Vaginal discharge is usually white or clear, but it fluctuates throughout the month. Unless you are experiencing other unusual symptoms, color changes are generally not a cause for concern. The color of the fluid discharged from the vagina is not always a symptom of disease and in most cases is normal.

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  1. What Is Vaginal Discharge?
  2. Color Of Vaginal Discharge And Your Health
  3. Why Does Vaginal Discharge Smell?
  4. When Should One Consult A Doctor?
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Vaginal discharge is the medical term for fluid that comes from the vagina, and it's a surprising thing. Vaginal discharge helps the body flush out dead vaginal skin cells and bacteria from the cervix and vagina to help protect your vagina and urinary tract from infection. It also keeps the vaginal tissues lubricated and clean.

Different hormones in the body affect the amount of vaginal discharge, which is why the amount of vaginal discharge can vary, such as before menstruation, during pregnancy, or while using hormonal birth control.

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Blood-red To Dry Brown Vaginal Discharge
Red or brown bloody discharge is common during menstruation. The color can range from cherry red to rusty brown at the beginning of your period. Some women have irregular periods and spotting and some other women experience spotting due to their birth control method or hormonal changes. If you notice a red color throughout the month, it could be a sign of infection.

Cream Or Milky White Vaginal Discharge
Various types of white discharge, ranging from eggshell to cream, can be common. Unless vaginal discharge has a particular texture or odor, there is nothing to worry about. White discharge can occur for many of the same reasons as clear discharge. It is simply natural lubrication, which keeps the vaginal tissues healthy and reduces friction during sexual activity.

Light Yellow To Green Vaginal Discharge
Very light yellow discharge is common. Sometimes the color is yellow like daffodils. At other times it may also be green. Green color is a sign of infection, but sometimes the color of the food we eat can also affect the color of vaginal discharge. Some people report that this color change occurs when they take new vitamins or eat certain foods.

Dark Pink Vaginal Discharge
Pink discharge, ranging from very light blush to dark pink, may indicate the beginning of menstruation. Some women experience light bleeding from time to time after penetration by fingers, sex toys, or the penis, which may result in pink discharge.

Clear Vaginal Discharge
Clear discharge, which may even be white, is usually fine. It may have a color similar to egg white. It is also a discharge made by a healthy body to balance itself - as the vagina has the ability to clean itself. During arousal, the blood vessels in the vagina dilate and fluid passes through them, causing an increase in clear, watery discharge. During pregnancy also, the amount of vaginal discharge may increase due to hormonal changes.

Storm Cloud Gray Vaginal Discharge
Consult a doctor or other health care professional when the white color changes to brown, like a storm cloud. This may be a sign of bacterial vaginosis (BV), which is a common overgrowth of bacteria. The doctor will advise taking antibiotics for this.

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Yes, healthy vaginal discharge has an odor. This smell comes from the combination of cells and organisms in it. Just as the amount of vaginal discharge depends on hormones, similarly the smell also depends on hormones. This is why its smell varies throughout the month. Sometimes there is no smell at all. As long as the smell is not too strong or unpleasant, this is normal. If the odor occurs daily, wash the area with warm water and change your underwear daily.

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If you're concerned about the color, amount, or other symptoms of your discharge, and notice specific signs like itching, pain, and burning during urination, see a doctor. If you are concerned about sexually transmitted infections or if your discharge is accompanied by these symptoms or signs, consult a healthcare professional:

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Healthy secretions help keep the vagina clean, keep infections at bay, and provide lubrication. It changes with your body's needs. It is also important to note that the range of colors and amounts of vaginal discharge is considered specific and varies from person to person but vaginal discharge is also a reflection of your overall health.

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