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Long pepper is the dried fruit obtained from a thin, aromatic plant called the piper longum. The fruit looks similar to a finger with spikes all over it. It belongs to the family of Piperaceae. Long pepper has properties very similar to black pepper, except long pepper is hotter. A simple way to add this to the diet is to replace black pepper with long pepper.

Long pepper is a climbing plant that grows well in a tropical climate. The strong fragrance of long pepper is due to the presence of specific essential oils in its seeds and leaves.

Long pepper can be used either in the fresh form or it is dried under to sun to make ground pepper. Unripe long pepper is believed to be more beneficial than the ripe fruit but it is more commonly stored in its dry form. This is because the powdered form of long pepper lasts longer. However, once long pepper is dried and ground, it is usually not as pungent as the wet long pepper. So, fresh long pepper is used to give that spicy kick to various dishes. One can simply cut them in small pieces and add them to the dishes. Dry long pepper is generally ground and stored in an airtight container for future use.

The dried fruit is usually used in Indian cuisine as a spice. Yummy soups can be prepared by adding a dash of long pepper to it. It is widely used to prepare spicy vegetable pickles.

But,  long pepper is not confined to your kitchen pantries  It has been in use for various medicinal purposes in the traditional medicine. The fruit, as well as the root of the Piper longum plant, are known for their many health benefits. It is used to treat muscular pains, inflammation, and cancer. Long pepper contains piperine in it, which helps in fighting parasites and various other infectious agents. Long pepper has any application in ayurveda but most importantly it is used as a Rasayana to treat various respiratory disorders. Long pepper is used as a ‘Rasayana” to cure respiratory disorders is one of them.

Some basic facts of Long Pepper:

  • Scientific Name: Piper Longum
  • Family: Piperaceae
  • Common name: Long pepper, Indian long pepper, Pippali in Hindi
  • Sanskrit name: पिप्पली Pippali, मनोहरी Manohari
  • Parts used: Fruit
  • Native region and Geographical Distribution: Long Pepper is known to have its origin in the South Asian region. The plant is broadly distributed across many parts of North India, ranging from Central Himalayas to Assam, Western Ghats, Nicobar Islands, Uttar Pradesh, and Nepal. 
  1. Long pepper health benefits
  2. Long pepper side effects
  3. Takeaway

Long pepper has antimicrobial properties

Several studies suggest the antimicrobial action of long pepper. Extracts from long pepper has been found to possess antimicrobial activities against various microorganisms including common infectious bacteria like Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhi. Also, it has been found to be efficient in inhibiting the growth of some drug-resistant strains of Staphylococcus, which is the causative agent of problems like cellulitis and toxic shock syndrome. Another study suggests that the antimicrobial action of long pepper is more pronounced in a particular category of bacteria (gram-positive), while it is moderately seen in gram-negative bacteria.

Other benefits of long pepper

  • Long pepper is used for treating diseases like leprosy and anemia.
  • It possesses antitubercular activity which means it can be used for the treatment of tuberculosis.
  • Long pepper helps in improving memory power.
  • It may be used for treating snake or scorpion bite

Long pepper for respiratory problems

Pippali is well known for its benefits against various respiratory infections like bronchitis, asthma, and cough. Pipli powder, when taken with milk is considered an excellent home remedy for relieving common respiratory ailment. It is suggested in a preclinical study that a certain kind of pippali, chhoti pippali to be exact,  can be used to treat bronchial asthma as it has anti-inflammatory properties in it.  At least two different clinical studies report that long pepper consumption can significantly decrease the severity and duration and asthma. However, it is no way a substitute for medicine.

Long pepper for gastrointestinal tract

Long pepper has numerous benefits for the gastrointestinal health. In vivo (animal-based) studies suggest that long pepper is useful for relieving diarrhoea symptoms. .A preclinical study suggested that long pepper helped in treating diarrhoea as they possessed antidiarrhoeal properties.

The extracts from Long pepper fruit also revealed anti-amoebic activity. This means that adding pepper to your food may help you ward off amoebiasis, a disease caused by consumption of contaminated food or water. Inflammatory bowel disease is a condition characterized by a chronic inflammation in the intestinal tract. A recent study confirmed that the piperine present in long pepper can efficiently reduce intestinal inflammation associated with this disease.

