High blood pressure has become a common problem in today's lifestyle. This problem occurs due to not eating right as well as taking more stress. People facing blood pressure should take special care of eating more and also they should include food rich in potassium in their diet so that their BP remains under control. Also, they should completely reduce the amount of salt in their food. At the same time, this question also remains in the minds of people facing high blood pressure whether tea should be drunk for high blood pressure or not. Some research says that patients with high blood pressure are benefited from drinking green tea, black tea, and hibiscus tea.

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Today, through this article, you will know whether tea should be drunk for high blood pressure or not -

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Doctors for Can You Drink Tea With High Blood Pressure

Mostly, scientific research says that a person suffering from high blood pressure can consume tea in limited quantities. Nevertheless, there are some situations in which the patient suffering from this disease should avoid tea.

Come, let us try to understand through some points when people with high blood pressure should consume tea and when not -

  • If people with high blood pressure have acidity problems, then they should not drink tea at all.
  • People with high blood pressure should not drink tea when they are worried or stressed. If they drink tea, there is a risk of increasing blood pressure.
  • If people with high blood pressure have a burning sensation while passing urine, then in this condition also they should avoid tea. Drinking too much tea causes a burning sensation in the chest and stomach.
  • Although no person should drink tea on an empty stomach, in case of high blood pressure, drinking tea on an empty stomach can increase its level. In this condition, there may be a burning sensation in the chest.
  • At the same time, many researchers have found that a compound called catechin present in green and black tea relaxes blood vessels, which can lower blood pressure.
  • Tea also contains L-theanine. It is a type of amino acid, which can control the blood pressure of people in a state of stress and can also reduce stress.

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According to a study conducted on Chinese people, drinking at least half a cup of green tea per day can reduce the risk of high blood pressure by almost 50%. Not only this, according to recent research, antioxidants called flavonoids found in tea can protect against heart disease. Consumption of green tea black tea and hibiscus tea can help in controlling high blood pressure. Come, let us know which are the best teas for high blood pressure -

Green tea

According to research published in 2013, the consumption of green tea can lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Antioxidants and polyphenols are found in abundance in green tea. These elements help in controlling the level of blood pressure.

Along with this, green tea also has anti-hypertensive properties, which relax the blood vessels. It contains an element called catechin, which can help reduce bad cholesterol. It is believed that increasing the level of cholesterol also increases blood pressure.

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Black tea

Black tea can also reduce blood pressure in the same way as green tea can. It also has the properties of protecting the heart. According to much research, blood pressure can be reduced or controlled by the consumption of black tea. Black tea is also known to be effective for people facing high blood pressure. The flavonoids present in black tea can help prevent the risk of heart problems and improve blood flow in the arteries.

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Hibiscus Tea

According to the report of Howard Health, hibiscus tea can prove beneficial in controlling and reducing blood pressure. This herbal tea also can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol i.e. bad cholesterol. Consuming hibiscus tea reduces LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Apart from being rich in antioxidants, potassiummagnesium, and calcium are also present in this herbal tea.

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Dealing with high blood pressure can be frustrating, but it can be managed with lifestyle changes, exercise, and medication. According to some studies, drinking tea can be a good and healthy habit to incorporate into your daily routine to help lower blood pressure. For this, consuming only some selected and beneficial tea can prove to be beneficial. Black tea, green tea, and hibiscus tea are considered good for people facing high blood pressure. Nevertheless, before consuming these teas, do take the doctor's advice.

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