The risk of diseases increases with age, which makes health insurance very important for the senior members of the household. myUpchar Bima Plus is a simple health insurance plan; however, it can work well for the elderly members of your family. This policy will make it easier for them to deal with health-related problems and the expenses that come with them. After 60 years, when the body starts getting tired and the steady flow of income stops, diseases start to spread more rapidly than before. At such times, myUpchar Bima Plus policy helps them manage expenses of hospitalization, operations, day-care treatments as well as pre and post hospitalization.

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  1. Why health insurance is important for the elderly
  2. Disadvantages of adding seniors to family floater insurance
  3. Types of health insurance for senior citizens
  4. Why buy myUpchar Bima Plus policy for seniors
  5. Benefits of myUpchar Bima Plus Policy for senior citizens

Taking health insurance can be extremely beneficial for the senior members of the household. Not only does the risk of diseases increase with age but the fear of injury due to the weakening of the body also becomes heightened. At this age, the sources of income reduce for most and health insurance can play an important role in managing the expenses related to illnesses. The health problems can range from cataracts, piles, enlargement of the prostate, arthritis, heart attack, Alzheimer's, pneumonia, obesity, depression. Additionally, health insurance may come in handy in case a fall occurs as well. 

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Most people have a health insurance policy for their families. Your insurance company may allow you to include senior members of the household in your family floater health insurance. However, you have to understand that by doing this, the premium of your insurance policy will increase significantly. This happens because insurance companies charge the premium of any health policy on the basis of the age of the senior-most member in it. Therefore, our advice to you would be not to include the elderly in your family floater, but buy a separate policy for them.

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If you have elderly members in your house, then you can take a senior citizen health insurance plan for them, while keeping in mind their special needs. If they already have a health insurance plan, then you can continue it further. Before taking senior citizen health insurance, always gather as much information as you can about the policy. Even after taking the policy, you have a free-look period of 15 days, in which you can return the policy if you do not like it. It is important to read the policy document, as some policies have a co-payment of up to 20-50%. It’s best to know such conditions going in so that they don’t come as a surprise when it’s time to make the payment.

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While myUpchar Bima Plus policy is not designed keeping the elderly in mind, it can be very beneficial for the senior members of your household. The country's number one health-tech portal and Care Health Insurance, a leading company in the field of health insurance, have come together to bring this plan to you. Below are some of the ways this policy can prove to be beneficial for senior citizens:

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  • Lower premium than other policies: Health insurance companies keep on increasing the premium as one gets older. If you buy a health insurance plan for the elderly from any other company, then you may have to pay an annual premium anywhere between Rs 25,000-50,000 or for the sum insured of Rs 3 lakhs. Whereas on purchasing myUpchar Insurance Plus policy for two senior members of the household, you will have to pay only about Rs 16,000 as a premium.
  • Network hospital: Care Health Insurance is the trust behind myUpchar Bima Plus. Care Insurance has more than 7,000 hospitals in its network, which assure you of cashless treatment at the right time.

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  • Claim ratio: One of the most important features of any health insurance is timely claim delivery. In this context, the claim ratio of Care Health Insurance is 95.47% and the company is second in the industry in this regard. This indicates that you will get the claim easily in times of trouble.
  • Online doctor consultation: In old age, frequent deterioration of health is common. In such a situation, paying the doctor's fees, again and again, may turn out to be hard on your budget. In myUpchar Bima Plus, you are given the facility of 24X7 free online doctor consultation along with the insurance.

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  • Tax exemption: If you take this policy for your parents, then you will also get tax exemption under section 80D of Income Tax. Additionally, your parents will also get the benefit of cashless facilities in more than 7,000 network hospitals.

If you take myUpchar Insurance Plus policy for the elders of your house then you don't have to be as afraid of COVID-19 as the infection is covered in this policy. Room rent of 1% of the total sum insured per day, ICU expenses of 2% of total sum insured per day and all in-hospitalization expenses like doctor's fees, medicines, tests, etc. are covered under this policy.

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  • Pre and post hospitalization cover: After taking the myUpchar Bima Plus policy, if the seniors in your household have to be hospitalized, then the medical expenses up to 30 days before and 60 days after discharge from the hospital are covered under this policy. Is. This policy also covers certain pre-existing diseases after the waiting period of 24 months but for some diseases, you may have to wait up to 48 months.
  • No pre-policy checkup: You don't need to do a health checkup for the elders before taking myUpchar Insurance Plus policy. Under this policy, you can also claim ambulance expenses up to Rs 1,500 in case of an emergency.
  • Claims for critical illnesses: Under myUpchar Insurance Plus policy, claims for treatment of life-threatening diseases are also given. Not only this but daycare procedures and home care expenses are also covered under this health plan.

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