Most people associate chest pain as an indication of a heart attack, more so if it is experienced on the left side. However, there can be many more factors that may be responsible for chest pain. The non-cardiac (non-heart related) reasons which can cause chest pain could be due to a pathology in lungs, ribs, muscles that form the chest wall and can be even from oesophagus (food pipe) or stomach problems. Angina is the most commonly used term for chest pain caused due to cardiac reasons. Many a times, the reason for chest pain could be stress, mental or physical. Even anxiety or panic attacks can cause chest pain that mimics a heart attack. People with depression often complaint of chest pains too. There can be other symptoms associated with chest pains like pressure in the chest, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath.

Chest pain could manifest as a sharp pain in the central chest region or a feeling as if something is squeezing the chest. Homoeopathy has been proven effective in treating chest pains. It is a science which follows a unique method of taking the totality of symptoms and selecting a medicine which has the capacity to produce similar symptoms in a healthy individual. In this way, homoeopathy treats the complaint from the root. Common remedies used to treat chest pain include cactus grandiflorus, bryonia alba, nux vomica, phosphorus and naja tripudians.

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Chest Pain

Various remedies are available in homoeopathy for treating chest pains. However, each remedy has its own peculiar symptoms that indicate its usage. Some of the most commonly used remedies for chest pain are:

  • Arnica Montana
    Common Name:
    Leopard’s bane
    Symptoms: Patients who benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms -
    • Pain due to injury, fall or a blow to the chest.
    • Soreness or bruised pain.
    • Neuralgic pain (nerves are affected).
    • Pain due to overuse of any organs or strain.
    • Pain or conditions effecting bones or cartilages.
    • Pain in chest which radiates to the elbow, like angina pectoris.
    • Stitching pain (localised sharp pain) in the region of heart
    • Blue colouration in skin, which happens due to bruises. A tendency to bleed easily and pain in back and shoulders.
    • Pain worsens even by the slightest touch and is better by lying down.
    • Difficulty in breathing with cardiac symptoms
  • Bryonia Alba
    Common Name: Wild Hops
    Symptoms: Patients for whom this remedy is effective, experience symptoms such as:
    • Severe pain, which feels as if muscles or organs are tearing.
    • Stitching kind of pain in the whole body.
    • Irritability.
    • Pain is worsened by even slightest movement.
    • A feeling of pressure in the chest.
    • Along with pain, person has an extremely dry mouth and lips and feels a thirst for large quantities of water.
    • Constipation along with passage of large and hard stools. Immense heaviness in the stomach so that the person keeps on feeling as if there is a stone in the stomach. Bronchitis, associated with expulsion of rust coloured cough or phlegm. A cough so bad so it feels as if the chest would break and fly into pieces.
    • Terrible headache as if head is being split apart
    • Frequent desire to take long breaths so that the lungs can expand well.
  • Kali Carbonicum
    Common Name:
    Carbonate of potassium
    Symptoms: Following symptoms indicate Kali Carb as the remedy:
    • Weakness
    • Depression
    • Varied types of pain like stitching, sharp, cutting, felt in the chest.
    • Pain improves when the person is moving around.
    • Bronchitis.
    • Dry cough and breathlessness which is worse from 2 to 3 am.
    • Wheezing. The person feels better by sitting and bending forwards.
    • Anxiety and palpitations.
    • Burning sensation in the chest.
    • Back pain with a lot of weakness and stiffness.
  • Phosphorus
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: It suits individuals who appear tall, slender and have a narrow chest. They are very susceptible to external stimulation like light, sound, strong odours and weathers. Following symptoms indicate the need for this remedy:
    • Inflammation of the respiratory tract.
    • Sudden appearance of symptoms.
    • Lot of cough and lungs feel congested.
    • Anxiety and palpitation felt in the heart region.
    • Heart is dilated, bigger and broader.
    • A desire for cold water.
  • Nux Vomica
    Common Name:
    Poison nut
    Symptoms: Poison nut is the remedy for modern life, where people are just running, stressed and addicted to a lot of stimulants like smoking or alcohol, all of which are responsible for aggravating the condition. These people are very sensitive to slightest noise, strong odours and even strong light.  It is more commonly given to men since they show a better response to this remedy. However, it may also be suggested to women. Following symptoms indicate the need for this remedy:
    • Chest pains, which are gastric in origin. Gastric reflux and difficulty in passing gas.
    • Tightness in the chest region that is periodically experienced.
    • Asthma due to fullness or bloating of stomach
    • Respiration is very shallow i.e., short breaths.
  • Pulsatilla pratensis
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: Pulsatilla is mainly suited to those who have mild, yielding and gentle nature. They are very sensitive and cry easily. Such people are also very indecisive and desire to be in open air always. It is a great remedy for women. This remedy is rarely suggested to men, but it can be used for men when applicable. Following symptoms are peculiar to this remedy. They help to distinguish from other remedies depending on the symptoms of the individual.
    • Severe pressure like pain in the chest with soreness, mainly due to cough. Cough with phlegm in the morning.
    • Along with chest pain, there is soreness in the upper abdomen region also.
    • Pain in chest which feels as if from an ulcer.
    • Palpitations and anxiety, especially in closed rooms and on lying on left side.
  • Naja Tripudians
    Common Name:
    Venom of the cobra
    Symptoms: The remedy suits individuals who are sad, depressed and have suicidal thoughts along with chest pain. Following symptoms are peculiar to this remedy. They help to distinguish from other remedies depending on the symptoms of the individual.
    • Pain and heaviness in the heart region
    • A Sensation of weight in chest near the heart region.
    • Chest pains radiate to the nape of neck and left shoulder.
    • Excessive fear of death with anxiety.
    • Along with chest pain and heart-related symptoms, there is pain in forehead and temples.
    • Rapid heartbeats.
    • Pain as if some stitches have been made in the chest region.
    • Difficulty in breathing.
    • Fear of being alone is constant. Fear of rain is also marked.
    • The person feels better in open air.
  • Cactus Grandiflorus
    Common Name:
    Night blooming cereus
    Symptoms: Following symptoms indicate the need for this remedy.
    • Breathlessness along with a constant feeling of weight on chest.
    • Feeling of constriction in chest which makes breathing difficult.
    • Swelling of diaphragm (a layer of muscle separating the chest from abdomen)
    • Rapid heartbeats with pain moving towards the left arm.
    • Consistent sensation as if an iron band is  tied around chest.
    • Cold sweat and anxiety.
    • Low blood pressure
    • Pulse is weak and feeble.
    • Pain, so severe that the person screams loudly.
    • Symptoms worsen when these individuals lie on the left side.
  • Sepia
    Common Name: I
    nky juice of cuttlefish
    Symptoms: This remedy suits people who are tall, thin, and fair. Following symptoms indicate the need for this remedy:
    • Difficulty in breathing, especially when walking.
    • Symptoms worst at night.
    • Pain- stitching type, on left side of chest and on the back,  near the shoulder blade.
    • Heaviness in the chest due to collection of mucus.
    • Chest pain worsens with movements.
    • Itching, tickling and cramps felt in chest.
    • A pricking kind of sensation felt in the chest while breathing.
    • Constant palpitations.
    • Constant sensation of a ball in the abdomen.
    • Associated symptoms of nausea and vomiting persist.
    • Mentally such people feel sad, depressed and restless.
    • Fear of being alone and sensitivity to noise.
    • Lack of confidence, leading to mistakes in writing and speaking.
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  • While taking homoeopathic medicines, it is necessary to avoid any activities or food that can interfere with medicines.
  • One should regularly do some exercises and manual work so as to remain physically fit and mentally relaxed.
  • Food should be taken cautiously. One must consume healthy food. (Read more: Balanced diet benefits)
  • In a chronic case, it is necessary to note all the signs and symptoms.
  • In acute conditions, one must take adequate rest.