Long pepper for blood pressure

High blood pressure is a condition wherein the blood constantly pushes against the blood vessel walls with a high force. It remains one of the primary causes of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, etc. Long pepper is one of the major components of Trikatu, an ayurvedic formulation which is used for the treatment of high blood pressure. has long pepper as one of its primary components.

An animal study confirmed that extracts of long pepper may help in reducing blood pressure  As per this study, pippali extract was seen to mediate a hypotensive  effect by inhibiting the entry of calcium in the inner lining of the blood vessels which in turn leads to vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels). 

Long pepper for weight loss

Pippali could be the perfect food of choice if you are trying to lose those few extra pounds. It is not a magic medicine for losing  weight, but like every other pepper, it helps burn fat. The best part is that unlike some commercial supplements, long pepper does not have any side effects.. An animal study suggests that long pepper can be used for reducing body weight. It was further suggested that pippali helped not only to reduce the excessive fats  but also helped maintain the the lipid levels in the body. 

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Long pepper for diabetes

Diabetes is probably one of the worst conditions that can hit someone because it creates havoc in almost every system in the body. Out of over 62 million diabetics in the world, India has one of the highest number of diabetes cases. Most commercial drugs don’t come without side effects. So it is high time that a natural cure for this deadly disease is found. A preclinical study suggested that extracts of pippali root are advantageous for diabetics as it can significantly bring down blood glucose levels. According to a recent study, diabetic complications caused due to oxidative stress can also be minimized by pippali.

Long pepper for arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease which causes severe joint pain and can affect mobility and disrupt the quality of life. This may be eased with the consumption of pippali. An animal study was conducted to determine the anti-inflammatory properties and antiarthritic effects of long pepper. The study demonstrated that piperine has the ability to reduce inflammation in ankle joints. Long pepper is widely used as an anti-inflammatory agent in ayurvedic medicine. As a traditional medicine, it has been known to play an important role in arthritis treatment, especially rheumatoid arthritis Preclinical studies confirm this traditional use. According to an in vivo study, the anti-inflammatory effects of piperine are useful for alleviating the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. A clinical study was conducted on 73 patients who had symptoms of Amavata or in common language rheumatoid arthritis. For 15 days, these patients were given Vardhamana Pippali Rasayana which is nothing but a syrup made of pippali. After the therapy, the patients experienced nearly 50% relief from the pain and other symptoms associated with this disease.

Long pepper prevents dengue

Dengue fever is one of the rapidly spreading diseases. Caused by the dengue virus, it is most common in tropical and subtropical parts of the world or in developing countries with poor sanitary and hygienic conditions. Mosquitoes are the main carriers of dengue virus. A study suggested that the ethanol extracts of pippali exhibited toxic effect against female adult mosquitoes. These properties of hot pepper may be used for killing dengue mosquitoes thereby preventing the spread of this disease.

Long pepper benefits for liver

Liver is one of the most important organs of the body. It stores a digestive liquid called bile, which helps to absorb fat from the bloodstream. Also, it removes the toxins from the blood and stores energy in the form of glycogens (a type of sugar). An overworked or sick liver is not ideal for anybody. So we need to protect the liver from ailments. A preclinical study suggested that piperine, which is the active component of long pepper, exhibited hepatoprotective properties and may help to protect against viral hepatitis. Hepatitis is a condition where there is inflammation of the liver. When left untreated, it can result in cirrhosis or liver cancer. Another study reported that long pepper can reduce the activity of certain enzymes which are responsible for liver damage and cirrhosis. Additionally, it was found to reduce bilirubin content in the liver thus reducing the risk of jaundice.

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Long pepper for insomnia

Lifestyle and work stress in the modern century has lead to an imbalance in the wake-sleep patterns in almost all generations. As a result, a lot of people suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia. Ayurveda suggests that powdered pippali, added to milk along with a tablespoon of honey is a good remedy for insomnia. In vivo, studies indicate that piperlongumine is efficient in reducing stress which may help you get that much-needed sleep.

However, no clinical studies have been done so far to confirm a similar action in humans.

