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What is Pancreatic Cancer?

The development of malignant (cancerous) cells in the pancreas is known as pancreatic cancer. It can occur either in the exocrine (ducts) or endocrine (hormone- or enzyme-producing) part of the pancreas. It occurs more in men than women.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Typically, pancreatic cancer is detected only in the advanced stages due to a lack of specific indications. Some common signs and symptoms are:

It also shows some symptoms similar to that of jaundice.

What are the main causes?

The common reasons that increase the risk of pancreatic cancer are: 

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Doctors can diagnose pancreatic cancer by various tests, such as :

  • Blood tests  
    They help in detecting the level of bilirubin, which is produced by the liver. This will give the doctors the knowledge about the functioning of liver or signs of jaundice. They may also detect increased levels of pancreatic hormones and enzymes.
  • Biopsy
    To check for the presence of cancer cells in the pancreas.
  • Ultrasound
    To assess the size and spread of cancer in the abdomen.
  • CT scan
    It helps in the detection of cancer, which may have also spread to the nearby organs surrounding the pancreas.
  • MRI 
    It helps in giving proper images of the bile and pancreatic ducts to the doctors.
  • Tumour marker tests  
    Some of the tumour markers are CA-19-9, and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA).

After the diagnosis, the disease is treated by:

  • Surgery
    It is the most preferable method, where possible. Cancerous portions are removed surgically when it hasn’t spread too much. 
  • Chemotherapy
    Drugs are administered orally or via the intravenous route to kill the cancerous cells. It has some side effects like hair loss, fatigue, bruises, mouth sores etc.
  • Others
    Some techniques of ablation (techniques that help in the destruction of tumours instead of their removal) – cryosurgery, microwave thermotherapy, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) etc.
  1. Medicines for Pancreatic Cancer
  2. Doctors for Pancreatic Cancer
Dr. Arabinda Roy

