Polycystic ovary syndrome i.e. PCOS is a serious disease related to the ovaries of women. Because of this, the hormones in the body of women become unbalanced. Usually, women have this problem during their reproductive age. Due to PCOS, the fertility of women is badly affected. In such a situation, proper treatment is necessary over time. As a treatment, doctors can give essential medicines like clomiphene and metformin.

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Today in this article we will talk about this topic and learn about the medicines that can be given in PCOS -

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Having PCOS makes it difficult for a woman to conceive. In this situation, the androgen hormone starts releasing in excess in the body of women. This causes irregularities in ovulation. In the condition of PCOS, many cysts are formed in the ovaries, which obstruct the process of ovulation. Absence of periods, unwanted hair growth, inability to conceive, acnediabetes, and high blood pressure are considered common symptoms of PCOS.

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There is no complete cure for polycystic ovary syndrome, but its symptoms can be reduced to a great extent through some medicines. For example, if a woman wants to become pregnant but is having difficulty conceiving due to PCOS, then in this situation some medicines can be effective, which makes pregnancy possible. Risks like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease can also be reduced by medicines. Come, let us know about some such medicines -


Researchers say that clomiphene is an effective drug for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome. Clomifene is used to induce ovulation in women who are unable to produce eggs. It is advised to take this anti-estrogen medicine before periods.

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This medicine can decrease the level of androgen hormones on the skin. Spironolactone medicine can be effective when unwanted hair growth starts in women with the condition of PCOS. The drug spironolactone can also cause a variety of birth defects, so effective birth control is needed while taking this drug. Spironolactone medicine is not given to a woman if she is pregnant or planning to do so.

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Obesity is a common symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome. In this case, the Orlistat drug can prove to be effective for obesity. Orlistat is a drug that prevents the body from digesting some of the fat in food. Therefore, it can also improve cholesterol levels. Also can help in weight loss.

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Gonadotropin is a hormone medicine. It is given through injection. It controls the function of the ovarian and testicular. Gonadotropins are essential for sexual development and reproduction.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal condition, which is seen in women of reproductive age. During this, the level of androgen in the body of women starts increasing and cysts or lumps start forming in the ovaries. When these knots are big, they get tied up in the process of ovulation. In this case, it can be treated by reducing the symptoms of PCOS. In this situation, along with changes in lifestyle, and diet, doctors also recommend taking some medicines. PCOS is a serious condition, so don't take any medicine without a doctor's advice.

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