  • It is very important to keep homoeopathic medicines safely, away from sunlight and strong smelling substances since these can affect the potency of medicines.
  • Anything in the diet that can react with the medicines should be avoided such as
    • Strong smelling foods and drinks like coffee, herb teas, fine liquors prepared with medicinal spices, spiced chocolate
    • Medicinally compounded tooth powders and mouthwashes
    • Highly seasoned foods and sauces
    • Frozen goods like ice creams
    • Raw herbs on soups, medicinal herbs in foods
    • Celery, parsley, stale cheese and meat
  • One must not lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Homoeopathic treatment works in a holistic manner to alleviate the underlying condition and provide a permanent solution. In case of chest pain, it may be a chronic disease like blockages of the coronary arteries of the heart, heart failure, or damaged heart valves. Homoeopathy strengthens the innate immunity and improves the blood supply to the heart, reducing chest pain. However, it is necessary to get a detailed history of symptoms from the patient to completely treat the condition. The founder of Homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann has mentioned that it is necessary to treat the individual based on the cause, i.e., his or her inner susceptibility, which is called as miasm. If treated on miasmatic backgrounds, the relief obtained is permanent, especially for diseases that are long-standing. So, for a proper, rapid and permanent cure, one must take homoeopathic treatment from a qualified homoeopathic doctor.

Homoeopathic medicines are given in very minute doses and hence there has been no documentation on its side effects or any kind of risk after taking them. But these medicines should not be taken without the prescription of a homoeopathic physician since it is prescribed on the basis of individual factors and body constitution. 

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Chest pain is usually misinterpreted as myocardial infarction (heart attack) by most people. Though, it can be due to many reasons and one must get a proper diagnosis to find the cause of the disease. Homoeopathic physicians work towards a holistic treatment to restore health in an individual along with an improvement in their mental state.

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