Apple is delicious to eat and full of nutrients. Iron, vitamins, and minerals are found in good amounts in apples. Apart from this, carbs and sugar are also found in apples. In this context, apple is considered good for health. Now the question arises whether sugar patients can eat apples because it becomes necessary to control the diet in case of diabetes. There are many such things, such as eating which can make the problem of diabetes serious. Therefore, it is justified to be skeptical about eating apples.

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Today in this article you will know whether you can eat apples in diabetes or not -

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  1. Is Apple Good for Diabetes?
  2. Nutrients in apples
  3. Benefits of eating an apple for diabetes
  4. Keep these things in mind while eating apples in diabetes
  5. Takeaway
Doctors for Is Apple Good for Diabetes Patients?

Yes, apple is beneficial for overall health. Eating apples can also help in curing many health problems. At the same time, the level of carbs and sugar in an apple is high, while diabetes patients are advised to refrain from taking carbohydrates and sugar. Nevertheless, diabetic patients can eat apples, because the carbs and sugar present in apples does not affect the health of diabetic patients much.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), apples contain carbs and sugar, but there is no problem with eating apples in type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Apples are rich in fiber and other nutrients. Therefore, eating an apple for diabetes is also considered beneficial.

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Apple is a nutritious fruit. The following nutrients are found in a medium-sized apple (about 182 grams) -

Apart from this, apples contain vitamin A, E, B, K, and folate. Therefore, you can always make apples a part of your diet to stay healthy.

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Fiber, protein, and many vitamins are found in apples. The nutrients present in apples are essential for diabetes patients. This can provide energy to people with diabetes and can also improve heart health. Some such major advantages are explained in detail below -

Keep weight under control

People with diabetes may be overweight as compared to other people. Many people have to deal with severe obesity in diabetes, but apple can help in controlling the weight of diabetes patients. Apples have more fiber and water. Taking fiber makes the stomach feel full for a long time. In such a situation, the patient can avoid overeating and it can help in reducing weight.

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Reduce inflammation

Once a person has diabetes, he has to face various other diseases as well. Swelling in the body is also a problem in this. If someone has diabetes, then apples can be included in their diet. Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, and antioxidants are found in good quantity in apples. All these properties can help reduce inflammation.

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Lower blood sugar level

Although apples contain carbs and sugar, they do not raise blood sugar levels. Flavonoids such as quercetin are present in apples. These can help in controlling the blood sugar level. Apart from this, natural sugar is found in apples. This sugar is in the form of fructose. It does not affect the body like other sugars. Natural sugar fructose is different from refined and processed sugar. Therefore, the sugar present in apples does not increase the blood sugar level.

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Reduce insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a condition in which cells present in the muscles, fat, and liver do not respond properly to insulin and insulin does not use the glucose present in the blood to make energy. In such a situation, eating an apple is beneficial. Apple can reduce insulin resistance. This can convert glucose into energy.

Apples (especially apple peels) contain polyphenols, which stimulate the pancreas to release insulin and help cells take up sugar. This gives energy to the body and can reduce the level of blood sugar.

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Lower risk of diabetes

If someone does not have diabetes or has prediabetes, then you can make apples a part of their regular diet. Antioxidants found in apples can reduce the risk of diabetes. Many studies have found that eating apples reduces the risk of diabetes. Antioxidants prevent some harmful chemical reactions in the body and control blood sugar.

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Low glycemic index

To stay healthy, foods with low glycemic index should be consumed. When a person takes a high glycemic index diet, the risk of many diseases including diabetes and cancer can increase. Therefore, if one has diabetes, then take only low glycemic index foods.

At the same time, the glycemic index is low in apples. An apple has a glycemic index score of 36, which does not affect insulin and blood sugar levels. Therefore, diabetic patients can eat apples, but avoid eating apples in excess.

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A patient suffering from diabetes must pay attention to something while eating apples -

  • Avoiding apple juice - Diabetes patients should avoid fruit juice. Apple juice should also not be drunk during diabetes, because it contains more sugar and less fiber.
  • Eat medium-sized apples - Diabetes patients should also consume apples in limited quantities. You can eat a medium-sized apple. Eating a large apple increases the risk of increasing blood sugar.

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Apple is a nutritious fruit. Apple contains fiber, protein, and many vitamins, so it is also considered beneficial for diabetes patients. Therefore, if someone has diabetes, then a limited amount of apples can be consumed. This can not only control diabetes but can also have other health benefits. Of course, apple is a nutritious fruit, but the patient with diabetes must ask the doctor once before consuming it.

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