As age increases, changes start taking place in the body. The shape of women's breasts also changes with increasing age. This change may also occur due to decrease in estrogen hormone or decrease in skin elasticity. It is also normal for there to be changes in the firmness and size of the breasts after menopause. Apart from this, changes in breast size can also occur due to some health problems, such as fibroids or breast cancer. In such a situation, immediate treatment is required.In this article you will learn about the changes in breast size according to age -

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  1. Reasons For Breast Changes With Age
  2. Prevention Methods
  3. Summary
Doctors for Age and Breast Size: What Women Can Expect as They Grow Older

With increasing age, the tissues and structure of the breast start changing. This happens due to low levels of estrogen hormone. Due to this, breasts start losing their firmness and fullness. Let us know about these reasons in detail -

General Change

Some normal changes can be seen in the breast with age. Most women can feel this during growing age. This mainly includes the appearance of stretch marks or wrinkles on the breasts, downward inclination of the nipples, long, spread or flat breasts, more space between the breasts, etc.

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Abnormal Changes

Some changes occurring in the breast are not normal. If such symptoms appear, a doctor should be contacted immediately. These changes include redness in the breast, thickening of the breast skin, excessive stretch in the nipples, pain in the breast, discharge from the nipple, swelling in the breast, etc. Apart from this, one breast looks different from the other and a lump is felt in the breast, which can be due to breast cancer, cyst or fibroid.

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Change in Size

Decrease in estrogen level with increasing age causes changes in breast tissues. Breast tissues become dehydrated and are no longer as elastic as before. Due to this, the volume of the breast reduces and the breasts shrink to the size of the cup. Besides this, there is also looseness in them. When the breast tissue becomes weak, the skin stretches and gravity pulls them downwards. Due to these changes the space between the two breasts also increases.

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Change in Hardness

The size of the mammary glands reduces with time. In such a situation, the breasts may appear softer than before or more fatty than their regular shape. In this case the breasts feel more soft and loose. In such a situation, the tightness of the breast can be felt.

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Changes in Nipples

Along with the change in breast size, changes can also be seen in the nipples. It is normal for the nipples to become smaller during aging and the area around them, known as the 'areola', almost disappears.

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Lumps in Breast

Lumps can be felt in the breast during aging. Usually these lumps are harmless cysts, but if you feel these lumps, you should definitely contact a doctor. After checking, the doctor can confirm whether these are symptoms of breast cancer or not.

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Effect of Menopause

Most changes in the breast are seen during menopause. Menopause is a natural process. During this time, the woman's ovulation and menstrual cycle stops. This transition usually occurs between the ages of 45 to 55 years. If a woman does not have periods for a year, it is considered menopause.

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Due To Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy affects the levels of hormones produced in the body. Usually, hormone therapy is given for the treatment of breast cancer, so that the growth of cancer cells can be reduced. Hormone therapy can cause breasts to become firmer and more dense. This condition can also occur when women take menopause hormone therapy or hormonal birth control.

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Changes Due To Ovary Surgery

The ovaries of some women are removed surgically for various reasons. In such a situation, changes in the breasts can be noted at any time due to loss of hormones.

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Aging and the changes that occur in the breasts cannot be stopped, but its effects can be reduced by following some things -

  • Wearing the right size supportive bra.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Including all the nutrients in the diet and eating a balanced diet.
  • Maintaining balanced weight.
  • Always go out in the sun wearing sunscreen.
  • Do not consume smoking, tobacco and alcohol at all.

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Changes can be seen in breasts according to age. With increasing age, when the level of the reproductive hormone estrogen decreases, changes in the shape and texture of the breast can be seen. Low levels of estrogen can shrink the mammary glands. In such a situation, the connective tissues of the breast lose their elasticity. Due to these changes the breasts start appearing soft and flat. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the changes in your breasts, you should contact a doctor. Sometimes changes or lumps in the breast can be the cause of breast cancer.

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