Stomach pain is a term used to denote pain arising in any part of the abdomen. Abdominal area not only includes stomach but also liver, kidneys, gall bladder, reproductive organs and intestines. Pain in the stomach can be caused due to various conditions. It usually occurs due to hyperacidity (excess of stomach acids), an infection caused by bacteria or viruses, food poisoning, stomach ulcer, and cancer.

Common causes of stomach pain due to disorders in organs other than the stomach include irritable bowel syndrome, appendicitis, kidney stones, gall stones, menstrual problems in women, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis and urinary tract infection.

Stomach pain may arise suddenly or gradually and may or may not last for a long time. Bloating in the abdomen due to gas, burning in the chest due to backflow of acid into the food pipe from the stomach, diarrhoea, vomiting and fever are symptoms frequently associated with stomach pain.

Constitutional homoeopathic medicines decrease the pain and help in rapid recovery from the underlying condition. A qualified homoeopathic physician decides the best-suited remedy based on your symptoms, which helps the body to heal the stomach pain naturally. Some of the commonly used homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of stomach pain are argentum nitricum, arsenicum album, belladonna, bryonia alba, carbo vegetabilis, carduus marianus, chelidonium, cuprum aceticum, lycopodium, nux vomica, pulsatilla, sulphur, tabacum, veratrum, magnesium phosphoricum, causticum, phosphorus, and colchicum.

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Stomach Pain
  • Argentum Nitricum
    Common Name:
    Silver nitrate
    Symptoms: This remedy is very useful in the treatment of stomach pain due to hyperacidity and stomach ulcers resulting from loss of sleep and menstrual problems. It is best suited to old people who are weak and thin. Such individuals are usually fearful and nervous. Other symptoms that can be relieved by this remedy include:
    • Distressing and throbbing pain, especially in the left side of the stomach, that starts and ends slowly
    • Stomach pain due to ulcer, especially at night
    • Sensation of heaviness as if from a lump in the stomach
    • Nausea and severe burping with all the complaints related to stomach
    • Excess gas (Read more: Stomach gas treatment)
    • Undigested food flows from the stomach into the mouth while burping
    • Vomiting associated with stomach pain in severe cases
    • Stomach pain that radiates to the chest and causes difficulty in breathing
    • Pain that increases with touch, cold drinks, ice, eating the smallest quantity of food and at night
    • Craving for sweet food items which relieve nausea but increase the stomach pain
    • Stomach pain relieved by warm drinks 
  • Arsenicum Album
    Common Name:
    Arsenic trioxide
    Symptoms: This medicine is used in the treatment of stomach pain due to conditions like hyperacidity, ulcer and cancer in the stomach. Arsenicum album acts best in individuals who are nervous, fearful and irritable by nature. Research studies show that the symptoms of arsenic poisoning reduce after taking arsenic. People who experience the following symptoms benefit from this remedy:
    • Severe pain with a burning sensation in the stomach as if from hot coal
    • Hardness in the area below the chest (epigastrium) due to spasm of abdominal muscles and sensitivity to touch
    • Pain in the stomach from sudden acidity after eating fruits, spicy and acidic foods, ice cream, tobacco and alcohol
    • Sensation of pressure in the stomach as if from a stone
    • Pain aggravated at night, after meals, cold food and drinks, and relieved by eating or drinking hot items and heat in general
    • Stomach pain associated with nausea, long burps and anxiety felt in the stomach
    • Excessive weakness with difficulty in breathing and fear of death
    • Craving for milk 
    • Acute and chronic symptoms of stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhoea produced after drinking arsenic-contaminated water.
  • Carbo Vegetabilis
    Common Name:
    Vegetable charcoal
    Symptoms: This medicine works well in people who report weakness after loss of body fluids due to bleeding, diarrhoea or vomiting. Symptoms that are relieved by this remedy include:
    • Stomach pain from hyperacidity and gallbladder stones, with severe gas in the abdomen causing difficulty in breathing
    • Pain in the abdominal muscles that extends to the back
    • Abdominal distension that is temporarily relieved by burping
    • A tendency to the formation of gas within half an hour of eating food
    • Indigestion with sour burps
    • Weak digestion which makes it difficult to digest the simplest form of food
    • Complaints aggravated by fatty food, milk, coffee, after meals and at night
    • Pain improves with belching, fanning and cold environment 
  • Hydrastis Canadensis
    Common Name: Goldenseal, Orange root
    Symptoms: This medicine works best in individuals who are weak and skinny due to weight loss, especially after a long illness. A research study showed improvement in the symptoms of ulcerative colitis (such as passage of blood in stools, increased frequency of passing stools and abdominal pain) after treatment with hydrastis canadensis. Symptoms relieved by this remedy include:
    • Stomach pain occurring due to indigestion, especially in old people
    • Indigestion from bread and vegetables, with sour burps
    • Stomach pain due to cancer of the stomach (Read more: Stomach cancer symptoms)
    • Pain that is reduced after passing wind

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  • Psorinum
    Common Name:
    Nosode of psora
    Symptoms: Psorinum has been successfully used in the treatment of stomach cancer, gallbladder cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. According to a research study, this medicine is helpful as a supportive cancer therapy along with other allopathic medicines. The following symptoms are relieved by this remedy:
    • Stomach pain associated with weakness
    • Indigestion with vomiting.
    • Indigestion associated with burps that taste like rotten eggs
    • Nausea in the morning and evening which is better after eating roasted food items.
  • Lycopodium Clavatum
    Common Name:
    Wolf’s claw, Club moss
    Symptoms: Individuals who need lycopodium are intelligent, tend to have a large abdomen and a thin lower body. Symptoms that are relieved by this remedy include:
    • Pain in the stomach due to indigestion, stomach cancer or liver problems
    • Stomach pain with burning sensation in the chest
    • Sudden stomach pain with trembling and chills
    • Stomach pain aggravated after meals, in open air and from drinking wine
    • Pain is better with the warmth of the bed, burping, bending forward while sitting and in the evening
    • Abdomen is sensitive to touch.
    • Inability to tolerate tight clothes around the abdomen
    • Bloating in the abdomen with stomach pain and frequent burps

Lycopodium is helpful in the treatment of stomach cancer. A research study showed that it can be used as a supportive therapy along with anti-cancer medicines. On regular administration, lycopodium was found to stimulate cell death in cancer cells but did not cause any bad effects on normal cells.