Long pepper for cancer

A preclinical study was undertaken to determine the anticancer properties of the alcoholic extract of the piper longum fruits. Piperine present in long pepper was confirmed as an important compound exhibiting this property. Also, the animal study confirmed that the total WBC count increased with the administration of an alcoholic extract of piper longum. According to an article published in the Indian Science Journal, US scientists have found the mechanism behind the anticancer action of long pepper. It was also reported that Piperlongumine, a chemical compound present in long pepper mediates an antitumor activity by downregulating the expression of a human gene that is usually overexpressed in tumors.

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  • Pepper is known to be ‘hot, so, it should be used in limited quantity The overuse of this pepper can lead to a burning sensation in the stomach. People with a weak digestive system are advised not to regularly consume long pepper.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using this spice especially during the first trimester as long pepper has antifertility activity in it.
  • Long pepper can be an irritant when applied to the skin. It is even possible to manifest an allergic reaction in some people. In some rare cases, long pepper can lead to skin inflammation with symptoms like itching, redness, and swelling. Therefore, it is advised to use it after consulting a doctor.

Long pepper is strongly beneficial for our health. When consumed in moderation, it does not pose any serious threat to the body. It is always suggested to consult a doctor before considering this as a form of a medical treatment.

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Dhootapapeshwar Taleesadi ChoornaDhootapapeshwar Taleesadi Choorna303.1
Dhootapapeshwar ChandanasavaDhootapapeshwar Chandanasava134.9
Baidyanath Anand Bhairav Ras (Jwar)Baidyanath Anand Bhairav Ras (Jwar)86.45
Baidyanath Avipattikar ChurnaBaidyanath Avipattikar Churna135.8
Baidyanath Badam PakBaidyanath Badam Pak93.8
Baidyanath Chopchinyadi ChurnaBaidyanath Chopchinyadi Churna128.25
Baidyanath Chousath Prahari PipalBaidyanath Chousath Prahari Pipal56.7
Baidyanath Hingwashtak ChurnaBaidyanath Hingwashtak Churna109.25
Dhootapapeshwar LohasavDhootapapeshwar Lohasav114.1
Baidyanath Chyawanprash SpecialBaidyanath Chyawanprash Special374.5
Baidyanath Dhatupaushtik ChurnaBaidyanath Dhatupaushtik Churna168.0
Baidyanath Eladi VatiBaidyanath Eladi Vati87.4
Baidyanath Gaisantak BatiBaidyanath Gaisantak Bati84.0
Baidyanath Gokshuradi GugguluBaidyanath Gokshuradi Guggulu158.65
Baidyanath Haridra Khand (Br)Baidyanath Haridra Khand (Br)63.0
Baidyanath Kaishore GugguluBaidyanath Kaishore Guggulu114.0
Baidyanath Kanchanar GugguluBaidyanath Kanchanar Guggulu103.55
Baidyanath Kankayan Bati ArshBaidyanath Kankayan Bati Arsh81.7
Baidyanath Lashunadi BatiBaidyanath Lashunadi Bati77.0
Baidyanath Lavan bhaskar ChurnaBaidyanath Lavan Bhaskar Churna56.0
Baidyanath Mahashankh BatiBaidyanath Mahashankh Bati34.3
