There is a home remedy to test pregnancy with sugar. A pregnancy test is done by mixing urine with sugar in the absence of a period. In this test, the test is done by mixing sugar and urine in a clean bowl. This is a popular and exciting way to find out about pregnancy.

Come, let us know how to do a pregnancy test with sugar and what is the truth behind this method -

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  1. What is a sugar pregnancy test?
  2. How do test with sugar?
  3. How to find results?
  4. What is the truth of this test?
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Doctors for Can pregnancy test be done with sugar?

A sugar pregnancy test is a home method to confirm pregnancy. This can be done after 2 weeks of missed periods. In this, the woman's urine is mixed with sugar. Through this, an attempt is made to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) i.e. pregnancy hormone in the urine.

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This test is done as soon as you wake up in the morning, the process of doing which is explained below -

  • Take sugar in a clean bowl.
  • Put a few drops of the first-morning urine sample in that clean bowl.
  • Then wait for some time.
  • During this time do not shake the cup or mix things.

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To know whether the result of the pregnancy sugar test is positive or negative, the sugar and urine mixture should be checked in the following ways -

Positive sugar pregnancy test result

If sugar flakes are visible in the urine, then the test is positive. Sugar does not melt normally in a positive test. Along with this, some foam can also be seen in this mixture. The froth is at the very bottom of the cup. The size of the foam can be big or small, but sugar does not melt and dissolve in the urine.

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Negative sugar pregnancy test result

If the result of the test is negative, the sugar will get mixed in the urine and will also melt. In this situation, no lump or foam will be seen in the cup. Also, there will be no color change.

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Sugar pregnancy test results cannot be trusted blindly. Mix results can be found in this test. Even in the research, there is no solid evidence of this. It is possible that lumps or foam may form from the sugar in the cup or the sugar may melt completely.

Therefore, the result of the test cannot be trusted. It would be better that if the period is missed and the symptoms of pregnancy are seen, the pregnancy should be confirmed by getting a checkup done by the doctor.

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A sugar pregnancy test is a home method to check pregnancy when the period is not coming. The mixture and color of urine and sugar determine whether the pregnancy is positive or negative. This test cannot be completely trusted. It is necessary to consult a doctor to check pregnancy.

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