There is no doubt that smoking is injurious to health. People who smoke have a higher risk of cancer and heart disease than other people. Smoking can damage organs like the lungs, liver, and heart. The nicotine present in smoking can also affect a woman's fertility. A woman who smokes may find it difficult to conceive. Even abortion can be faced. According to research, at least 13% of couples have to deal with weak or low fertility due to smoking.

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Today in this article, you will know in detail about the effect of smoking on female fertility -

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Smoking is harmful to both men and women. Smoking can weaken the fertility of women. According to research, women who smoke may also face infertility. Smoking affects the fertility of women in the following ways -

Trouble conceiving

Many studies have shown that women who smoke cigarettes daily may take longer to get pregnant. For women who smoke 2-4 cigarettes per day, getting pregnant is not less than a challenge, but it does not mean that 1 cigarette can be smoked daily. To get pregnant, it is necessary to make a complete distance from smoking.

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Fallopian tube problems

Women who smoke may face problems related to fallopian tubes. In this situation, there can be an obstruction in pregnancy i.e. when there is a problem in the fallopian tube, it becomes difficult for the egg and sperm to meet. In such a situation, the risk of ectopic pregnancy increases.

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Damage to eggs

Some studies have shown that smoking does not affect fertility at the same time as cigarette smoking, but may occur later. If a woman smokes cigarettes every day now but stops smoking after a few years or months, then also infertility may have to be faced. The reason behind this is that the toxins of smoking present in the body have already affected fertility.

Men produce new sperm throughout their lives. But the eggs with which women are born, they have that many eggs. In such a situation, once the eggs are damaged due to smoking, they cannot be made again. Smoking can reduce the number of eggs present in a woman's ovaries. This can make it difficult to conceive in the future.

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Harm to developing fetus

Many times a woman gets pregnant despite smoking, but damage to the eggs can harm the developing fetus. Not only this, but smoking also increases the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, if a woman smokes and gets pregnant, she should stop smoking or taking drugs immediately, otherwise, she may face miscarriage.

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Miscarriage due to smoking

It has been proved in many research that smoking increases the risk of miscarriage. According to research, 30 percent of women have faced miscarriages due to smoking. Let us tell you that smoking can harm a child even before birth. In such a situation, after pregnancy, you should not smoke at all.

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Effects of Smoking on Childbirth

Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage. At the same time, many women survive the abortion, but due to smoking the baby may have to face birth defects -

  • Heart defects or problems
  • Limb defects (lack of full development of one arm or leg)
  • Eye problems
  • Hernia
  • Gastrointestinal defects

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Smoking can cause long-term damage to fertility. Studies have also shown that fertility rates can improve a year after quitting smoking. So, if you want to conceive and are a smoker, stop smoking completely for at least one year before planning to conceive. Apart from this, if your male partner also smokes cigarettes, there may be a problem in conceiving, because smoking reduces the fertility of both men and women.

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