Baidyanath Mahayograj GugguluBaidyanath Mahayograj Guggulu207.1
Baidyanath Makardhwaja Bati (Kesar Yukta)Baidyanath Makardhwaja Bati (Kesar Yukta)154.85
Baidyanath Marichyadi BatiBaidyanath Marichyadi Bati41.3
Baidyanath Medohar vidangadi LohaBaidyanath Medohar vidangadi Loha95.0
Baidyanath VidangasavaBaidyanath Vidangasava88.2
Dhootapapeshwar Mincof SyrupDhootapapeshwar Mincof Syrup56.0
Dhootapapeshwar Chyavanprash (Ashtavarg)Dhootapapeshwar Chyavanprash (Ashtavarg)186.2
Dhootapapeshwar SwarnamahayogaDhootapapeshwar Swarnamahayoga782.6
Dhootapapeshwar Kanchanar GuggulDhootapapeshwar Kanchanar Guggul133.0
Baidyanath Sanjivani BatiBaidyanath Sanjivani Bati63.0
Baidyanath Shringarabhra RasBaidyanath Shringarabhra Ras59.5
Baidyanath Talisadi ChurnaBaidyanath Talisadi Churna56.0
Baidyanath Triphala GugguluBaidyanath Triphala Guggulu105.45
Baidyanath VasavalehaBaidyanath Vasavaleha86.45
Baidyanath Punarnavadi MandoorBaidyanath Punarnavadi Mandoor68.6
Baidyanath Erand PakBaidyanath Erand Pak101.5
Baidyanath Shothari LauhBaidyanath Shothari Lauh139.65
Dhootapapeshwar Anandabhairav RasaDhootapapeshwar Anandabhairav Rasa 51.8
Dhootapapeshwar Kaphakuthar RasaDhootapapeshwar Kaphakuthar Rasa1907.5
Dhootapapeshwar Mahayogaraj GuggulDhootapapeshwar Mahayogaraj Guggul3653.3
Dhootapapeshwar Panchatikta Ghruta GuggulDhootapapeshwar Panchatikta Ghruta Guggul897.4
Baidyanath Kashisadi TelBaidyanath Kashisadi Tel151.05
Paurush Jeevan CapsulesPaurush Jiwan Capsule 10's25.9
Zandu ChyavanprashadZandu Chyavanprashad310.26
Zandu Kesari JivanZandu Kesari Jivan Chyawanprash648.0
Nirogam Kaisora GugguluKaisora Guggulu For Gout And High Uric Acid138.6
Nirogam Chandraprabha VatiNirogram Chandraprabha Vati472.5
Avn Nimbadi Kashayam TabletAvn Nimbadi Kashayam Tablet25.9
Avn Chirivilwadi Kashayam TabletAvn Chirivilwadi Kashayam Tablet276.5
Avn Dhanadanayanadi Kashayam TabletAvn Dhanadanayanadi Kashayam Tablet329.0
Avn Lo Medus TabletAvn Lo Medus Tablet329.0
Avn Indukantam Kashayam TabletsAvn Indukantam Kashayam Tablet280.0
Avn Maharasnadi Kashayam TabletAvn Maharasnadi Kashayam Tablet392.0
Avn Tiktakam Kashayam TabletAvn Tiktakam Kashayam Tablet360.5
Avn Thaleesapatradi Choornam TabletAvn Taleesapatradi Choornam Tablet50.4
Avn Hrudyam TabletAvn Hrudyam Tablet241.5
Avn Koldoff TabletAvn Koldoff Tablet322.0
Himalaya Trikatu SyrupHimalaya Trikatu Syrup74.9
Dabur ChyawanprashDabur Chocolate Chyawanprash126.0
Dabur Gastrina TabletDabur Gastrina Tablet38.5
Dabur Lal Dant ManjanDabur Lal Dant Manjan104.49
Dabur Active AntacidDabur Active Antacid Syrup112.1
Dabur ShwaasamritDabur Shwaasamrit 236.6
Dabur Khadiradi GutikaDabur Khadiradi Gutika 93.8
Dabur VasavalehaDabur Vasavaleha172.9
Dabur Talisadi ChurnaDabur Talisadi Churna 88.2
Dabur Supari PakDabur Supari Pak84.0
Dabur LauhasavaDabur Lauhasava100.8
Dabur Chitrak HaritakiDabur Chitrak Haritaki Churna82.6
Charak Autozyme SyrupCharak Autozyme Syrup 59.5
Sri Sri Tattva Kushmandaka RasayanaSri Sri Tattva Kushmandaka Rasayana84.0
Sri Sri Tattva Navayasa Lauha TabletSri Sri Tattva Navayasa Lauha Tablet42.0
