Stress can happen to anyone and can be due to any reason. Some have stress related to problems related to personal life, some have stress related to office work, some have stress related to relationships and some have stress related to financial problems.

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  1. What you eat during stress is important
  2. What you eat and how you feel have a link - What you eat and how you feel has a link in hindi
  3. Foods may reduce stress hormone
  4. Best foods to reduce stress
  5. Foods to avoid during stress
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Stress management can be a powerful tool for our better health because too much stress can spoil your health. There are many strategies that you can adopt to reduce your stress level and one of them is food. It can also reduce or increase your stress level, so it is very important to pay attention to what you eat during times of stress. Being under stress can increase the body's need for certain nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin B, selenium, and magnesium. This is mentioned in a review published in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences in June 2016.

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An article published in August 2015 in the journal Stress suggested that the quantity and quality of nutrients over time affect the body's neural circuits that control emotion, motivation, and mood. In addition, another research published in October 2017 in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine - Journal of Behavioral Medicine states that gut microbiota—the microbiome in the gut that includes both good and bad bacteria—has an important link to this. what you eat and drink and how you feel.

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If you start consuming unhealthy things while under stress, then your stress can increase further, due to which you may have many more health problems in the future. Therefore, you must eat healthy, balanced, and nutrient-rich foods while under stress. Foods can help reduce stress in several ways. Such as increasing the levels of serotonin, a brain-calming chemical, and cutting down on levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, which take a toll on the body over time.

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After all, what should you eat to reduce stress or to get rid of stress, know here -

Sweet potato for stress relief

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of wholesome and nutrient-rich carbohydrates that help reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. A previous 8-week study in overweight or obese women found that those who consumed a diet high in whole and nutritious carbohydrates had significantly lower levels of salivary cortisol than those who consumed refined carbohydrates. Consume a diet rich in carbs. Sweet potatoes are a whole food that is rich in vitamin C and potassium which help to respond to stress.

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Citrus fruits for stress relief

Citrus fruits, especially oranges, are considered very important in the list of stress-relieving foods because they are rich in vitamin C. Studies show that vitamin C suppresses the level of stress hormones along with strengthening the immune system. A study of people with high blood pressure, and cortisol (the stress hormone) levels found that those who took vitamin C before a stressful task returned to normal more quickly than those who did not.

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Kimchi for stress relief

Kimchi is a fermented salad dish usually made with cabbage and daikon, a type of radish. Kimchi, a fermented food, is rich in beneficial bacteria known as probiotics, as well as being high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Research shows that fermented foods may help reduce stress and anxiety. Many other studies show that probiotic-rich foods such as kimchi have beneficial effects on mental health, even affecting your mood.

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Dark chocolate for stress relief

Dark chocolate can help reduce stress in 2 ways - first through a chemical effect and second through an emotional effect. Most people like to eat chocolate anyway and eating even just a piece of it, it feels as if it is helping to reduce stress. Dark chocolate rich in antioxidants also helps in reducing stress as antioxidants reduce the level of stress hormones in the body but consume dark chocolate in limited quantities and of good quality.

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Eat egg to keep away stress

Eggs contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that help in a healthy stress response. Choline is especially found in eggs. Choline is a nutrient that is found in only a few foods. Choline is known to play an important role in brain health and protects the body from stress. In animal studies, it was found that taking choline supplements may help with the stress response and boost mood.

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Spinach and broccoli for stress relief

If magnesium is deficient in the body, then the problem of headache and fatigue can be triggered, which can further increase the effect of stress. Therefore, when feeling stressed, eat spinach which is high in magnesium. If you want, you can eat many other green vegetables instead of spinach. Apart from this, broccoli is also rich in magnesium, vitamin C, and folate which help in reducing the symptoms of stress and depression.

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Black tea for reducing stress

Drinking black tea milk can also help you recover faster from stressful events. One study compared people who drank 4 cups of black tea a day for 6 weeks to people who drank another beverage. Study results showed that black tea drinkers felt calmer than before and also had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol after stressful situations.

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Avocado to reduce stress

Avocados, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, can also help relieve stress, anxiety, and nervousness, and improve mood, enhance focus, and attention. Apart from omega-3 fatty acids, avocados also contain phytochemicals, fiber, and many other essential nutrients. A survey published in Nutritional Journal in January 2013 suggested that avocados have been linked to improved diet quality and nutrient intake, as well as a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that includes high blood pressure and obesity.

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Almond and pistachio to reduce stress

Almond is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to enhance the immune system and B vitamins make you stronger and more resilient to combat stress or depression. If you want, you can consume almonds during small hunger pangs in between 2 meals. Apart from almonds, pistachios are also a source of healthy fats that can help reduce the effects of stress. But consume pistachios only in limited quantities.

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Oats help reduce stress

Certain foods such as oats or dalia can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and consequently boost serotonin, which stimulates a feeling of calmness in your body.

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While many healthy foods help in reducing your stress levels and stress hormones in the body, some foods work to increase your restlessness and tension. These foods increase inflammation in the body, which leads to the production of stress hormones. Therefore, in the event of stress, do not eat these things at all -

  • Maida - Maida is heavily processed and lacks fiber-rich layers like sprout and bran, so it gets digested very quickly and also gets absorbed in the blood very quickly, due to which the level of blood sugar increases. When this happens, cortisol starts releasing in the body, which increases stress. Therefore, in the event of stress, do not consume white rice, white bread, etc.
  • Salt - Consuming too much salt or salt-rich things increases the amount of sodium in the body, which causes water retention in the body, and high blood pressure. When this happens, more stress increases in your heart. So, when you are under stress, do not eat salt chips or anything that has high salt content as it will increase your stress instead of reducing it.
  • Sugar - If you are feeling stressed about something, then drinking soda, eating cake, or eating anything too sweet at that time can be more harmful to you. The blood sugar level of the body becomes unstable after consuming a lot of sugary things, due to which the body's stress increases, and the stress hormone cortisol is released. Fluctuating levels of blood sugar and the release of cortisol further increase a person's anxiety and stress.
  • Caffeine - Another thing that can increase the cortisol level of the body is caffeine. Also, on consuming caffeine, the heartbeat becomes faster and blood pressure can also increase, due to which your restlessness and nervousness can increase. Apart from this, due to excessive consumption of caffeine, there can be a problem of not sleeping at night, which can further increase your stress.

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Whatever may be the reason for stress, its long stay can cause many physical and mental problems. Therefore, stress must be eliminated as soon as possible. For this, first of all, there is a need to focus on your diet, in which including sweet potato, spinach, black tea, etc. can be beneficial. Apart from this, doing yogameditation, and exercise regularly also gives quick relief.

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