The liver is located just below the rib cage on the right side of the abdomen. The liver plays an important role in digesting food and removing toxins from the body. Liver problems can be caused by genetics, infections, alcohol consumption, and obesity. On the other hand, jaundice, loss of appetite, and nausea are the symptoms of liver-related diseases. Liver-related problems can also lead to liver cirrhosis or liver failure if not treated on time. In such a situation, Patanjali's Divya Livo Grit Tablet and Divya Sarvakalp Kwath 100 grams, etc. are beneficial medicines to keep the liver healthy.

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Today in this article, we will learn about Patanjali's medicines beneficial for the liver -

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The liver is the second largest organ of the body after the skin. It produces bile in the body, due to which the digestion system is done properly.

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Liver malfunction can cause many diseases, and even liver damage can happen. Some medicines of Patanjali like Livomrit tablet, Divya Godhan Ark, etc. are beneficial for liver problems. Come, let us know in detail about Patanjali's medicines for the liver -

Patanjali Divya Livogrit Tablets

This is Patanjali's useful medicine. The use of this medicine is beneficial in every problem related to the liver. This medicine is used for loss of appetite, jaundice, and poor digestion, which are signs of liver disease. The cost of this medicine is only Rs.240. This medicine can be taken twice a day before meals.

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Patanjali Divya Sarvakalp Kwath

Taking 100 grams of Patanjali Divya Sarvakalp Kwath daily strengthens the liver. This medicine activates the liver function and also protects the liver from dangerous diseases like Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Consumption of this medicine is also beneficial in physical conditions such as swelling of the liver, low urine content, pain in the stomach and pelvis, and loss of appetite. Its price is only 30 rupees.

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Patanjali Liv Amrit Tablet

This medicine is beneficial in conditions like fatty liverhepatitis, loss of appetite, and anemia. This Ayurvedic medicine of Patanjali is beneficial for the liver in many ways. This tablet helps in detoxifying liver cells. Its hepatoprotective and immunomodulatory effects help protect the liver from diseases like hepatitis, jaundice, and anemia. Its price is only 120 rupees.

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Patanjali Divya Godhan Ark

Divya Godhan Ark is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine, which is made from cow urine. It helps reduce diseases related to the liver and stomach. Divya Godhan Arka is also used in the treatment of skin allergiesdiabetes, and cancer, which are symptoms of liver-related diseases. Its price is only 50 rupees.

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Patanjali Divya Punarnavarishta

Divya Punarnavarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine. This medicine is used for diseases like jaundice and anemia caused by liver failure. The cost of this medicine is only Rs.88.

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Patanjali Divya Kasis Bhasma

Divya Kasis Bhasma is beneficial in curing anemia and liver disorders. It is an Ayurvedic medicine, which has detoxification properties. Kasis Godanti Bhasma and Aloe Vera are used in this, which protect the liver from bacterial and viral infections. Its price is only 15 rupees.

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Patanjali Bel Murabba

Patanjali Bel Murabba is made from good quality fresh Bel, which is known for its cooling properties. This marmalade is rich in many vitamins and minerals like carbs, fats, proteinsvitamin Ciron, phosphorus, and thiamin properties. The liver gets clean by using this marmalade. It is also helpful in strengthening liver function. Its price is 155 rupees.

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The liver is an essential part of the body, which performs functions related to metabolism, energy storage, and waste filter. The liver-related disease can lead to liver cirrhosis or liver damage. Consumption of Patanjali Liv Amrit Tablets, Divya Kasis Bhasma, and Patanjali Bel Murabba can protect against liver-related diseases. The dosage of the medicine may vary according to age, gender, and medical history. Therefore, before using any medicine, do consult a doctor.

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Disclaimer: This article is for information only. myUpchar does not recommend any specific medicine or treatment. Consult a doctor for proper treatment.

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