Sri Sri Tattva Sitopaladi ChurnaSri Sri Tattva Sitopaladi Churna70.0
Sri Sri Tattva Pratishyayahara Vati TabletSri Sri Tattva Pratishyayahara Vati175.0
Sri Sri Tattva Chitrakadi Gutika TabletSri Sri Tattva Chitrakadi Gutika84.0
Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal GuggulupanchapalachurnamGuggulu Panchapala Churnam91.0
Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal Saraswata ChurnamArya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal Saraswata Churnam10.5
Baidyanath Gangadhar ChurnaBaidyanath Gangadhar Churna87.4
Baidyanath Yograj GugguluBaidyanath Yograj Guggulu49.0
Maharishi Ayurveda Kasni Cough SyrupMaharishi Ayurveda Kasni Cough Syrup147.25
Nagarjuna Daadimaadi GhruthamNagarjuna Daadimaadi Ghrutham96.6
Nagarjuna Nimbaadi Kashayam Nagarjuna Nimbaadi Kashayam79.1
Nagarjuna Kalyaana gulamNagarjuna Kalyaana gulam91.0
Nagarjuna DraaksharishtamNagarjuna Draaksharishtam84.0
Nagarjuna KumaryasavamNagarjuna Kumaryasavam 59.5
Nagarjuna Karpooradi ChoornamNagarjuna Karpooradi Choornam45.5
Nagarjuna Supres Cough SyrupNagarjuna Supres Cough Syrup56.0
Kerala Ayurveda Hamsapadhyadi KwathKerala Ayurveda Hamsapadhyadi Kwath154.0
Kerala Ayurveda Alsactil TabletKerala Ayurveda Alsactil252.0
Kerala Ayurveda Menovin TabletKerala Ayurveda Menovin308.0
Zandu Zanduzyme Forte TabletZandu Zanduzyme Forte160.0
Organic India Breathe Free CapsuleOrganic India Breathe Free Capsule136.5
Organic India ChyawanprashOrganic India Chyawanprash346.5
Patanjali ChyawanprashPatanjali Chyawanprash133.0
Patanjali Pachak Hing GoliPatanjali Pachak Hing Goli38.5
Divya Liv D 38 SyrupDivya Liv D 38 Syrup63.0
Divya SaraswatarishtaDivya Sarswatarishta73.5
Divya AshwagandharishtaDivya Ashwagandharishta70.0
Divya Chitrakadi VatiDivya Chitrakadi Vati35.0
Divya DashmularishtaDivya Dashmularishta73.5
Divya Mahayograj GuggulDivya Mahayograj Guggul77.0
Divya Prasarini TailaDivya Prasarini Taila105.0
Divya VidangasavaDivya Vidangasava42.0
Divya Pradarsudha Syrup (For Menorrhagia)Divya Pradarsudha Syrup56.0
Divya Gokshuradi GuggulDivya Gokshuradi Guggul49.0
Swadeshi Chandraprabha VatiSwadeshi Chandraprabha Vati91.0
Cycloset SyrupCycloset Syrup182.7
Kairali Agastya Rasayanam Kairali Agastya Rasayanam76.3
Maharishi Amlant TabletMaharishi Amlant 120 Tabs322.0
Kairali Ashta ChoornamKairali Ashta Choornam39.9
Baidyanath Amritarishta syrupBaidyanath Amritarishta syrup94.5
Baidyanath ChandanasavaBaidyanath Chandanasava95.2
Baidyanath BhringrajasavaBaidyanath Bhringrajasava114.1
Baidyanath Chandrakala RasBaidyanath Chandrakala Ras Tablet84.0
Baidyanath Garbhpal RasBaidyanath Garbhpal Ras Tablet79.1
Baidyanath KankasavaBaidyanath Kankasava99.4
Baidyanath Kasamrit HerbalBaidyanath Kasamrit Herbal Syrup60.9
Baidyanath KhadirarishtaBaidyanath Khadirarishta191.1
Baidyanath KumariasavaBaidyanath Kumariasava101.5
Baidyanath LohasavaBaidyanath Lohasava102.9
Baidyanath Medohar GugguluBaidyanath Medohar Guggulu136.5
Baidyanath Nripatiballabh RasBaidyanath Nripatiballabh Ras66.5
Baidyanath RohitakarishtaBaidyanath Rohitkakarishta98.0
Baidyanath Septric TabletBaidyanath Septric Tablet184.8
