In an anteverted uterus, the uterus is tilted forward onto your cervix. If the tilt is too great, you may feel pressure or pain in the front of your pelvis.

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  1. What Does It Mean To Have An Anteverted Uterus?
  2. Symptoms Of Anteverted Uterus
  3. Cause Of Anteverted Uterus
  4. Diagnosis Of Anteverted Uterus
  5. Treatment Of Anteverted Uterus
  6. Summary

Your uterus is a reproductive organ that plays a vital role during menstruation and carrying a baby during pregnancy. If your doctor tells you that your uterus is retroverted, it means that your uterus is tilted forward at your cervix, toward your stomach. Most women have this type of uterus. A uterus that bends backward over the cervix is known as a retroverted uterus. Retroverted uterus is usually considered more serious. Like other parts of the body, the uterus also comes in many different sizes. An anteverted uterus occurs when your uterus tilts forward onto your cervix. Your uterus plays an important role in your reproductive system. The uterus is responsible for holding the baby during pregnancy and is an important part of menstruation. It's located in the pelvis between your bladder and rectum, although its exact location can vary from woman to woman. The anteverted uterus is usually located above and slightly behind the bladder and in front of your rectum. In some cases, the anterior uterus tilts forward which is severe. This can put pressure on your pelvis and cause discomfort during sex or menstruation.

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Most of the time there are no symptoms of an anteverted uterus. The condition of the uterus usually does not affect the ability of sperm to reach the egg. In very rare cases, an excessively tilted uterus may prevent this process. It is not known to cause any health concerns. It simply describes the position in which your uterus sits within your pelvis. In some cases, the bending is excessive and can cause pain. If this is the case, you may feel pain or discomfort in your pelvic area during sex. Some women have the opposite condition of an anteverted uterus, called a retroverted uterus. If your uterus is inverted, you are more likely to have symptoms such as back pain or discomfort during sex. The retroverted uterus bends backward toward the rectum.

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Many women are born with a posterior uterus. This is exactly the way their uterus was formed. In some cases, pregnancy and childbirth can change the shape of the uterus, causing it to become more distorted. Excessive sagging can occur when scar tissue develops due to previous surgery or a condition called endometriosis. In endometriosis, the tissue lining the uterus grows outward. One study found that women who have cesarean deliveries may be more likely to develop a tilt in the uterus.

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Your doctor may perform a pelvic exam, ultrasound, or both to see if your uterus is tilted forward. Ultrasound or sonogram can also be done. During a pelvic exam, the doctor can look and feel your vagina, ovaries, cervix, uterus and abdomen to check for any abnormalities or perform related tests.

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An anteverted uterus will not require treatment. No medicine or procedure has been created to cure this condition. If your uterus is inverted, you can still live a normal, pain-free life. An anteverted uterus does not affect sex life, but if you feel any pain or discomfort during sex, tell your doctor. If your uterus has tilted backward, you may need surgery to correct it. May reduce the risk of uterine health complications. Thus, women with an anteverted uterus can:

  • Practice Safe Sex To Reduce The Risk Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  • Visit Your Gynecologist Regularly For Pap Tests And Pelvic Exams.
  • Discuss With Your Doctor Any Pain Or Discomfort In The Abdomen, Lower Back, And Pelvic Area.
  • If You Notice Any Changes In Your Periods, Including Their Length Or Amount Of Bleeding, Talk To A Doctor.

Ultimately, there are no health risks to being in this position as long as your uterus is healthy. Remember, there is no need for any fear or worry due to an anteverted uterus. Still, if you're experiencing heavy, irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, or obvious infection signs, contact your provider. These issues may be symptoms of a condition that requires medical attention.

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Does Anteverted Uterus Affect Fertility?
Nearly 1 in every 6 couples in the United States struggles with infertility. Infertility can be caused by a problem in the male or female reproductive system or both. Problems with the female reproductive system are responsible for approximately 50 percent of infertility cases. An anteverted uterus is normal and does not usually cause reproductive problems. Problems with ovulation, cervix or fallopian tubes are the most common causes of female infertility.

Other things that can affect a woman's fertility include:

However, an anteverted uterus can sometimes cause problems during pregnancy. Symptoms may include:

In about 15 percent of cases, pregnancy begins with an anteverted uterus. The uterus begins to move upward on its own by the 14th week of pregnancy, but sometimes it remains in the same place and may become "wedged" into the pelvic cavity as it grows.

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An anteverted uterus is considered normal. This means that your uterus is tilted forward. This common condition does not have any significant impact on your sex life, your ability to get pregnant, or your overall health. Still, if you have any concerns, talk to your doctor.

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