Dr. Arabinda Roy


Dr. C. Arun Hensley

Dr. C. Arun Hensley


Dr. Sanket Shah

Dr. Sanket Shah


Medicines for Pancreatic Cancer

Medicines listed below are available for Pancreatic Cancer. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
ErlevaErleva 100 Mg Tablet18767.0
ErlokemErlokem 100 Mg Tablet7714.0
ErlonatErlonat 100 Mg Tablet9514.0
ErlostarErlostar Tablet25500.0
ErlotibErlotib 150 Mg Tablet11000.0
ErlotirelErlotirel 150 Mg Tablet9003.0
LortinibLortinib 150 Mg Tablet11159.0
TarcevaTarceva 150 Mg Tablet40300.0
TyrokininTyrokinin 100 Mg Tablet18990.0
ZycevaZyceva 100 Mg Tablet9281.0
AtsureAtsure 1.4 Gm Injection5625.0
CelgemCelgem 1000 Mg Injection6345.22
CitafineCitafine 1400 Mg Injection7142.5
CytogemCytogem 1000 Mg Injection6650.87
GembinGembin 1 Gm Injection2660.12
GemciteGemcite 1 Gm Injection6200.0
GemitrateGemitrate 1400 Mg Injection5625.0
GempowerGempower 1 Gm Injection5000.0
GemtazGemtaz 1 Gm Injection4526.77
GemtrustGemtrust 1000 Mg Injection5714.3
CelzarCelzar 1000 Mg Injection3250.0
CitabolCitabol 1400 Mg Injection9100.0
EmcitabenEmcitaben 1 Gm Injection6000.0
GemactaGemacta 1000 Mg Injection3700.0
Gemce FilGemce Fil 1000 Mg Injection1900.0
GemchemGemchem 1000 Mg Injection5422.5
GemciglanGemciglan 1 Gm Injection5999.0
GemcitaparGemcitapar 1000 Mg Injection6825.0
GemibineGemibine 1000 Mg Injection6144.39
GemitaGemita 1000 Mg/62.5 Mg Injection6131.0
GemizanGemizan 1 Gm Injection6344.28
GemkerbGemkerb 1000 Mg Injection6200.0
GemteroGemtero 1 Gm Injection5572.12
OncogemOncogem 1.4 Gm Injection10461.5
TabicadTabicad 1000 Mg Injection3250.0
WinogemWinogem 1.4 Gm Injection7691.35
XtrozXtroz 1 Gm Injection5900.12
ZygemZygem 1 Gm Injection6700.0
ShancyteShancyte 1 Gm Infusion6100.0
CeldachCeldach 100 Mg Injection2500.0
MegaplatMegaplat 100 Mg Injection3934.94
Oxa(Emc)Oxa 100 Mg Infusion5836.8
OxiplatOxiplat 100 Mg Injection4623.69
OxitanOxitan 100 Mg Infusion4616.0
OxitozOxitoz 100 Mg Injection5260.77
OxitrustOxitrust 100 Mg Injection4371.88
OxplaOxpla 100 Mg Injection3165.54
XalipatXalipat 100 Mg Injection2380.95
XplatXplat 100 Mg Injection3452.38
GlanoxyGlanoxy 100 Mg Injection4499.0
GlenoxlGlenoxl 100 Mg Injection2642.85
KinaplatKinaplat 100 Mg Infusion1577.38
MetaplatinMetaplatin 100 Mg Injection4800.0
NeoxalNeoxal 100 Mg Injection5000.0
OplatinOplatin 100 Mg Infusion4400.0
Oxaliplatin ForOxaliplatin For 100 Mg Infusion4670.33
OxaltorOxaltor 100 Mg Infusion2738.09
OxichemoOxichemo 100 Mg Infusion2000.0
OxidachOxidach 100 Mg Injection6300.0
OxolOxol 100 Mg Infusion3333.33
PlatoxinPlatoxin 100 Mg Injection3831.54
XalotinXalotin 100 Mg Injection7800.0
XplatinXplatin 100 Mg Infusion4657.14
OxoplanOxoplan 50 Mg Injection1322.1
XtideXtide 50 Mg Injection1995.46
AlimtaAlimta 100 Mg Injection17683.0
PemcurePemcure 100 Mg Injection1500.0
PemexPemex 500 Mg Injection25400.0
PemgemPemgem 100 Mg Injection4882.47
PemmetPemmet 100 Mg Injection1389.26
PemnatPemnat 100 Mg Injection4900.0
PemotidePemotide 100 Mg Injection2362.5
PexetrustPexetrust 100 Mg Injection1812.5
PexitazPexitaz 100 Mg Injection2422.17
PleumetPleumet 100 Mg Injection4663.47
PamiglanPamiglan 500 Mg Infusion156451.0
PemecadPemecad 100 Mg Injection6040.2
PemeetronPemeetron 100 Mg Injection5142.86
PemexarPemexar 100 Mg Injection5000.0
PemproPempro 100 Mg Injection8500.0
PexotraPexotra 100 Mg Injection2350.0
TemeranTemeran 100 Mg Injection1980.0
ZupemedZupemed 100 Mg Injection4333.33
CamptoCampto 100 Mg Injection20238.1
ColotecanColotecan 20 Mg Injection1355.31
ImtusImtus 100 Mg Injection2687.5
IntensicIntensic 100 Mg Injection687.5
IricipIricip 100 Mg Injection1401.09
IrinotelIrinotel 100 Mg Injection3205.0
IrinotrazIrinotraz 100 Mg Injection4081.63
IrnocamIrnocam 100 Mg Injection3704.31
IrnocelIrnocel 100 Mg Injection4095.0
RinotecRinotec 100 Mg Injection3562.5
ErticanErtican 40 Mg Injection81.11
AdvacanAdvacan 0.25 Mg Tablet571.42
AfinitorAfinitor 10 Mg Tablet85923.8
BoletraazBoletraaz 10 Mg Tablet20000.0
CerticanCertican 0.25 Mg Tablet920.0
EvelimusEvelimus 10 Mg Tablet29400.0
EvergrafEvergraf 0.25 Mg Tablet628.57
EvermilEvermil 10 Mg Tablet30136.2
EvertorEvertor 10 Mg Tablet29666.7
VolantisVolantis 10 Mg Tablet19066.66
5 Flucel5 Flucel 250 Mg Injection12.0
ChemofluraChemoflura 250 Mg Injection10.4
FivocilFivocil 250 Mg Injection11.7
FivofluFivoflu 250 Mg Injection15.0
FlocilFlocil 250 Mg Injection29.03
FloracFlorac 250 Mg Injection11.07
FluoncoFluonco 250 Mg Injection69.0
FluracilFluracil 250 Mg Injection12.04
KucilKucil 250 Mg Injection12.5
OncoflourOncoflour 250 Mg Injection13.5
LyomitLyomit 10 Mg Injection430.83
Mitomycin CMitomycin C 10 Mg Injection522.0
OncocinOncocin 10 Mg Injection333.33
SutentSutent 12.5 Mg Capsule16071.4
FlonidaFlonida 1% W/W Cream78.0
FluoFluo Cream120.21

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