Hair fall or hair loss is a common and distressing condition which affects most people at least once during their lifetime. Normally, around 100 hair strands are lost every day. Hair loss exceeding this quantity is abnormal and is usually associated with thinning of hair. Hair loss occurs all over or in patches, spots or small areas on the scalp. Different causes of hair loss include heredity, increasing age, after childbirth, illnesses (high fever), infection (fungal infection of scalp, dandruff), autoimmune disorders (psoriasis, alopecia areata, eczema), medicines (anti-cancer therapy), deficiency of nutrients (iron, vitamins, minerals, proteins), mental stress, hormonal problems (thyroid disease, polycystic ovarian disease) and overuse of hair colour. Baldness (male pattern and female pattern baldness) is a hereditary condition commonly associated with excessive hair fall.

Dermatologists prescribe a medicine called minoxidil to stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth on the scalp. Additionally, corticosteroids, hair transplant and laser procedures are commonly used in the treatment of hair fall.

In homeopathy, medicines are used to establish harmony in different body systems. Constitutional homeopathic medicines help in treating the cause responsible for hair loss and promote hair growth. Since these remedies are given in minute quantity, they are said to have almost no side effects. Some of the commonly used homeopathic medicines in the treatment of hair fall include thuja occidentalis, sulphur, silicea, phosphorus, nitric acid, natrum muriaticum, lycopodium, lachesis, kali carbonicum, graphites, fluoricum acidum, mercurius solubilis, selenium, phosphoricum acidum, mezereum and sepia.

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Hairfall

Some of the commonly used homeopathic medicines in the treatment of hair fall include:

  • Thuja Occidentalis
    Common Name:
    Arbor vitae
    Symptoms: This remedy acts best in people with lax muscles whose complaints arise or get aggravated due to damp weather and rainy conditions. It is used to treat the following symptoms:
    • Skin problems and hair fall resulting from fungal infections and damp weather
    • Hair fall due to dandruff
    • Dandruff in the form of white and dry scales that fall off the scalp
    • Desire to wrap the head and face to keep warm
    • Severe itching of the scalp with biting and stinging sensation
    • Thin and dry hair with split ends
    • Very slow hair growth
    • Itching of the scalp that is relieved by scratching

The symptoms are aggravated from cold and humid weather, at night, and between 3 am and 3 pm. Warmth of the bed also worsens the symptoms. The patient feels better while lying on their left side.

  • Phosphorus
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: This medicine acts best in people who are tall, fair in complexion and grow rapidly. People requiring phosphorus are sensitive in nature, anxious and have a tendency to easy bleeding. The following symptoms respond to this remedy:
    • Hair fall after major illnesses like bleeding disorders or excessive loss of blood
    • Hair fall due to dandruff, alopecia areata and fungal infection
    • Severe dandruff associated with intense itching of the scalp
    • Dry hair that fall out in bunches
    • Early greying of hair associated with dandruff and hair fall
    • Hair fall with patches of baldness that are covered with scaly dandruff

Itching of the scalp is aggravated in hot weather and on scratching while it is relieved in open air and after application of cold water.

  • Sepia
    Common Name:
    Inky juice of cuttlefish
    Symptoms: This remedy acts best in women who have dark hair, strong muscles and are mild in nature. The following symptoms respond well to this remedy: 
    • Hair fall after childbirth and during menopause
    • Intense itching of the scalp, as from an insect bite, especially on the back of head and behind ears
    • Itching associated with severe burning sensation on the scalp
    • Small boils on the scalp that cause severe itching and hair fall
    • Hair fall due to fungal infection (ringworm) which makes the hair roots very tender and sore
    • Sensitiveness of hair roots which is aggravated with touch and cold air

Complaints get aggravated in the evening, in cold air and after sweating. The patient feels better after sleeping, application of heat or warmth and cold bathing.

  • Phosphoricum Acidum
    Common Name:
    Phosphoric acid
    Symptoms: This medicine acts best in people who have become weak and exhausted after prolonged illnesses, aggressive diseases or loss of body fluids. It is suitable for young people who grow rapidly, are tall and have stooped shoulders. This remedy is used to treat the following symptoms:
    • Hair fall after fever, like typhoid, malaria or viral fever
    • Tiredness of both mind and body
    • Hair fall from mental stress like grief, with severe itching of the scalp
    • Hair fall associated with premature greying of hair in young people

Aggravation of symptoms by excessive loss of water or blood from the body while symptoms are relieved with warmth.

  • Fluoricum Acidum
    Common Name:
    Hydrofluoric acid
    Symptoms: This medicine acts best in old people and young people who grow old prematurely (premature ageing) with premature grey hair. It also works well in young people who become weak after major illnesses. Fluoricum acidum helps manage the following symptoms: 
    • Hair fall due to alopecia areata and after typhoid
    • Dry hair that tend to break easily and fall out
    • Excessive dryness of hair causing them to entangle
    • Hair fall resulting in itchy bald patches on the scalp

Symptoms are aggravated by heat and warm drinks. Symptoms generally get better when the patient takes a walk, especially in cold weather.

  • Sulphur
    Common Name:
    Sublimated sulphur
    Symptoms: Sulphur acts best in people who stoop while standing and sitting, are nervous in nature and get irritated easily. The skin is very sensitive and gets affected by changes in the atmosphere. Sulphur is used to treat the following symptoms:
    • Hair fall resulting from dandruff, psoriasis of scalp and fungal infection of scalp
    • Dry hair that fall off easily
    • Severe violent itching due to dandruff which makes the scalp very sensitive
    • Painful scalp that is sensitive to touch

Itching is aggravated in the evening, in damp environment and from heat and is better on lying down on the right side and in dry and warm weather.

