It is common to have anxiety about something from time to time and it happens to everyone at some point or the other. However, anxiety too much that you cannot control it can be a bit harmful. This condition is called Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Not being able to take a decision or being afraid of taking a wrong decision due to this pain in the muscles etc. is one of the symptoms of this disease.

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Today in this article you will learn about its symptoms, causes, and treatment -

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  1. What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?
  2. Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms
  3. Generalized Anxiety Disorder Causes
  4. Generalized Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis
  5. Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment
  6. Ways to Avoid Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  7. Takeaway
Doctors for Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD is characterized by excessive worrying and thinking about everyday life events for no apparent reason. People suffering from this disorder are worried about their health, family, work, etc. They always feel that something wrong is going to happen to them. In such a situation, everyday life is badly affected.

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This disease is related to a mental condition. Sometimes a person worries without any reason and even when there is no worry, worrying and thinking that he is not worried about anything today is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. People affected by this disease are also surrounded by other types of anxiety, such as - phobiapanic disorderobsessive-compulsive disorder, clinical depression, taking more drugs, and excessive consumption of alcohol. Other symptoms of this condition are mentioned below -

Symptoms of mental health

Under this, the following types of symptoms are seen -

  • Persistent thinking or worrying about something unlikely to happen.
  • Thinking so much about a plan that the mind reaches the worst and most dangerous situation.
  • Fearful thinking about any situation, whereas in reality, it is harmless and not harmful.
  • Unable to handle the instability that comes with life.
  • Not being able to take a decision or being afraid of taking a wrong decision.
  • Being unable to get rid of worry.
  • Not being able to relax and feeling restless all the time.
  • Difficulty in concentrating.

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Physical symptoms

Physical symptoms can be something like this -

  • To be tired
  • Can't sleep
  • Muscle pain and muscle tension.
  • Trembling and feeling nervous.
  • To sweat
  • Feel irritable
  • Nauseadiarrhea, and IBS problem.
  • Because of this, there is a decrease in school performance in children.
  • Children start worrying about the safety of their family members all the time.

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The biological factor usually works behind generalized anxiety disorder. Other reasons for this can be as follows -

  • Slight differences in their brain chemistry and brain function.
  • Genetic
  • The difference in how they are feeling scared.
  • His personality and his development can also be the reason for this.

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To detect this disease, health experts can investigate in the following ways -

  • Physical check-ups such as underlying medical conditions.
  • Examination of mental status by questioning the patient.
  • Blood, urine, or any other physical test, so that the exact condition of the patient can be ascertained.
  • If the person has any medical history, then based on that.

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Generalized anxiety disorder can be treated in the following ways -


Under this, there can be talk therapy, psychological counseling, or psychotherapyCognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective psychotherapy that can be given for generalized anxiety disorder. In this, the therapist can give some suggestions after knowing the symptoms of the patient and how he feels, such as tips not to worry, and how to overcome this condition.

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In this situation, some medicines can be given. Each medicine may have its benefits and side effects, the medicines used in this situation are as follows -

  • Antidepressants - Antidepressants include serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) drugs, which can be given in generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Benzodiazepines - Benzodiazepines can act like sedatives to temporarily relieve the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Buspirone - Buspirone is a medicine to reduce the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, but it can take several weeks for this medicine to start working.

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This condition can be avoided in the following way -

  • If the person will wait for it to get cured on its own, then it can take a more serious form. Therefore, its treatment should be started in its initial stage itself.
  • Along with this, the patient should keep a diary and whenever he feels anxiety or such an atmosphere of fear, he should immediately write that feeling or experience in it, so that later the doctor does not find it difficult to understand the condition of the patient.
  • By using time and energy wisely, anxiety can be avoided.
  • Consumption of things like alcohol, smoking, and nicotine should be avoided.

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Generalized anxiety disorder is a mental health condition that can severely affect a person's life. Feeling restless all the time and having difficulty concentrating etc. are the symptoms of this disease. Genetic or environmental factors can be some of the reasons for this disease. This disease can be treated with drugs like cognitive behavior therapy or antidepressants. On seeing any type of symptoms related to this disease, it is necessary to consult a doctor first.

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