Yoga is one of the best and most popular health-related exercises. Physical and mental health benefits are being taken through Yogakriya in India for more than 2000 years. Today its popularity is at its peak worldwide after knowing about its health-related benefits. In this, through body postures, rhythmic breathing, and meditative exercises, one experiences a unique holistic mind and body. Research published in Brain Plasticity states that doing yoga can have many health benefits related to the brain.

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Today in this article you will know in detail how the brain can be kept right through yoga.

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Doctors for Yoga for brain power

11 different studies have been done in this research, which confirms that yoga has a good effect on both the shape and function of the brain. 5 studies involved participants who had never done yoga before in one or more yoga sessions per week for 10 to 24 weeks. The researchers said they compared people's brains at the beginning and the end of the study.

Another six studies measured cognitive differences between daily yoga practitioners and non-yoga practitioners using brain-imaging techniques such as MRI, functional MRI, or single photon emission computerized tomography. In all 11 studies, multiple areas of the brain were seen to be affected.

For example, yoga practice increased the size of the hippocampus (a major component of the brain). University of Illinois expert Neha Gothe herself has confirmed this. Neha says that several previous studies involving aerobic exercise have also found similar results, in which the size of the hippocampus increased over time.

They reported that the hippocampus, which is associated with memory-related processes, shrinks with age. Apart from this, it is first affected during Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

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Practicing yoga not only provides brain and physical benefits, but it is also a solution to many diseases. It removes negative emotions such as stressanxiety, etc. Yoga is very different and beneficial from aerobics and weight lifting exercises. Through this, a person can lead a healthy life without hurting his muscles.

Yoga is beneficial for many diseases, which mainly include the following -

Apart from this, many serious diseases are also treated with it, which modern science has not reached. According to research, people who do yoga daily are more fit, agile, and healthy both physically and mentally than normal people.

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The best time to do yoga is in the morning before sunrise, apart from this, it is also considered good to set the same time for yoga daily. An open space such as a park is best for practicing yoga, or a place where you can concentrate comfortably. A peaceful state is most important during Yogasana.

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