While planning for pregnancy, a woman needs to make many changes to their routine. Picking up healthy habits is good and all but it would not be helpful unless you don't cut down on certain routines that may be doing more harm than good. Here is a small list of such things that may help you safely glide through your pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. So, read carefully!

Avoid binge eating
Though it is generally advised to eat more when you are pregnant, pregnancy is not the time for excessive weight gain. Sure you are eating for two and suffer from untimely and continuous cravings. But that doesn't mean you develop poor eating habits. Obesity or weight gain is a serious problem in itself, it can become even more threatening if you are pregnant and expecting a child. Unnecessary weight gain may add complications at the time of delivery, especially in case of diabetes. Try to control the rate of your weight gain and keep an eye on what you eat and how much you eat. Always remember healthy weight can be maintained by consuming healthy and nutritious foods and avoiding junk foods.

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Avoid Half-fried eggs
Pregnancy is all about eating healthy. Your body is constantly spending energy on mending your own wear and tear and making your baby's tissues and organs and to maintain that you need enough proteins. Nothing says healthy proteins than a well-cooked egg including both whites and yolk. This one food can help meet a major part of the protein requirements of both you and your baby. However, you should avoid eating half-boiled or half-fried eggs as it can increase the chances of contracting Salmonella, which is a bacterial infection affecting our intestines.

Common symptoms of Salmonella infection include diarrhoea, cramps, fever, headache, vomiting, and blood in stool. Another alarming fact about eggs is that they may contain certain antibiotics, which are injected into the reared animals. Ideally, you should opt for organic eggs when it comes to your pregnancy diet.

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High intensity work out
Exercise has its undeniable place when it comes to health and fitness. Most women tend to quit working out during pregnancy but experts suggest that regular exercise during pregnancy can help keep both you and your baby safe and healthy. However, you must choose the right kind of exercise. If you want easy and manageable labour, engage in moderate density exercise every day such as warm-up, walking, breathing exercise. Stop doing weight lifting and high-intensity training. Always keep in mind that any wrong step can damage your and baby’s health. Always consult an expert before you try any fitness regime.

Stress can have an unforeseen and damaging effect on your health and the development of your baby. It can create serious problems for both. Avoiding any mental or physical stress is essential in preventing any major complications during pregnancy or labour. Negative effects of stress can make it difficult for you to conceive properly and can even lead to premature births. The more you feel happy, cheerful and enjoy your life the better are the chances of a safe and normal delivery.

You can reduce stress levels by trying activities like yoga or swimming, practicing meditation and interacting more with your partner. Talk to your physician or seek advice from experts if you are facing any complications before or during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable and sensitive periods in a woman’s life. It is important for you as a woman and expecting mother to eat healthy and live better to ensure the health and safety of your child. So pay utmost attention to what you eat while steering clear of the things that may hamper your health.

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