Yet another research study showed that lycopodium protects the liver from the side effects of allopathic medicine – paracetamol. Symptoms of an overdose of paracetamol include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, weakness, loss of appetite, yellow discolouration of the skin and eyes and dark urine.

Lycopodium, phosphorus, pulsatilla, arsenicum album, cinchona officinalis and sepia have been found to provide significant relief in the symptoms of gastric reflux disease, which include burning in the chest and stomach pain.

Another research study showed the efficacy of the constitutional homoeopathic medicines, namely nux vomica, arsenicum album, cinchona officinalis, argentum nitricum, antimonium crudum, bryonia alba, pulsatilla and carbo vegetabilis, in the treatment of gastroenteritis which presents with diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever and weakness.

  • Phosphorus
    Common Name: Phosphorus
    Symptoms: Phosphorus is best suited to people who are tall and thin with a fair complexion and stooped shoulders. A research study demonstrated that phosphorus is helpful in the treatment of an eating disorder (binge-eating; eating food at frequent intervals) which is associated with stomach pain, diarrhoea and formation of gas in the abdomen. Symptoms relieved by this remedy include:
    • Stomach pain due to ulcer and eating disorders
    • Stomach pain associated with vomiting of blood-stained liquid or backflow of stomach contents into the mouth
    • Burning and cutting pain in the stomach pain which extends to the back
    • Formation of gas, with belching and rumbling sensation in the abdomen
    • Stomach pain temporarily decreases after drinking cold water which is vomited out after sometime
    • Stomach pain relieved after eating ice, ice cream and anything cold
    • Sensation of heaviness in the stomach along with stomach pain
    • Sensation of emptiness in the stomach from hyperacidity 
    • Hyperacidity with stomach pain which improves after eating a small amount of food
  • Pulsatilla Nigricans
    Common Name:
    Anemone, Windflower
    Symptoms: This medicine works well in people whose symptoms change frequently. Women who are sensitive by nature, weep easily and like to be sympathised respond well to pulsatilla. A few other symptoms treated with this medicine are:
    • Stomach pain due to hyperacidity
    • Pain in the stomach hours after dinner
    • Sensation of weight in the stomach with severe gas formation
    • Rumbling noise from stomach due to formation of gas
    • Stomach pain that increases in the evening
    • Chilly feeling in the body with stomach pain
    • Aversion to fatty food, butter and cakes
    • Lack of thirst
    • Stomach pain aggravated by rich fatty food, heat, after meals and in the evening
    • Pain relieved by gentle movement, cold things and in open air
    • Eating disorders like binge eating which result in stomach pain 
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The action of homoeopathic medicines is prone to get affected due to certain errors in the diet and lifestyle. Certain restrictions in the diet and routine help in an undisturbed and effective cure of the disease. Here is a list of do’s and don’t that may help in quick recovery when followed along with homoeopathic treatment.


In acute or sudden stomach pain:

  • Let the patient eat or drink whatever he/she desires, this might give them temporary relief from the condition.
  • The temperature inside the room should be according to the patient’s comfort level.
  • Take adequate physical and mental rest, avoid taking stress, and maintain a peaceful mind during the treatment.

In chronic stomach pain:

  • Involve in activities that keep the mind calm and peaceful like active reading and meditation.
  • Perform moderate exercise like walking in open air.
  • Take a healthy and nutritious diet that does not contain substances with medicinal properties.


  • Avoid strong stimulants such as coffee, herbal teas, fine liquors, soups with medicinal herbs, strong spices in the food and artificially flavoured drinks.
  • Avoid the inclusion of stale vegetables or meat in the diet.
  • Stay away from damp and unclean places.
  • Avoid excess consumption of salt and sugar.

According to homoeopathic texts, functional diseases like hyperacidity, ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis usually occur due to long-standing stress. Homoeopathy is an effective system of medicine that treats the person suffering from stomach pain and not just the symptoms.

A well-selected constitutional homoeopathic medicine relieves stomach pain and improves the general health of the person suffering from the distressing symptom.

Research studies demonstrate the effectiveness of homoeopathy along with standard care (such as dietary modifications, healthy lifestyle and stress management) in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome causing stomach pain.

Research has shown that homoeopathy is also effective in the treatment of various eating disorders such as bulimia and binge-eating that cause stomach pain, distension of abdomen, problems with digestion and constipation.

It has also been indicated that pain in abdomen responds well to homoeopathic medicines when they are taken along with dietary modifications and herbal medicines.

Homoeopathic medicines can be safely used in treating stomach pain in children and adults. An appropriate dose of the suitable constitutional medicine selected by a qualified homoeopathic physician does not produce any side effects. 

Homoeopathy is a safe and effective system of medicine for treating stomach pain arising from various underlying conditions. The dose of a constitutional homoeopathic medicine relieves stomach pain and also improves the general health of the patient. Medicines in homoeopathy are particularly effective in the treatment of recurrent stomach pain, especially in children. Homoeopathic treatment triggers the body’s immune system that helps in relieving stomach pain. Autoimmune diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome, which are treated with steroids and immunosuppressive medicines in conventional medicine, are successfully treated with homoeopathic medicines.

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