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What is Hodgkin Lymphoma?

Hodgkin lymphoma is a benign cancer of the lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells.  Lymphocytes are present in lymph nodes and lymph vessels all over the body. The lymph nodes are small bean-shaped glands present parts of your body like neck, armpit, chest, abdomen and groin. Lymph vessels are tubes that carry the fluid called lymph along with the infection-fighting cells of immune system. Hodgkin lymphoma is characterised by an uncontrolled growth of lymphocytes inside the lymphatic system.

Cancer can spread from one node to another via lymph vessels. Men in age groups 20-25 years and above 70 years are more commonly affected than women.

Even though Hodgkin lymphoma is one of the uncommon types of benign cancer, it is one of the more easily treated cancers.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

  • Common symptoms: Painless swelling in the neck, underarms and groin region
  • General symptoms

  1. Excessive sweating at night
  2. Fever (High temperature)
  3. Weight loss
  4. Itching over the body
  5. Cough or breathlessness
  6. Abdominal pain
  • Rare symptoms

Some people may have abnormal cell growth in bone marrow that can lead to:

  • Weakness
  • Increased risk of infections due to a weakened immune system
  • Bleedings problems like nosebleed, heavy periods and small red spots under skin

What are its main causes?

The exact cause for abnormal cell growth is still unknown but people with the following risk factors can develop Hodgkin lymphoma:

  • HIV infection or AIDS
  • On immunosuppressant medications to prevent organ rejection
  • Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE)
  • Previous history of Non -Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Family members (father, mother or siblings) with Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Previous exposure to Epstein Barr virus or glandular fever.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

The doctor will take a detailed family and personal history to assesses the risk factors. Firstly, your doctor will recommend a minor surgical procedure called biopsy to take a sample from the lymph node to confirm the disease. After confirmation with biopsy, a few more tests like blood tests, chest X-ray and PET scan will be carried out to find the level of blood cells and what organs of the body are affected.

Available therapy includes chemotherapy (treatment with medication) and radiotherapy (treatment using radiation). Sometimes steroid medications are also given. Regular follow-up is required with your doctor to confirm complete recovery.

  1. Medicines for Hodgkin Lymphoma

Medicines for Hodgkin Lymphoma

Medicines listed below are available for Hodgkin Lymphoma. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
CelkeranCelkeran 2 Mg Tablet1190.0
ClokeranClokeran 2 Mg Tablet1469.0
LeukeranLeukeran Tablet382.0
CyclocelCyclocel 1000 Mg Injection113.38
CycloxanCycloxan 1000 Mg Injection144.0
CycramCycram 1 Gm Injection104.76
CydoxanCydoxan 500 Mg Injection68.4
EndoxanEndoxan 1 Gm Injection174.41
OncomideOncomide 1 Gm Injection99.77
OncophosOncophos 1 Gm Infusion106.0
OncoxanOncoxan 500 Mg Injection57.14
PhosmidPhosmid 1000 Mg Injection79.0
CyphosCyphos 500 Mg Injection40.18
UniphosUniphos 1000 Mg Injection107.3
AdriamycinAdriamycin 10 Mg Injection221.61
AdriblastinaAdriblastina Injection1309.52
Adronex RdAdronex Rd 10 Mg Injection185.71
AdrosalAdrosal 10 Mg Injection196.43
CadriaCadria 10 Mg Injection166.66
CardiaroneCardiarone 100 Mg Tablet65.47
DoxilydDoxilyd 10 Mg Injection119.04
DoxohopeDoxohope 20 Mg Injection8163.26
DoxorexDoxorex 10 Mg Injection321.75
Doxorubicin (Dr. Reddys)Doxorubicin 10 Mg Injection116.66
DoxorubicinDoxorubicin 10 Mg Injection200.0
DoxorubinDoxorubin 10 Mg Injection130.95
DoxotarDoxotar 10 Mg Injection285.0
DoxoteroDoxotero 10 Mg Injection165.0
DoxulipDoxulip 20 Mg Injection7890.0
DoxutecDoxutec 10 Mg Injection170.0
DuxocinDuxocin 10 Mg Injection190.94
LyphidoxLyphidox 10 Mg Injection198.91
MetodoxMetodox 10 Mg Injection63.09
OncodriaOncodria 10 Mg Injection199.64
PiglitPiglit 2 Mg Injection6184.52
ZodoxZodox 10 Mg Injection196.19
ZubidoxZubidox 10 Mg Injection200.0
BiocristinBiocristin 1 Mg Injection52.63
Biocristin AqBiocristin Aq 1 Mg Injection48.38
IvinIvin 1 Mg Injection105.31
OnvincOnvinc 1 Mg Injection48.07
UnicristinUnicristin 1 Mg Injection55.0
VinlonVinlon 1 Mg Injection50.79
VinstinVinstin 1 Mg Injection226.19
AlcristAlcrist 1 Mg Injection51.93
CytocristinCytocristin 1 Mg Injection56.89
Oncocristin AqOncocristin Aq 1 Mg Injection61.0
ParacristineParacristine Injection69.64
VcadVcad 1 Mg Injection89.79
CeldazCeldaz 100 Mg Injection190.47
DabazDabaz 200 Mg Injection311.9
DacarbaDacarba 200 Mg Injection238.09
DacarexDacarex 100 Mg Injection416.66
DacarolDacarol 500 Mg Injection1000.0
DacarzineDacarzine 200 Mg Injection262.5
DecarbDecarb 200 Mg Injection476.19
DecarexDecarex 200 Mg Injection434.0
OncodacOncodac 200 Mg Injection476.19
BleocelBleocel 15 Iu Injection364.28
BleochemBleochem 15 Iu Injection687.74
BleocinBleocin 15 Mg Injection595.23
BleocipBleocip 15 Iu Injection694.33
Bleomycin 15 Mg InjectionBleomycin 15 Mg Injection600.67
Bleomycin SulphateBleomycin Sulphate Injection654.76
BlominBlomin 15 Iu Injection850.0
OncobleoOncobleo 15 Iu Injection1039.28
HodproHodpro 50 Mg Capsule294.04
NeozineNeozine 50 Mg Capsule328.57
P CarzineP Carzine 50 Mg Capsule320.32
ProcarbProcarb 50 Mg Tablet3200.0
Kristina VKristina V 1 Mg Injection49.6
UniblastinUniblastin 10 Mg Injection239.0
CytoblastinCytoblastin 10 Mg Injection276.93
LomtinLomtin 40 Mg Capsule719.0
ConsiumConsium 100 Mg Injection3497.95
AdrimAdrim 10 Mg Injection214.28
DoxiglanDoxiglan 50 Mg Injection999.0

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