Linga Mudra is such a yoga, with the help of which heat can be concentrated inside the body. By practicing this posture regularly, increasing weight, asthma, weak immunity and sex related problems etc. can be cured. It is very easy to practice this posture. In this, the thumbs of your hands have to be shaped like Shivlinga.In this article you will learn in detail about the benefits of Linga Mudra, its method and precautions -

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  1. How To Do Linga Mudra
  2. Benefits of Linga Mudra
  3. Precautions For Doing Linga Mudra
  4. Summary
Doctors for Unlocking the Power of Linga Mudra: Top Health Benefits Explained

Linga Mudra is easy to do, but some things must be kept in mind while practicing it. Let us know about the process of doing Linga Mudra step by step -

  • To do Linga Mudra, first stand or sit at one place.
  • After this, bring both the hands in front of the chest and join the palms together.
  • Now interlock the fingers of both hands.
  • After this, keep the thumb of the left hand straight upwards, while keeping the thumb of the right hand closed.
  • Stay in this posture for about 10 to 15 minutes and keep breathing normally.
  • This posture can be done for at least 15 minutes a day.
  • Practicing this posture regularly can provide many benefits to the body.

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Practicing Linga Mudra regularly can provide many benefits to the body. It is especially beneficial in relieving respiratory problems. Apart from this, it is also effective in removing sore throat, phlegm and mucus etc. Let us know in detail about the benefits of Linga Mudra -

Linga Mudra For Breathing Problems

By regularly practicing Linga Mudra, breathing problems can be controlled. It is especially effective in removing problems occurring during changing seasons, such as asthma attack, cough and sore throat etc. If Linga Mudra is practiced regularly, it can provide relief from the problem of cough.

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Linga Mudra For Immunity Problems

Practicing Linga Mudra boosts immunity. Practicing this mudra increases the ability to fight diseases, due to which problems arising in changing weather, such as cold, cough and fever etc. can be prevented.

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Linga Mudra For Sexual Health Problems

Practicing Linga Mudra regularly can improve sexual life. Apart from this, regular practice of Linga Mudra gives a lot of peace to the mind. It also helps you in increasing sexual arousal.

Linga Mudra For Weight Loss

Linga Mudra can be practiced regularly to control increasing body weight. Along with this posture, it is also important to follow a proper diet and balanced lifestyle along with other yoga asanas and exercises to reduce weight.

Linga Mudra For Detoxification

Regular practice of Linga Mudra can remove the dirt accumulated in the body. This also reduces excess fat in the body. Apart from this, Linga Mudra can be effective in improving body tone by cleaning the dirt from the body.

Linga Mudra For Diabetes

By regularly practicing Linga Mudra, the problem of diabetes can be controlled. This mudra can control blood sugar in the body. In such a situation, Linga Mudra is beneficial for diabetes patients.

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Linga Mudra For Period Pain

Problems occurring during periods can be controlled by regular practice of Linga Mudra. This can relieve the problems of pain, cramps and less bleeding during periods. In such a situation, regular practice of this mudra can be beneficial during periods.

Linga Mudra For Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be kept balanced by practicing Linga Mudra. Practicing this posture regularly keeps blood pressure under control. Besides, by practicing this posture the risk of heart related diseases also reduces.

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Linga Mudra can be practiced regularly. This yoga posture can be done easily at any time. Some precautions need to be taken while doing this mudra, such as -

  • While practicing Linga Mudra, always keep the left thumb upwards.
  • People suffering from high blood pressure are advised not to do Linga Mudra.
  • Linga Mudra should not be practiced if there is a problem with Pitta Dosha.
  • If there is any kind of problem in the stomach, especially if there is a tumor, then this mudra should not be practiced.

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Linga Mudra is very beneficial for health. By practicing this posture regularly, increasing weight, diabetes and immune system can be controlled. This mudra can be done easily at any time. It is just important to know the correct steps of the posture. At the same time, in some situations like Pitta Dosha, high blood pressure etc., it is advisable not to practice Linga Mudra.

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