Vasu Caspa SyrupVasu Caspa Syrup42.0
Kairali ChyawanprasamKairali Chyawanprasam147.0
Dabur ChyawanprakashDabur Sugarfree Chyawanprakash 147.0
Dabur Honitus Cough SyrupDabur Honitus Cough Syrup112.0
Dabur Lavan Bhaskar ChurnaDabur Lavan Bhaskar Churna171.5
Baidyanath DraksharishtaBaidyanath Draksharishta122.5
Baidyanath DrakshasavaBaidyanath Drakshasava133.0
Kairali Gulgulu Panchapalam ChoornamKairali Gulgulu Panchapalam Choornam56.0
Kairali Indukantham Kashayam Kairali Indukantham Kashayam77.0
Jiva Turmeric CreamJiva Turmeric Cream77.0
Kairali Kaisora GulguluKairali Kaisora Gulgulu238.0
Zandu Maha Yograj GuggulZandu Maha Yograj Guggul Tablet150.0
Kairali manasamitram gulikaKairali Manasamitram Gulika1256.5
Kairali mulberine capsule Kairali Mulberine Capsule75.6
Baidyanath PanchasavaBaidyanath Panchasava80.5
Patanjali Dant KantiPatanjali Dant Kanti Advanced63.0
IMC Piles Away TabletsIMC Piles Away Tablets 252.0
Kairali Pippalyadi ThailamKairali Pippalyadi Thailam91.0
Kairali spacol capsuleKairali Spacol Capsule231.0
Kairali Spaliv CapsuleKairali Spaliv Capsule75.6
Kairali spazyme capsule Kairali Spazyme Capsule75.6
Zandu Sudarshan TabletZandu Sudarshan Tablet70.0
Kairali Sukumaram KashayamKairali Sukumaram Kashyam94.5
Swadeshi Bel SweetSwadeshi Bel Sweet56.0
Baidyanath Swapandosh HariBaidyanath Swapandosh Hari Tablet128.8
Kairali Thaleesapatradi ChoornamKairali Thaleesapatradi Choornam36.4
Kairali Vaiswanara ChoornamKairali Vaiswanara Choornam30.8
Baidyanath Vatgajankush RasBaidyanath Vatgajankush Ras72.8
Kairali yograj gulguluKairali Yograj Gulgulu Tablet210.0
Zandu Avipatikar ChurnaZandu Avipatikar Churna Powder105.0
Zandu Khadiradi GutikaZandu Khadiradi Gutika Tablet85.0
Zandu KumaryasavaZandu Kumaryasava Syrup128.0
Zandu Sona Chandi Chyavanprash PlusZandu Sona Chandi Chyawanprash Plus180.0
Zandu Ayurvedic Cough SyrupZandu Ashokarishta Syrup99.0
Zandu Zanduzyme TabletZanduzyme Tablet50.0
Vasu Zeal Herbal GranulesVasu Zeal Herbal Granules87.5
Zandu Zefs SyrupZandu Zefs Syrup80.0
Zandu Sudarshan GhanvatiZandu Sudarshan Ghan Vati77.0
Baidyanath Makaradhwaj Bati (Amber Yukt)Baidyanath Makaradhwaj Bati (Amber Yukt)93.1
Zandu Sitopaladi ChurnaZandu Sitopaladi Churna255.0
Zandu Hingwashtak ChurnaZandu Hingwashtak Churna76.0
Zandu Maha Sudarshan Churna Zandu Maha Sudarshan Churna168.0
Zandu Drakshasava Special Zandu Drakshasava Special175.0
Zandu Kishore Guggul GutiZandu Kishore Guggul Guti46.0
Zandu Snez CureZandu Snez-Cure 225.0
Dabur Hingwashtak ChurnaDabur Hingwashtak Churna79.8
Dabur Avipattikar ChurnaDabur Avipattikar Churna79.8
Dabur Lasunadi VatiDabur Lasunadi Vati45.5
Dabur Mahashankh VatiDabur Mahashankh Vati39.2
Dabur Sanjivani Vati Dabur Sanjivani Vati33.6
Dabur Triphala GugguluDabur Triphala Guggulu33.6
Dabur Yograj GugguluDabur Yograj Guggulu96.6
Dabur Maha Yograj Guggulu Dabur Maha Yograj Guggulu127.4
Dabur Musli Pak LaghuDabur Musli Pak Laghu164.5
Dabur Kanchnar GugguluDabur Kanchnar Guggulu55.1
Dabur Punarnava Mandoor Dabur Punarnava Mandoor75.6
Dabur Vat Gajankush Ras Dabur Vat Gajankush Ras33.6
