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Condoms are widely used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and as a form of contraception. With the help of a condom, you can enjoy sex without any worries. The best thing is that condoms are available in the market at cheap prices and condoms are provided free of cost by the government.

Condom has many benefits and it is also very easy to use. This is the reason why most couples buy and keep many condoms in their home. But perhaps you are not aware of the fact that condoms can also expire.

Due to the use of bad or expired condoms, you may have to face many problems. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you whether expired condoms are effective or not and how safe it is to use expired condoms. We will also learn how to detect expired condoms.

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  1. How effective are expired condoms?
  2. How to know if a condom has expired?
  3. Is it safe to use expired condoms?
  4. What to do if an expired condom breaks during sex?
  5. Takeaway
Doctors for Side effects of using expired condom

Can using expired condoms be beneficial? We are talking about this in detail here -

  • The effectiveness of expired or old condoms is reduced to a great extent. Expired condoms are usually dry and weak, hence there is a fear of them breaking during sexual intercourse. Using expired condoms increases the risk of you and your partner contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Besides, there is a risk of pregnancy due to the use of such condoms.
  • If a condom (which is not expired) is used properly, it is up to 98 percent effective.
  • If a lot of time has passed since the condom expired, its effectiveness will be negligible.
  • Generally, the lifespan of a condom is 3 to 5 years. However, the lifespan of a condom also depends on its brand (manufacturing company). Also, the way the condom is kept matters for its expiry.

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Most condom packets have their expiry date written on them. If you use a condom even after the expiry date, then keep in mind that it may break during intercourse and your partner may become pregnant. In such a situation, many sexually transmitted diseases can also occur.

Many times condoms get spoiled even before the expiry date. If you have not kept it in the right place, you may feel dryness or it may appear sticky during use. It is useless to use such condoms. It is best to keep condoms in a cool and dry place. Do not keep it in your pant pocket or purse.

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If an expired condom is kept in the right place then it can be safe to use. Along with this, if you use a condom with torn holes, then let us tell you that the use of such condoms is not safe.

If you do not have a condom, then in such a situation you can use an old and expired condom, but keep in mind that if you are facing problems in using an expired condom, then remove it immediately. Keep in mind that an expired condom can break at any time during use. If you are using an expired condom, then check carefully whether it has any holes in it.

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According to experts, if an expired condom breaks during use, it is better to get tested for sexually transmitted infections within 3 to 6 weeks. Get the test done again after 3 months. Apart from this, in case an expired condom breaks during sex, the female partner must take contraceptive pills.

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It is clear from this article that it is not right to use expired condoms. Use only the right condom for safe sex. Therefore, while buying condoms, definitely check the expiry date.

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