Generally, it was advised about the time of taking blood pressure medicine that it should be taken in the morning. At the same time, new research now claims that blood pressure medicine is more effective only when it is consumed before sleeping at night. This new research is based on a concept called chronotherapy.

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Today in this article you will know about the right time to take blood pressure medicine -

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  1. What is chronotherapy?
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Doctors for Best Time to Take Blood Pressure Medicine

It is a medical treatment based on circadian rhythm, which focuses on the physical changes that occur in the body's natural cycle every 24 hours. This approach has been used to find the best times of day to treat other medical conditions such as sleep apneachronic kidney disease, and diabetes. According to chronotherapy, when blood pressure medicine is consumed at night, it gives more benefits.

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Many types of research have proved that taking blood pressure medicine during the night is more beneficial than during the day. For this, chronotherapy is cited, for which research was done for 6 years. 19 thousand people with high blood pressure took part in it. This research was done in Spain.

Ramon Harmida, the head of this research, says that this research was named the Hygia chronotherapy trial. This research went on from 2008 to 2018. About 10,600 men and 8,500 women took part in it and all of them were above 18 years of age. People participating in this research were not allowed to sleep during the day.

For this research, the researchers divided the participants into two groups. The first group was asked to take blood pressure medicine in the morning and the second group at night. It was found in the research that compared to the morning group, the group which was taking blood pressure medicine at night had a lower risk of many diseases. The following things were found in the group taking blood pressure medicine at night -

  • Deaths from heart or blood vessel conditions decreased by 66 percent.
  • The risk of stroke decreased by 49 percent.
  • The risk of heart attack decreased by 44 percent.
  • The risk of heart failure decreased by 42 percent.

In a research published in the journal Diabetology in 2015, it was also revealed that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes was also reduced in those who took blood pressure medicines at night.

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Research called the Higea Chronotherapy Trial says that there are many benefits of taking blood pressure medicine during the night. Research has found that taking blood pressure medicine at night before sleeping greatly reduces the risk of many serious health conditions such as heart failure, stroke, and diabetes. Along with this, let us make it clear here that at what time the blood pressure medicine will suit whom, no one else can tell better than the doctor. Therefore, a doctor must be consulted to find out the right time to take blood pressure medicine.

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