the advice of a doctor.

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Yoga and exercise

Taking out some time daily in the morning or evening to do yoga and exercise can also help in bringing periods in case of PCOS. Doing yoga and exercise improves the blood circulation of the body. Hormone levels get balanced when blood circulation is better. This can reduce the symptoms of PCOS and can also help in bringing periods at the right time.

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Healthy weight

If a woman is overweight or underweight, controlling her weight and maintaining a healthy weight can also help relieve the symptoms of PCOS and bring on periods. Actually, due to excess weight, women have to face problems like irregular menstruation, excessive bleeding, and pain. For this reason, maintaining a healthy weight is also considered essential for bringing periods in PCOS.

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Medicines also help in bringing periods in PCOS. For this, contact the doctor and tell them about your condition, they can give medicines to balance the level of testosterone or ask to take some supplements so that the menstrual cycle can function properly again.

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Keeping in mind the condition of PCOS, adopting the right measures can lead to periods. At this time, diet can be changed to bring periods. Also, some fruits can be included in the diet. Just note that it is also necessary to contact the doctor if there is a problem with PCOS, which helps in understanding the problem in time and getting the right treatment for it. Along with medical treatment, home remedies can also be adopted.

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