The risk of high BP increases with age, but with the help of a balanced lifestyle and some exercise, you can reduce the problem of high BP. Before that, it is important to know what kind of exercise matters to control BP. Do not think that you have to become an expert in exercise, instead start slow exercise to control BP and include more physical activities in everyday life.

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Today, through this article, you will know which exercises are done to reduce high BP -

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High blood pressure can be reduced by various types of exercises, which have been explained in detail here -

Aerobic exercise

Although there are many types of exercises to control BP. But aerobic exercise is most beneficial for reducing BP. Aerobic exercise includes basketball, tennis, joggingswimming, and household chores such as sweeping the floor. According to experts, exercise for 150 minutes a week. Do not worry if your BP increases while doing aerobic exercise. This is temporary. As soon as you are normal, your BP will also be normal.

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According to experts, cycling reduces BP. Therefore, high BP patients can reduce their BP by doing regular cycling. Cycling has other benefits, such as strengthening the muscles of the legs, which has a direct effect on vascular health. Instead of cycling for hours every day, you can get the most out of it by cycling for two to four hours a whole week. This will also not harm your joint.

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Some time ago there was a research. In this, researchers included 43 adult men and women who had started swimming a week earlier. It was found on the conclusion that for people who do regular swimming, their high BP level decreases. In this way, swimming is also one of the useful exercises in reducing high BP.

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Weight lifting

Weight training is also a beneficial exercise in reducing high BP. Keep in mind that weight training, like aerobic exercise, temporarily increases BP. Especially when you hold your breath while lifting a heavy weight, it is normal for the BP to rise. Doing weight lifting exercises for a long time reduces the problem of high BP and also benefits your overall health.

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Some things need to be kept in mind while exercising, which are mentioned below -

  • Some people exercise for hours one day a week instead of exercising daily. While doing this makes the body more tired and you do not get its full benefit.
  • Due to exercising for hours, you may get hurt or the body may have to suffer some kind of damage.
  • If you do not get half an hour to exercise daily, then divide the exercise into three parts by doing ten minutes each. In this way, you will be saved from over-exercising and will also be able to take full advantage of the exercise.
  • While doing any exercise, if you have problems like chest pain, chest tightness, dizzinessfatigue, or shortness of breath, stop exercising immediately.
  • Be sure to consult a doctor before starting any kind of exercise.

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You can reduce your high BP by doing the exercises mentioned here. But while doing exercise, keep in mind that if there is any problem then do not exercise. Also, it would be better to consult your doctor before starting the exercise. Also, in the beginning, exercise only under the supervision of the trainer.

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