Endache Gel

Manufactured by: Bombay Tablet Mfg Co Pvt Ltd

Contains / Salt: Ibuprofen (10 %)

Prescription Required

142 people have bought this recently

Endache Gel

Manufactured by: Bombay Tablet Mfg Co Pvt Ltd

Contains / Salt: Ibuprofen (10 %)

Prescription Required

142 people have bought this recently


30 gm Gel in 1 Tube

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Prescription Required

142 people have bought this recently

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Endache Information

Endache is a prescription medicine that is available as a Gel. Primarily, it is used for the treatment of Fever, Pain. The alternative uses of Endache have also been explained below.

The right dosage of Endache depends on the age, gender, and medical history of the patient. Individual symptoms and route of administration also determines the right dosage. For detailed information on this, read through the dosage section.

Besides the aforementioned side effects, there are other adverse effects of Endache as well, which are listed below. Normally, these side effects of Endache are not long lasting and go away when the treatment is finished. Consult your doctor if these side effects become worse or stay for a longer duration.

In addition, Endache's effect is Moderate during pregnancy and Mild for lactating mothers. Warnings related to Endache's effects on the liver, heart and kidney, if any, have been listed below.

Individuals suffering from medical conditions like Asthma, Bleeding, Stomach Infection must refrain from the use of Endache since this can cause severe adverse effects. Some other conditions that can be affected by Endache are listed in the contraindications section below.

Additionally, Endache may also adversely react with other medicines. A complete list of these interactions is given below.

In addition to these precautions, you may also note that Endache is safe while driving, and is is addictive in nature.

  1. Endache Benefits & Uses
  2. Endache Dosage & How to Take
  3. Endache Side Effects
  4. Endache Related Warnings
  5. Severe Interaction of Endache with Other Drugs
  6. Endache Contraindications
  7. Frequently asked Questions about Endache
  8. Endache Interactions with Food and Alcohol

Endache Benefits & Uses

Endache is used to treat the following -

  1. Fever Primary
  2. Headache
  3. Joint Pain
  4. Muscle Pain
  5. Dental Abscess
  6. Pain Primary
  7. Osteoarthritis
  8. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  9. Spondylitis
  10. Gout
  11. Leg Pain
  12. Knee Pain
  13. Body Pain
  14. Neck Pain
  15. Testicular Swelling
  16. Slipped Disc
  17. Back Pain
  18. Shoulder Pain
  19. Fractured Ankle
  20. Fractured Bones
  21. Fractured Breastbone
  22. Fractured Collarbone
  23. Fractured Elbow
  24. Fractured Eye Socket
  25. Fractured Finger
  26. Fractured Foot
  27. Fractured Forearm
  28. Fractured Hand
  29. Fractured Hip
  30. Fractured Jaw
  31. Fractured Lower Leg
  32. Fractured Nose
  33. Fractured Rib
  34. Fractured Toe
  35. Fractured Upper Arm
  36. Fractured Upper Leg
  37. Fractured Wrist
  38. Sprain
  39. Heel Pain
  40. Wrist Pain
  41. Spondylosis
  42. Varicocele
  43. Toothache
  44. Testicular Pain
  45. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
  46. Separated Shoulder
  47. Finger injury
  48. Injury
  49. Wisdom Tooth Pain
  50. Cervical Pain
  51. Tension
  52. Bone Pain
  53. Costochondritis
  54. Hand Pain
  55. Heel Spur
  56. Bee Sting
  57. Bunions
  58. Bone Spur
  59. Spine Fracture
  60. Molar Tooth Pain
  61. Muscle Strain
  62. Stiff Neck
  63. Hip Fracture
  64. Jaw Pain
  65. Thigh Pain
  66. Rib Pain
  67. Pimple in Nose
  68. Spinal Pain
  69. Muscle Tear
  70. Pinched Nerve (और पढ़ें - नस दबने की समस्या दूर करने के घरेलू उपाय)

Endache Dosage & How to Take

Find the right dosage based on disease and age

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Ingredients of Endache


Endache Side Effects

Based on research, the following side effects have been observed when Endache is used -

Endache Related Warnings

Is the use of Endache safe for pregnant women?

