IBS i.e. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common disorder. It affects the stomach and intestines. It is also known as the gastrointestinal tract. In IBS, a person may face symptoms like abdominal cramps, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea. Apart from this, in some cases, problems like tremors, muscle pain, insomnia, and dizziness can also be troubling.

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IBS can be caused by many reasons, one of which can be stress. Some studies have proved that stress can lead to IBS. On the other hand, according to some studies, IBS symptoms can be triggered due to stress. Not only this, some research also proves that after IBS a person may have stress or anxiety.

Today in this article you will know in detail about the relationship between stress and IBS -

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  2. How does stress affect IBS?
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It is not yet clear how stress, anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrome are related to each other. Also, it is difficult to tell whether stress or IBS occurs first, but some studies prove that stress and IBS can occur together. At the same time, some research suggests that about 60 percent of IBS patients have to face mental illnesses. Most people get stressed about this. Stress can occur before or after IBS in both situations. If a person is under stress, remains under stress for a long time, or faces stressful events, then symptoms of IBS can be seen in him.

Let us tell you that it has also been proved in some studies that conditions like stressanxiety, and depression can trigger chemicals in the brain. This can cause abdominal pain, cramps, and bloating. When stress persists for a long time, IBS can also occur.

Apart from this, IBS can also be triggered by the immune system. In such a situation, when a person is under stress, then his immunity starts to weaken. It can also affect the intestines.

Some researchers believe that stress can trigger IBS symptoms. IBS can become severe due to stress. Intestinal bacteria can become unbalanced due to stress. This condition is called dysbiosis. According to the World Journal of Gastroenterology, dysbiosis caused by stress can lead to irritable bowel syndrome.

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If one remains under stress, then IBS can be triggered. Stress can affect IBS in the following ways -

  • May reduce blood flow to the intestines.
  • Can activate a person's immune system.
  • Swelling can be caused by stress.

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Reducing stress can help to reduce the symptoms of IBS. Learn, ways to reduce stress -

Get enough sleep

To reduce stress, it is necessary to get enough sleep. For this, at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep must be taken at night. Getting enough sleep can provide enough energy. For this, do not use electronic devices before sleeping.

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Do exercise

Regular exercise can also help in reducing stress. For this, you can do walkingjoggingswimming, etc. Along with this, doing yoga and meditation can also provide relief from stress. Pranayama and meditation can help in reducing stress. Exercising daily can also cure problems of irritable bowel syndrome or digestive disorders.

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Get therapy

Taking therapy can also help a person reduce stress. For this, cognitive behavioral therapy can be taken. In this, psychiatrists try to reduce stress by talking to the person.

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Stress can be a factor in IBS, but stress is not the only factor in IBS. Therefore, if one wants to reduce the symptoms of IBS, it is necessary to reduce stress. Exercise, take therapy, and get enough sleep to reduce stress. If someone has an IBS problem, then taking stress can trigger its symptoms. In such a situation, reduce stress and do talk to the doctor.

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