Dabur Amar Sundari GutikaDabur Amarsundari Gutika29.4
Dabur Brahmi VatiDabur Brahmi Vati79.8
Dabur Chandraprabha VatiDabur Chandraprabha Vati81.2
Dabur Chitrakadi GutikaDabur Chitrakadi Gutika46.9
Dabur Vridhivadhika VatiDabur Vridhi Vadhika Vati64.4
Dabur Kankayan GutikaDabur Kankayan Gutika17.5
Dabur Mehamudgar VatiDabur Mehamudgar Vati45.5
Dabur Sarpagandhaghan Vati Dabur Sarpagandhaghan Vati52.5
Dabur Vyoshadi VatiDabur Vyoshadi Vati46.2
Dabur Chopchinyadi ChurnaDabur Chopchinyadi Churna67.2
Baidyanath PipalyasavaBaidyanath Pipalyasava121.1
Baidyanath Sarivadyarishta Baidyanath Sarivadyarishta94.5
Baidyanath Haritaki KhandBaidyanath Haritaki Khand58.1
Baidyanath Kantakaryavaleha Baidyanath Kantakaryavaleha 51.8
Baidyanath Nag BhasmaBaidyanath Nag Bhasma113.4
Baidyanath Janm GhuntiBaidyanath Janm Ghunti101.5
Patanjali Divya Swasari Pravahi Patanjali Divya Swasari Pravahi35.0
Patanjali Divya Punarnavadi MandoorPatanjali Divya Punarnavadi Mandoor63.0
Patanjali Divya Dant ManjanPatanjali Divya Dant Manjan45.5
Jiva Diabetes TeaJiva Diabetes Tea140.0
Planet Ayurveda Dadimashtak ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Dadimashtak Churna324.0
Planet Ayurveda Lavanbhaskar ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Lavanbhaskar Churna320.0
Planet Ayurveda Pippali Mool PowderPlanet Ayurveda Pippali Mool Powder405.0
Planet Ayurveda Pippali PowderPlanet Ayurveda Pippali Powder405.0
Planet Ayurveda Rumogin 5 CapsulesPlanet Ayurveda Rumogin 5 Capsule1215.0
Planet Ayurveda Septrin TabletsPlanet Ayurveda Septrin Tablet414.0
Planet Ayurveda Sitopladi ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Sitopladi Churna297.0
Planet Ayurveda Talisadi ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Talisadi Churna297.0
Organic India Trikatu CapsuleOrganic India Trikatu Capsule122.5
Patanjali Special Chyawanprash with SaffronPatanjali Special Chyawanprash with Saffron94.5
Patanjali Divya Avipattikar ChurnaPatanjali Divya Avipattikar Churna70.0
Patanjali Divya Pippali ChurnaPatanjali Divya Pippali Churna101.5
Patanjali Divya Ajmodadi ChurnaPatanjali Divya Ajmodadi Churna42.0
Patanjali Divya Trikatu ChurnaPatanjali Divya Trikatu Churna9.8
Patanjali Divya Yograj GuggulPatanjali Divya Yograj Guggul23.1
Patanjali Divya Panchkol ChurnaPatanjali Divya Panchkol Churna25.9
Patanjali Divya Mahawatvidhvansan RasPatanjali Divya Mahawatvidhvansan Ras21.0
Jain Triphala Guggulu TabletJain Triphala Guggulu700.0
Jain Kanchanara Guggulu TabletJain Kanchanara Guggulu77.0
Jain Mahayogaraj Guggulu TabletJain Mahayogaraj Guggulu112.0
Jain Kaishore Guggulu TabletJain Kaishore Guggulu77.0
Jain Vikof SyrupJain Vikof Syrup196.0
Jain Asthorax SyrupJain Asthorax Syrup140.0
Jain Pain Off TabletJain Pain Off Tablets71.4
Jain Avipattikar ChurnaJain Avipattikar Churna500.5
Herbal Hills Pippali Fruit PowderHerbal Hills Pippali Fruit Powder1799.0
Herbal Hills Pippali Root PowderHerbal Hills Pippali Root Powder490.0
Herbal Hills Sitopaladi ChurnaHerbal Hills Sitopaladi Churna854.0
Herbal Hills Dia Care ChurnaHerbal Hills Dia Care Churna525.0
Aimil Jufex forte SyrupAimil Jufex Forte Syrup105.0
