Eczema is a condition that causes roughness, swelling, cracks and blisters on the skin. In simple terms, some people just refer to it as itching. But it is much more than that and a serious skin problem. To overcome this condition, people resort to various measures, so that the symptoms of eczema can be relieved.

You can adopt a variety of creams, natural products, and diet and lifestyle changes to overcome the problems that come with eczema. In this article, we will share what to apply to your skin if you have eczema.

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Apart from creams, ointments and lotions you get in the market, you can also use some home-made natural pastes to manage eczema. Learn more about them below:

Aloe vera

You can use aloe vera to deal with eczema. According to research, aloe vera has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, immune system-boosting and wound-healing properties. Due to these properties present in aloe vera, you can relieve skin infections by using it.

Applying aloe vera gel on the skin can reduce dryness, roughness and other skin problems. To manage eczema, apply fresh aloe vera gel as it can benefit you more.

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Apple cider vinegar

According to a report published by The National Eczema Association, apple cider vinegar can be used to relieve the problem of eczema. However, it should be used with caution, as this vinegar can damage your soft tissues. Keep in mind to never apply apple cider vinegar directly on the skin. Make sure to dilute it before applying it. If you apply it directly, it can cause irritation on your skin. You can use it in bathwater or by mixing it in a face pack.

For eczema, mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one cup of warm water. With the help of cotton, apply this mixture to the affected area and then cover it with a cotton cloth. After about 3 hours, clean your skin with normal water. Doing this can give you relief from eczema to a great extent.

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Coconut oil

You can use coconut oil to get rid of eczema. Coconut oil contains healthy fatty acids, which can help your skin retain moisture. By using it, you can get relief from dry skin and eczema. Skin inflammation can be reduced by the use of virgin coconut oil. Also, it can be helpful in improving the health of the skin.

A study has shown that using virgin coconut oil has a better effect on the skin of children. Also, it can reduce the symptoms of eczema. You can apply cold-pressed virgin coconut oil directly after bathing in case of eczema. This can solve your problems to a great extent.

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Honey has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used for a long time to heal wounds. Studies have confirmed that honey can be used to heal wounds and boost immunity. Its use increases the body's ability to fight infection.

Honey can be used directly when there in cases of eczema. It acts as a moisturizer for your skin and also prevents the spread of infection.

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Tea tree oil

Many people use tea tree oil to get rid of eczema. According to a 2013 study, tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing properties, which can be helpful in relieving dryness and itching of your skin. Also, it can prevent infection.

To use tea tree oil, it is necessary to dilute it. For eczema, mix almond oil or olive oil with this oil in equal quantities and apply it to the affected areas. This can give you a lot of relief from eczema.

Apart from these home remedies, you can adopt other methods to overcome the symptoms of eczema, such as:

  • Change in diet
  • Bleach bath
  • Bathing daily
  • Use mild soap and detergent
  • Stay away from the cold
  • Avoid going to extremely hot places

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Apart from home remedies, you can also overcome eczema with Ayurveda. By adopting Ayurvedic treatment, relief from the symptoms of eczema such as itching, skin rashes and rough skin can be found.

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Panchakarma therapy

In Ayurveda, Panchakarma therapy is considered to be the most successful way to overcome the symptoms of eczema. Through this therapy, not only eczema but also psoriasis and acne can be overcome.

Ghee is used medicinally for 5 to 7 days in this therapy. In this, the whole body is massaged. For Panchakarma therapy, you will have to contact an ayurvedacharya.

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Herbal remedy

Ayurvedic herbs can be used to relieve the problem of eczema. These Ayurvedic herbs include kava-kava, ashwagandha, triphala, brahmi, neem etc.

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Apart from home and ayurvedic remedies, the skin specialist may also advise you to apply some medicines and creams, which you can easily get in the market. These medicines and creams are as follows:

  • Corticosteroid creams
  • PDE4-inhibitor medicine
  • Barrier repair moisturizers
  • Calcineurin inhibitors
  • Corticosteroid pills, liquids, or shots

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In eczema, your first complaint is itching. Apart from this, scabs and pimples may start emerging on the skin. Do not ignore such symptoms. If the skin problems are not getting better in 2 to 3 days with home remedies, then consult a doctor immediately. Follow the instructions given by the doctor so that you do not have to face serious trouble in future.

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