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Noni fruit is known by 100 different names like Morinda citrifolia, Indian mulberry, canary wood, great morinda, beach mulberry and cheese fruit. Many natural medicinal properties are present in this fruit. This is the reason that it is being cultivated for 2000 years. This plant is commonly found in South Asia, the South Pacific, East Asia, Australia and the Caribbean. The fruit, leaves, bark and root of noni all contain active compounds. Noni fruit is generally consumed in the form of fresh juice. In this article, we will learn about the benefits of noni fruit.

  1. Nutrients found in noni fruit
  2. Benefits of noni fruit
  3. Other health benefits of noni fruit
  4. Side effects of noni fruit
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Beta-carotene, vitamins E, K1, C, ascorbic acid, calcium, iron, protein, xeronine (an alkaloid that repairs damaged cells), scopoletin (a coumarin that controls blood pressure), anthraquinones, phenolic carbohydrates, potassium and sodium are found in noni fruit.

Nutrients found in 100 grams of noni fruit:

While there are said to be many benefits of noni fruit more research is still required into many of them. Nevertheless, it is believed that noni fruit can be beneficial for people with many chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Below are some of the health benefits of having noni fruit:

Lowers cholesterol

Cholesterol is an important fatty molecule present in every cell of your body. But excess cholesterol can increase the risk of heart diseases. According to research, noni can reduce cholesterol levels by reducing excess fat. It can also correct the level of good and bad cholesterol in the body. Not only this, but it can also reduce liver fat and is helpful in fatty liver disease.

Improves blood sugar level

People with type 2 diabetes are prone to high blood sugar and they need to be careful while consuming carbs. Noni fruit contains a compound called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) that inhibits an enzyme in the intestines, which helps reduce carbs. Not only this, the sugar level in diabetic patients can be controlled by consuming noni fruit after a meal.

Lowers the risk of cancer

Oxidative stress creates an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body. Increased stress in the body causes oxidative damage to cells and tissues, which increases the risk of cancer. Noni fruit has been used as a cancer medicine in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 100 years. Some research has also indicated that the antioxidants present in noni juice reduce oxidative stress, which reduces the risk of cancer.

Reduces inflammation

Noni fruit is rich in many bioactive compounds including fatty acids, anthraquinones, flavonoids, polysaccharides, carotenoids and sterols. Due to these compounds, noni fruit juice helps in inhibiting the inflammatory process in age-related diseases.

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Some other benefits of noni fruit are as follows:

  • It reduces the oxidative stress caused by cigarette smoke.
  • Liver diseases, especially inflammation in the liver, can be reduced by consuming noni fruit juice.
  • It promotes hepatoprotection chemicals to prevent liver damage due to alcohol consumption.
  • The antioxidant defence system can be improved by consuming noni fruit juice.
  • Joint pain can be relieved with noni juice. 
  • Along with boosting immunity, it is also beneficial in reducing weight and relieving fatigue.

The disadvantages of noni fruit are as follows:

  • Although it is rare to be allergic to noni, some people can be allergic to the pollen from the noni plant, especially some sensitive people who are allergic to birch pollen. Such people need to be careful while consuming noni.
  • People with kidney and liver disease must consult a doctor before having Noni. There have been reports of noni being associated with liver damage but there is no strong evidence for this yet.

Noni fruit can be consumed fresh, dry, as a powder and in juice form. It is rich in iron, vitamin C and many nutrients, which can reduce the risk of high cholesterol, high blood sugar and cancer. It has many health benefits, but it is very important to consult a doctor before including it in your diet.

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