Periods are a natural process occurring in women, which starts after a certain age. Sometimes periods can be more or less. Not only this, but some women also have intermittent periods. Stoppage of periods can bother women and this condition becomes a cause of worry for them. If seen, stress, obesity, and consumption of contraceptive pills are included behind the stop of periods. In such a situation, home remedies like ginger and papaya can help in regularizing periods.

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Today in this article, we are telling about the home remedies to regularize the stopped periods -

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  1. Causes for stopping periods
  2. Home remedies to start periods
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First of all, let us know what could be the reasons for stopping periods -

Menstrual periods can also stop as a result of medical conditions such as heart disease, uncontrolled diabetesoveractive thyroid, or premature menopause.

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Now that you have come to know the reasons for missing your periods, it is also necessary to know some home remedies to bring them back. Keep in mind that if the problem of stopping periods occurs occasionally, then home remedies can be adopted. On the other hand, if this is happening again and again, then it is better to consult a doctor about this. Come, now let's know the ways to bring stopped periods, which are as follows -


Papaya can be consumed to bring stopped periods. Carotene is found in plenty of it, which can help in regulating estrogen hormone and can help in bringing regular periods. Not only this, but it can also provide relief from menstrual pain. Therefore, before periods, definitely include papaya in your diet.

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Like papaya, another household ingredient ginger can also help bring stopped menstruation. According to research, the consumption of ginger has resulted in heavy bleeding in women. Apart from this, it can also provide relief from menstrual pain and behavioral and mood changes. In such a situation, women can consume ginger tea a few days before the expected date of onset of periods.

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Like ginger, another spice that is found in everyone's kitchen is cinnamon. It can help improve menstrual irregularities and can also be beneficial in reducing the problem of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In such a situation, women can consume cinnamon tea for irregular or closed periods.

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Avoid stress

As we have informed you in the beginning that periods can stop due to stress. In such a situation, try to keep yourself stress-free. It is a bit difficult in today's busy lifestyle, but women should try to stay stress-free and exercise. This can help in keeping the weight balanced along with stress. Losing or gaining weight can also be the reason for stopping periods. In such a situation, by exercising, there will be a difference in both stress and weight. Apart from this, women can listen to music, de-stress by watching a movie of their choice, or go out for a walk.

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Like papaya, the consumption of pineapple can also help in regularizing stopped periods. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which can help regulate periods. In such a situation, it is better when the day periods are near, then start consuming pineapple before that.

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Intake of vitamins

Sometimes due to not having enough vitamins in the body, there can be a problem with stopping periods. In such a situation, women should keep in mind whether all the essential nutrients and vitamins are included in their food or not. Make vegetablesfruits, and dairy products a part of your diet regularly.

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So these were some easy home remedies to bring back the stopped periods. If this problem happens occasionally, then there is nothing to panic. Yes, if periods stop repeatedly and for many days and months, then women should be alert and take this problem seriously. Remember that many types of information about women's health can be obtained from periods only, so never ignore the problem of periods.

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