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Sperms are reproductive (fertility) cells in men. Let us tell you that testicles produce sperm. When a man ejaculates during orgasm, semen comes out. There are about 300 million sperm cells in this semen. Semen comes out of the penis when you have sex or masturbate.

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To make a woman pregnant, it is necessary to have better quality sperm in men, but sometimes due to some medical condition or increasing age, the quality of sperm starts decreasing. Because of this men are not able to make their female partner pregnant. In such a situation, nowadays many men are choosing the option of having a biological child. For this men need to get their sperm stored in the bank. Then when a man wants to become a father, these sperms are used. This whole process is known as sperm banking.

Today in this article, you will know in detail about the process, benefits, and risks of sperm banking -

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  1. What is sperm banking?
  2. When to do Sperm Banking?
  3. Process of sperm banking
  4. Benefits of Sperm Banking
  5. Risks of Sperm Banking
  6. Cost of sperm banking
  7. Takeaway
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Sperm banking is a process. In this, sperm i.e. sperm cells are deposited, refrigerated, and then stored in the sperm bank. To tell you in simple language, sperm banking is that in which your sperm cell has to be stored, refrigerated, and stored. Many people these days save their sperm to have a biological baby in the future. Sperm banking is safe and helps preserve your fertility for years.

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If someone has a serious illness, then it is better to get your sperm frozen quickly before starting the treatment.

If someone has a serious disease like cancer, then he may have to take chemotherapy or radiation treatment. In such a situation, one week before taking chemotherapy or radiation treatment, your sperm should be preserved, that is, you can deposit it in the sperm bank one week before. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can harm the developing sperm.

In old age, the quality and mobility of sperm start decreasing. In such a situation, it often becomes very difficult for men to get their female partners pregnant. If you are not ready to become a father now and want to think at an older age, then for this you can get your sperm stored in the sperm bank from now.

According to health experts, storing sperm after puberty can be the best option. Especially, if there is a medical condition or if someone does not want to have a child soon.

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Sperm banking can also be a long process. For sperm banking first one needs to go to the fertility clinic. Here the doctor takes you to a private room. After this, the person is given a special type of container.

In addition to containers, some fertility clinics may provide collection condoms. This condom is completely different from OTC condoms because OTC condoms can harm sperm.

When the health provider will give the container, then it has to go to a room. Then semen has to be collected in the container through masturbation.

Many people do not like to masturbate in the clinic. In such a situation, they can use the sperm banking kit at home on the advice of the doctor. In this, a sperm sample has to be taken at home, and within a few hours, you have to give your sperm to the fertility clinic.

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Banking of sperm can have many benefits -

Increase fertility

Along with women, men can also face infertility. Medical conditions, stress, unhealthy diet, and environmental factors can cause male infertility. In such a situation, you can do sperm banking to keep your sperm healthy and safe. Keeping sperm safe helps a lot in maintaining male fertility. With this, you can take the option of having a biological child at an older age and under any circumstances.

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Good health

If a baby is born with a stored sperm substitute, it may have a lower risk of conditions present at birth. Let us tell you that children born from cryopreserved sperm are as healthy as children conceived through sexual intercourse.

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Long life

After an age, the quality of sperm starts decreasing. On the other hand, if sperm banking is done properly at an early age, then the quality of sperm samples does not deteriorate for many years. Deep freezing is necessary to maintain the quality of sperm.

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On one hand, there are many benefits of sperm banking. On the other hand, there can be some risks or complications of sperm banking. This includes ejaculation failure. Many times when a man thinks of doing sperm banking, it may be difficult or impossible for him to collect the right quality sperm sample. When a man has problems like erectile dysfunction ie ED, delayed ejaculation, and premature ejaculation, it can be difficult to collect a quality semen sample through masturbation.

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The cost of cryopreserving a sperm sample is quite high. This price can usually be around 81 thousand rupees. Also, it may take about 25 thousand rupees to store a sperm sample every year. Also, the cost of sperm banking may vary from country to country and city to city.

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Sperm banking is a complete process, in which men can collect, refrigerate and store their sperm. With the help of sperm banking, a man can become a biological father in the future, but this process is very expensive. At the same time, there is a separate expenditure every year to keep the sperm healthy. If you also want to do sperm banking, then you can consult a doctor first.

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