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People adopt many remedies to grow their hair. But did you know that Vitamin E can be used for that purpose as well? Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties that help reduce the damage caused by free radicals and protect the body's cells. Vitamin E is used in many beauty products. Some people believe that Vitamin E is very beneficial for hair health.

In this article, we will discuss how Vitamin E benefits hair growth. Also, you’ll learn how to use Vitamin E to grow your hair.

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  1. How is Vitamin E beneficial for hair growth
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Doctors for Benefits and uses of Vitamin E for hair growth

Researchers have claimed that vitamin E provides many benefits along with keeping hair healthy. However, in research studies so far, concrete evidence of this has not been found. Vitamin E’s benefit for hair is related to its antioxidant properties, which reduce cell damage and are useful in aiding hair growth. Apart from this, vitamin E helps in improving hair health in many ways, such as:

Makes the scalp healthy

Being a natural antioxidant, Vitamin E can help in keeping the hair and scalp healthy. Both of these things help in hair growth. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E are helpful in reducing the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals. These conditions can lead to hair breakage and stunted growth.

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Increases blood circulation in the scalp

It has been proven in research that vitamin E has the ability to increase blood circulation in the scalp, which can improve hair growth. In a 1999 research, researchers found that having a diet containing vitamin E increased blood circulation in the eyes of people with type 1 diabetes. In a 2001 research, it was found that due to increased blood circulation in the scalp, hair growth increases. This research was done on rats, in which it was seen that there was an increase in both the number and size of hair follicles in rats. However, research is yet to be done on whether vitamin E directly affects the blood supply to the scalp or how much hair growth is affected by this.

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Helps in preventing hair loss

It has been proven in some research that Vitamin E can help prevent hair loss. However, only limited evidence is available regarding this. More research is needed to know how vitamin E affects hair loss.

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Brings back the shine to hair

Chemicals, heat and other styling products damage the hair. Due to damage to the hair, it loses its natural shine. In such a situation, Vitamin E helps in bringing back the shine of the hair. With the use of oil containing vitamin E, hair growth can be improved along with bringing shine to the hair. However, there is limited research available on how effective vitamin E is in making hair shiny again.

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Oil production balance

Having irritated and dry skin can be a sign of vitamin E deficiency. In fact, vitamin E plays an important role in forming a protective barrier on the surface of the skin. As such, its deficiency affects the skin. Research is not yet clear whether vitamin E can balance the oil production of the scalp or not. However, oils containing vitamin E, such as avocado oil, help moisturize the scalp and also prevent excess oil production.

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Vitamin E is a natural nutrient found in some foods. People can also get it through supplements and other products. Vitamin E can be used in many ways to grow hair like:

  • Many shampoos and conditioners contain vitamin E. You can wash your hair with Vitamin E fortified shampoo and conditioner.
  • Hair growth can also be improved by consuming vitamin E-rich foods. For example, leafy greens, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, dry roasted almonds, peanut butter, boiled spinach, dry-roasted sunflower seeds, wheat germ oil and boiled broccoli can be consumed as they all contain Vitamin E.
  • Supplements containing vitamin E are also used for hair treatment and as a food ingredient. Supplements contain a synthetic form of vitamin E. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS), this vitamin E is equally beneficial. Always follow the directions while taking Vitamin E as it is fat-soluble. Also, be sure to consult a doctor before taking vitamin E supplements as consuming them in excess can be dangerous.
  • Some oils contain vitamin E extracts. This extract should be used by mixing it with other carrier oils. This can prevent irritation in the scalp.

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Vitamin E is an important nutrient for the health and growth of skin and hair. For these reasons, vitamin E is used in many hair growth products. Vitamin E deficiency can be met through special diets or supplements. Vitamin E is undoubtedly very beneficial in improving hair quality, but more research is yet to be done to determine what vitamin E actually does for hair. Also, it is necessary to consult a doctor before consuming or using vitamin E because it also has many side effects.

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