Swadeshi AshwagandharisthaSwadeshi Ashwagandharistha 136.5
Swadeshi ChayawanprashSwadeshi Chayawanprash Sugar Free217.0
Swadeshi Eladi VatiSwadeshi Eladi Vati 64.4
Swadeshi Gokshuradi GuggulSwadeshi Gokshuradi Guggul51.1
Swadeshi Hingwastak churnaSwadeshi Hingwastak churna57.4
Swadeshi Kanchnar Guggul Swadeshi Kanchnar Guggul77.0
Swadeshi Kesari Kauff madhuSwadeshi Kesari Kauff madhu 115.5
Swadeshi Lasunadi VatiSwadeshi Lasunadi Vati35.0
Swadeshi Lavanbhaskar ChurnaSwadeshi Lavanbhaskar Churna43.4
Swadeshi Lavangadi VatiSwadeshi Lavangadi Vati 98.0
Swadeshi Mahamanjishthadi Kwath Swadeshi Mahamanjishthadi Kwath61.6
Swadeshi Medohar Guggul VatiSwadeshi Medohar Guggul Vati 80.5
Swadeshi Neumol syrupSwadeshi Neumol syrup35.0
Swadeshi Panchsam ChurnaSwadeshi Panchsam Churna53.9
Swadeshi Punarnava ChurnaSwadeshi Punarnava Churna86.1
Khadi Slimming OilKhadi Natural Slimming Oil 420.0
Swadeshi Sanjivani VatiSwadeshi Sanjivani Vati71.4
Swadeshi Shankh VatiSwadeshi Shankh Vati92.4
Swadeshi Triphala Guggul VatiSwadeshi Triphala Guggul Vati73.5
Swadeshi Vatantak VatiSwadeshi Vatantak Vati 106.4
Swadeshi Vyoshadi GuggulSwadeshi Vyoshadi Guggul67.2
Baidyanath KasbatiBaidyanath Kasbati91.0
Baidyanath Gulmakalanal RasBaidyanath Gulmakalanal Ras59.5
Sri Sri Tattva Shirashoolari Vati TabletSri Sri Tattva Shirashoolari Vati144.0
Sri Sri Tattva Talisadi ChurnaSri Sri Tattva Talisadi Churna45.5
Baidyanath Shwas Kuthar RasBaidyanath Shwas Kuthar Ras69.3
Nirogam Picoshunya TabletNirogam Picoshunya Tablet1799.1
Baidyanath Mahamash Tel Baidyanath Mahamash Tel88.9
Biogetica Thermogenix CapsuleThermogenix Capsule799.0
Biogetica Pranavita Green PowderPranavita Green Powder799.0
Biogetica Acidsolve CapsuleAcidsolve Capsule799.0
Biogetica Aerosolve TabletBiogetica Aerosolve Tablet664.05
Biogetica Circulosolve TabletBiogetica Circulosolve Tablet664.05
Biogetica Diasolve TabletBiogetica Diasolve Tablet664.05
Biogetica Immunofree TabletBiogetica Immunofree Tablet854.05
Biogetica Core Immunity Kit (ImmunoFree+Reginmune-30)Biogetica Core Immunity Kit (ImmunoFree+Reginmune-30)1803.1
Vasu Pep Up SyrupVasu Pep Up Syrup77.0
Lama Cough SyrupLama Cough Syrup70.0
Basic Ayurveda Yograj GugguluBasic Ayurveda Yograj Guggulu98.0
Birla Ayurveda Avipathi ChoornamBirla Ayurveda Avipathi Choornam68.0
Birla Ayurveda Thaaleesapathraadi Choornam Birla Ayurveda Thaaleesapathraadi Choornam68.0
Birla Ayurveda Indukaantham KashaayamBirla Ayurveda Indukaantham Kashaayam135.0
SK Urifighter CapsuleSK Urifighter Capsule170.0
Birla Ayurveda Kaisora GulguluBirla Ayurveda Kaisora Gulgulu Tablet162.0
Birla Ayurveda Manasamithram VatakamBirla Ayurveda Manasamithram Vatakam Tablet776.0
SK Height Fast Grow CapsuleSK Height Fast Grow Capsule406.0
Birla Ayurveda Varanadi GhritamBirla Ayurveda Varanadi Ghritam360.0
Birla Ayurveda Ashwagandhadi LehamBirla Ayurveda Ashwagandhadi Leham165.0
Birla Ayurveda Kanchanara GulguluBirla Ayurveda Kanchanara Gulgulu162.0
Birla Ayurveda Vayu GulikaBirla Ayurveda Vayu Gulika195.0
और पढ़ें ...


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