Talking to women about periods is difficult, as talking about menstruation is considered a taboo topic in our society. But discussing women's health issues is the first step in understanding your body better and making sure you are in the best of health.

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For example, many women don't fully understand the difference between period symptoms that are normal or abnormal, which can also be a sign of a serious medical problem. So let's know about some such symptoms which show that your periods are not normal -

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  1. Extremely Heavy Bleeding During Period
  2. Cramps in Pelvic Area During Period
  3. Spotting During Periods
  4. Large Blood Clots During Menstruation
  5. Severe Lower Back Pain During Menses
  6. Pain in Bowel Movement During Period
  7. Takeaway

You've probably heard that the amount of blood you discharge during periods amounts to about a teaspoon or two. Even if it covers your pad or tampon, it's not a lot of blood, so it's no cause for alarm. But some women have a really heavy flow.

There is an important difference between heavy periods and extremely heavy periods. If you use more than 5 pads or tampons per day, and they are heavy with blood, talk to your doctor about possible hormone imbalances and health concerns.

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Even if many women experience menstrual cramps during their period, it is certainly not normal. If you are experiencing extremely painful and shooting sensations in your pelvic region during your periods, then you really should not ignore this problem. This type of pain should be reported to a medical professional as soon as possible.

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Not every woman has regular periods and sometimes confusion can arise among women as to how regular periods should be. Let's say a good cycle is between 28 and 32 days. If it is less or more than that then you should check your hormones. Spotting is nothing when your periods are not scheduled. But it can also be a serious sign that something isn't quite right. So do get it checked once.

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Your period blood should flow easily and yet some women think it is normal to have large blood clots during their period. Some clotting may occur during a period, especially at night during a cycle, but large clots are not a part of the average period. These clots can also get stuck inside the mouth of the uterus which causes many serious diseases.

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Back pain during periods is nothing painful, but more severe pain is an unusual symptom. This type of pain, along with pain in other areas of the pelvis, can indicate a variety of health problems such as endometriosis, cysts, or fibroids.

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There can be many reasons for severe and painful bowel movements, and many of these are unrelated to your cycle. If these occur frequently or only during your periods, you may have endometriosis. It's not unusual to have some pain with bowel movements during periods, but more severe pain can cause your uterine walls to bulge. Also in general, keep in mind two rules of thumb -

  • Know the difference between moderate and severe symptoms.
  • Any changes may result in changes to your report. When menstrual symptoms make a sudden drastic change, talk to your doctor about new or worsening symptoms.

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Any woman can be a victim of abnormal periods. At the same time, often women do not know what are the symptoms of this problem. Therefore, here we have tried to tell about what symptoms can be seen when menstruation is abnormal. To avoid such conditions, every woman should take a nutritious diet. Along with this, exercise, yoga, and meditation should be done regularly.

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