The liver is the most important part of the human body. It works to filter blood toxins, store energy, manufacture hormones, and proteins, and regulate blood sugar along with cholesterol. If a person consumes alcohol continuously, then the healthy tissues of the liver start getting destroyed and scar tissues come in their place. This condition is called alcoholic liver cirrhosis in medical language.

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Today in this article you will learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of alcoholic liver cirrhosis -

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Doctors for Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis - Symptoms, Causes, and treatment

The symptoms of alcoholic liver cirrhosis are not visible in the initial stage, but they become visible as the disease progresses. These symptoms can be of the following types -

  • Jaundice means yellow or white discoloration of the skin and eyes.
  • Increased blood pressure in the veins leading to the liver is called portal hypertension.
  • Itching of the skin, which is called pruritus.

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Alcoholic liver cirrhosis occurs when a person continues to consume alcohol excessively over a long period. Other reasons for this include obesity and Hepatitis C. Come, let us know in detail about the causes of alcoholic liver cirrhosis -

Heavy drinking

Alcoholic liver cirrhosis occurs as a result of consuming too much alcohol. Consuming heavy alcohol regularly increases the risk of developing alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

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Being overweight means obesity is also a cause of alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

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To be female

It may sound a bit strange to read, but according to research, alcohol consumption has more adverse effects on women than men.

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Hepatitis C

If a person already has any liver disease like Hepatitis C and consumes alcohol excessively, then he/she remains at risk of alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

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If someone in the family already has this disease due to the consumption of alcohol, then this problem can make any of the coming generations a victim.

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Although there is a cure for liver disease, alcoholic liver cirrhosis cannot be cured at all. As soon as alcoholic liver cirrhosis is detected, immediate cessation of alcohol consumption, intake of extra protein, and liver transplant can prevent the problem from progressing and reduce the symptoms. Come, let us know in detail about the treatment of alcoholic liver cirrhosis -

Say no to alcohol

As a treatment for alcoholic liver cirrhosis, it is necessary to stop the consumption of alcohol immediately. In this way, the condition improves, but if the consumption of alcohol is resumed, the condition may return to before.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help a person who is dependent on alcohol to quit drinking. For this, the facility of staying in the rehabilitation center can be availed, so that the patient can be closely monitored.

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Alcoholic liver cirrhosis can be treated by taking certain medicines as prescribed by the doctor. These medicines can help in reducing inflammation in the liver.

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Lifestyle changes

Doctors may recommend losing weight and not smoking, as both being overweight and smoking can make the symptoms of alcoholic liver cirrhosis worse.

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Excess protein intake

In this situation, extra protein can be given to the patient, so that the risk of developing encephalopathy i.e. brain disease can be reduced.

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Liver transplant

A liver transplant can be done only when a donor is available. A liver transplant can be done only to those people who have given up alcohol for at least 6 months before this procedure.

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Alcoholic liver cirrhosis is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol over a long period. Jaundice can be seen as a symptom. In such a situation, this problem can be cured by stopping the consumption of alcohol immediately, cognitive behavioral therapy, and lifestyle changes. At the same time, a liver transplant can be done in severe cases.

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