  • Mezereum
    Common Name:
    Spurge olive
    Symptoms: Mezereum acts best in people who are sensitive to cold air, hesitant and calm in nature. It is used to treat the following symptoms:
    • Hair fall due to fungal infection of scalp, eczema of scalp and dandruff
    • Scalp covered with thick scabs which results in intense itching and hair fall
    • Hair fall from the scalp in handfuls
    • Dandruff associated with white, dry and thick scabs on the scalp

Itching with burning sensation which is aggravated at night and by rubbing the scalp

  • Arsenicum Album
    Common Name:
    Arsenious acid, arsenic trioxide
    Symptoms: Arsenicum album is best suited to people who are weak and suffer from anaemia. People who need arsenicum album tend to be restless, nervous and anxious about their health. The following symptoms are treated with this remedy: 
    • Hair fall from fungal infection of scalp and alopecia areata
    • Hair that becomes dry, rough and falls out due to fungal infection of scalp
    • Hair fall from circular patches on the scalp
    • Intense itching with dry scaly eruptions in circular patches on the scalp
    • Extreme sensitiveness of scalp to touch which makes combing or brushing the hair difficult
    • Severe itching with burning sensation on the scalp, especially at night

Itching gets better on taking warm drinks and from heat in general and aggravates after midnight, at the seashore and from exposure to cold air.

  • Silicea
    Common Name:
    Pure flint, silica
    Symptoms: This medicine is best suited to people who are weak, have lax muscles, catch cold easily and have a fair complexion. It is used to treat the following symptoms:
    • Hair fall that results in baldness at an early age
    • Intense itching of the scalp from small pus-filled boils
    • Eczema of scalp
    • Extreme sensitiveness of scalp with excessive sweating on head and neck

Complaints get better in humid weather, warmth, and covering the head. They get aggravated in cold weather, in the morning and with exposure to water.

  • Lycopodium Clavatum
    Common Name:
    Club moss
    Symptoms: This remedy acts best in people who are intelligent but physically weak. There is a tendency to chronic complaints related to abdomen and lungs, like indigestion, bloating of abdomen and pneumonia. The following symptoms respond to this remedy - 
    • Hair fall due to dandruff, chronic illness of liver and abdomen, after childbirth, eczema, hereditary baldness and polycystic ovarian disease
    • Severe burning sensation associated with violent itching of the scalp
    • Itching that is aggravated after exercise or other physical activities which produce heat and sweat
    • Formation of thick crust on the scalp with bad smell, in case of eczema
    • Early greying of hair
    • Tendency to involvement of right side of the body in any illness

Aggravation of complaints occurs from 4 pm to 8 pm and with heat and the patient feels better from exposure to cold air.

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The action of homeopathic medicines is prone to get affected or disturbed by different factors in routine life. Thus, homeopathic physicians recommend the following changes in the lifestyle and diet to ensure optimal and rapid recovery during the treatment regime. 


  • Follow a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet rich in nutrients.
  • Engage in regular moderate exercises like walking and swimming.
  • Keep your mind active by reading books on various subjects.


  • Avoid the use of strong stimulating drinks such as coffee as well as soups and brews made from medicinal plants or herbs
  • Avoid foods prepared from spoilt vegetables or meat.
  • Avoid foods and drinks that contain artificial colours or flavours.
  • Avoid using strong-smelling perfumes and deodorants.
  • Avoid staying in unhygienic, damp and marshy places.

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Qualified homeopathic physicians consider a detailed history of patient symptoms along with their age and other factors before prescribing the most suitable constitutional medicine to them. Additionally, identifying the miasm or weakness of a person to suffer from a particular disease also helps a homeopathic physician in deciding the correct medicine. A well-selected homeopathic medicine helps by treating the various underlying causes of hair fall such as hormonal imbalance, mental stress, fungal infection or autoimmune disorders. Homeopathic medicines help in the treatment of hair fall caused by anti-cancer and other medicines by reducing the toxicity of these medicines on normal body cells. Along with treating the condition these medicines also improve the general health of the patient. There haven't been many studies that prove the efficiency of homeopathic medicines. 

However, a research study shows that phosphorus is effective in destroying the organism that causes dandruff and successfully reduces dandruff on the scalp.

Another study indicated that sulphur successfully treats dandruff that results in hair fall.

Talk to a homeopathic doctor to know more about the action and effectivity of homeopathic treatment.

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Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances using standardised methods and are prescribed in very small doses. Therefore, they generally do not have any harmful effects on the body. These remedies are said to be safe for babies, elderly people and pregnant women and can be safely administered along with other medicines for various disease conditions, with no risk of drug interactions.

However, do not self medicate with homeopathic remedies. Consult an experienced physician to know the right remedy and dosage for you.

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Hair fall results from various factors such as hormonal disorders, infections, lack of nutrients, diseases and psychological stress. It is commonly treated through medications, laser procedures and hair transplant. Homeopathy is a beneficial and cost-effective complementary and alternative system of medicine that is popularly used in the treatment of hair fall all over the world. The right homeopathic remedy in a suitable dose selected by a qualified homeopathic physician may not only help in the treatment of hair fall but also it helps promotes hair growth on the scalp.

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