It is common for people to become victims of stress due to infertility. In the same way, due to stress, there can be a problem of infertility. Not getting enough sleep, not taking the right diet, and not exercising are the reasons for stress, which can lead to infertility problems. As a treatment for this, talking to the partner, relaxation therapy, and dealing with sexual stress can be helpful.

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Today in this article, you will know in detail about the causes and treatment of infertility and stress -

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It would not be right to say that only stress causes infertility problems. Yes, it can be said that stress can reduce the ability of any woman to get pregnant. Research has shown that women suffering from depression are twice as likely to have infertility. Studies conducted on women undergoing in vitro fertilization have shown that stress can reduce the rate of pregnancy.

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Stress is caused by many unhealthy reasons, which affects fertility oppositely. This includes not getting enough sleep, not consuming the right diet, drinking alcohol, etc. Come, let us know in detail about the causes of stress -

Alcohol abuse

Being a victim of stress, some people start drinking alcohol, which is not right. Many researchers say that no matter how much alcohol is taken, it is not 100 percent safe for pregnancy.

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Sexual stress

Sex is a good way to reduce stress, but when trying to get pregnant again and again, scheduling sex at that time can also be a stressful task, which negatively affects fertility.

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Smoking is linked to an increased risk of blocked fallopian tubes. Apart from increasing the risk of cervical cancer, it also damages the egg in the ovaries, which increases the risk of miscarriage. Many people think that smoking reduces stress, but it also plays an important role in promoting infertility.

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Caffeine intake

A cup of coffee helps to release stress, but few people know that excessive coffee affects fertility. According to research, too much coffee has negative effects on the body, especially when a woman is suffering from fertility issues.

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Exercise in the right amount leads to a healthy body by reducing stress. Neither exercising more nor doing less is good. According to research, women who exercise for 4 hours or more every week have better fertility levels than women who do not exercise at all.

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Research suggests that there is a correlation between obesity and infertility in women. If obesity is even a little high in a woman, it can affect her fertility.

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Not taking the right diet

When people are under stress, they rarely eat healthy food. Some people's appetite disappears, while some people seem to run away from stress just by eating unhealthy food.

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Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough and deep sleep due to work can affect not only the body but also the fertility capacity. According to research, people who sleep less than 5 hours every night, are not only prone to obesity but also increase the risk of pregnancy-related problems and miscarriage.

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Treatment for infertility and stress depends on its cause, which includes improving sleep habits, exercising, abstaining from caffeine, and quitting alcohol. Let us know in detail about the treatment of infertility and stress -

Relaxation therapy

Relaxation therapy is necessary to relieve stress. Expert help can be taken for this. This also helps in leading a healthy lifestyle, which ultimately affects reproductive health and fertility. Deep breathing and meditation etc can be done in this.

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To increase fertility chances, it is right to have sex at the appointed time, but only when it is not causing stress. This is called sexual stress, which puts extra pressure on both men and women, better aim to have sex two to three times a week without any extra pressure.

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Stay away from alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking promote infertility and stress. That's why, it is better to keep a distance from both of them.

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Abstain from caffeine

A doctor should be consulted about how much caffeine is to be consumed daily and not to be consumed. Consuming more than a limited amount of caffeine can affect naturally occurring fertility.

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Exercising is a great way to get rid of stress, but it is important to keep in mind that it should be done in the right amount without doing too much exercise.

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Right diet

It is necessary to stay away from any kind of dieting or diet plan. A balanced diet with whole grains, plenty of vegetablesfruits, healthy fats, and proteins can help combat stress and infertility.

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Improve sleep

Fixing a daily bedtime can help in improving sleeping habits. Not only this, distancing yourself from devices and drinking a cup of herbal tea just before bed can help you fall asleep.

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Both infertility and stress complement each other. Stress can cause infertility and infertility can cause stress. The causes of infertility and stress include not taking the right diet, not getting enough sleep, not exercising in the right amount, smoking, and alcohol. Its treatment includes eating the right diet, having sex without extra pressure, relaxation therapy, and keeping a distance from alcohol and smoking. If even then the problem is not cured, then a doctor should be checked.

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