Endache can have harmful effects in pregnant women. If you experience any discomfort after using Endache, then discontinue the use and take your doctor's advice.


Is the use of Endache safe during breastfeeding?

Side effects of Endache on breastfeeding women are very mild.


What is the effect of Endache on the Kidneys?

Endache may cause harmful effects on kidney. if you feel its having any such effect, then stop taking this drug, and restart only on your doctor's advice.


What is the effect of Endache on the Liver?

Endache can have moderate side effects on the liver. If you notice any harmful effects then stop taking this drug right away. Consult your doctor before using this medicine again.


What is the effect of Endache on the Heart?

There may be severe side effects of Endache on your heart. Do not take it unless a doctor says so.


Severe Interaction of Endache with Other Drugs

Endache should not be taken with following medicines due to severe side effects it may cause to patients -

Endache Contraindications

If you are suffering from any of the following diseases, you should not take Endache unless your doctor advises you to do so -

Frequently asked Questions about Endache

Is this Endache habit forming or addictive?

Endache is not addictive in nature.


Is it safe to drive or operate heavy machinery when consuming?

Yes, you can operate a vehicle or heavy machinery after taking Endache since it does not cause drowsiness.


Is it safe?

Yes, Endache is safe but you must consult your doctor before taking it.

Safe, but take only on Doctor's advise

Is it able to treat mental disorders?

No, Endache cannot treat any kind of mental disorder.


Endache Interactions with Food and Alcohol

Interaction between Food and Endache

Due to the absence of research, it is difficult to say how Endache and food will interact.


Interaction between Alcohol and Endache

Consumption of alcohol and Endache together may have severe effects on your health.


Endache FAQs

Question about 2 years ago

Can Endache cause kidney damage?

Dr. Kapil Sharma MBBS , General Physician

Painkillers like Endache should not be used if there is decreased kidney function as they may reduce the supply of blood to the kidneys. Also, long-term use can also impair the normal kidneys. Therefore, it is important that you talk to your doctor in case you have reduced kidney function. You should use Endache exactly as prescribed by your doctor. 

Question almost 2 years ago

Can Endache cause ulcers of bleeding problems?

Dr. Manoj Meena MBBS , General Physician

Yes, Endache can cause bleeding problems, ulcers, and perforation in stomach and intestine. These complications might develop during any phase of the treatment without warning symptoms. The risk may be aggravated for people who consume NSAIDs for a long period of time, who are elderly, who have poor health and who drink alcohol while taking Endache. It is important that you talk to your doctor if you ever had ulcers or any kind of bleeding disorders. Talk to your doctor immediately if you start developing symptoms like vomiting with blood, bloody stools, heartburn, and stomach pain

Question about 2 years ago

How to take Endache?

Dr. Chirag Bhingradiya MBBS , Pediatrics

Endache is available in the form of a tablet, chewable tablet, suspension and drops, and syrup. Prescription Endache is taken every 4 to 6 hours for arthritis and pain. Adults and children older than 12 years may take non-prescription Endache every 4 to 6 hours. Children and infants may be given Endache every 6 to 8 hours. It is important to take Endache with food or milk so as to prevent stomach upset. If you are taking Endache every day, remember to take it at the same time. Endache is also available in combination with other drugs for treating cold and cough. If you have prescribed a combination containing Endache, do not take any non-prescription drug containing Endache as it might cause overdosage. Shake the drops and suspensions well before use. 

Question over 1 year ago

How safe is Endache for children?

Dr. Yogesh Kumar MBBS , General Physician

Yes, Endache is safe to be used in children. It is the only drug which is approved to be used in children over 3 months of age. It has a good tolerability profile in children because of which it is used for the management of inflammation, mild pains, and fever in them. The pediatrician will direct you the correct dose and way to give it to your child.

Question about 2 years ago

Does Endache cause dizziness?

Dr. Mayank Yadav MBBS , General Physician

Dizziness is a feeling of light-headedness and unbalance. Yes, Endache has been associated with dizziness and overdose may cause fainting as well. Therefore, if you experience dizziness do not force yourself to perform any activity instead lie down take rest and inform your doctor if it persists for more than half an hour.

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Endache Gel

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