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Haritaki is one of the Ayurvedic herbs which comes from the seeds of the tree, Terminalia chiluba. It is also commonly called chebulic myrobalan. In Ayurveda, haritaki is one of the key ingredients of 'Triphala'. It is widely used in various rejuvenation therapies. Haritaki has many benefits for human health, especially for the gastrointestinal tract.

Haritaki consists of elements which are claimed to possess healing effects including antibacterial, antidiabetic and antioxidant properties. It even possesses anticancer properties. Haritaki is very beneficial as it contains essential vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The tree is indigenous to Southern Asia. The distribution of haritaki ranges from India and Nepal in the North, Southwestern China in the East, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Malaysia in the South. The part of the plant used is basically a fruit in the shape of an oval with sizes varying from 2-4.5 cm in length and 1.2-2.5 cm in breadth approximately with 5 longitudinal ridges.

The fruit turns into a greenish-black colour when ripe. It is harvested when it is still green in colour. The Haritaki fruit can taste sweet, bitter or sour depending upon its type and classification. There are 7 types of haritaki which are: Vijaya, Rohini, Putane, Amruta, Abhaya, Jivanti and Chetak. The many benefits of haritaki have been discussed in the article below.

Some basic facts about Haritaki

  • Scientific Name: Terminalia chiluba
  • Family:  Combretaceae
  • Common Name: Black myrobalan
  • Sanskrit NameHaritaki
  • Native Region and Geographical Distribution: Native to South Asia
  1. Takeaway
  2. Health benefits of haritaki
  3. Side effects of haritaki

Haritaki is a herbal tree with many valuable medical applications. It is well-known for preventing ageing, improving immunity and body resistance against diseases. It is also used extensively in several Ayurveda formulations for curing infectious diseases. Haritaki holds antimicrobial activities and much more. However, research states if taken in excessive amounts, it can lead to toxic effects. A moderate quantity of haritaki is very beneficial.

Haritaki is a source of manganese, selenium, potassium, iron, copper and Vitamin C. It consists of chemicals such as tannic acid, gallic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and behenic acid. The various health benefits of haritaki have been mentioned below. 

Haritaki for weight loss

Haritaki powder can prove to be very effective for weight loss as it regulates hunger.  This speeds up the metabolism rate which in return reduces the fat content in the body. If an individual is already undergoing a diet or weight loss program, haritaki can help keep the weight off.

Triphala with its amalaki and bibhitaki, combined with haritaki can be more efficient as a herbal method of losing weight. This plant helps alleviate the burden on your liver which is a common reason behind the difficulty to lose weight. Statistical analysis has revealed that people consuming haritaki were able to lose weight more effectively within a shorter duration of time. 

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Haritaki for digestion

Consumption of haritaki can increase nutrient absorption, cleansing of the colon, along with speeding up the elimination time. Haritaki helps in the removal of toxins from the body and keeps the digestive system healthy. It works as a natural purifier in the blood flow. It can improve gastrointestinal health due to its enhanced ability to absorb minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The haritaki fruit is considered to be a premier detoxifier and blood purifier in Ayurveda. It cleanses the intestinal tract and increases the absorption of minerals.

Haritaki churna for constipation

Haritaki churna is a natural laxative or purgative which contains numerous dietary fibres. These fibres help fight against constipation. If you are suffering from problems of constipation,  consume haritaki in the form of powder mixed in water. Preparing haritaki powder is a fairly simple process. It is basically taking the haritaki fruit and removing the seed. The next step is sun drying the seed and peeling the outer skin. The seed is then ground which makes fine haritaki powder. The bioactive compound, tannin present in haritaki is responsible for its laxative properties.

Haritaki for acidity

Haritaki can decrease excessive acidity in the stomach and can even help prevent painful peptic and gastric ulcers. This is done by elevating the production of mucus in the stomach. Studies have found that the Terminalia chebula fruit is very rich in antioxidant polyphenols which can shield the body and diminish the risk of developing stomach troubles and ulcers. It also has a protective function against several gastrointestinal diseases like piles, enlargement of liver and spleen, worms etc.

Haritaki for diabetes

High blood sugar levels combined along with the decrease in insulin sensitivity is the primary cause of diabetes. Compounds in Haritaki are found to help in lowering blood sugar. This study demonstrated that an extract of the Haritaki fruit has shown a significant glucose lowering effect in the blood. Haritaki helps to keep the blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity in the body on track. It aids in the treatment of diabetes. Chebulic acid found in haritaki is one of the main ingredients in increasing the vital production of insulin which is produced by the pancreas. This has the effect of reducing the blood sugar levels throughout the body. 

Haritaki for mouth ulcers

Haritaki fruit or its powder is also used for treating mouth ulcers, oral sores and gum diseases. Customarily in India, the Haritaki mouthwash is made by crushing a number of dried fruits and boiling them in water. To get rid of ulcers, the haritaki powder is mixed with mouthwash and swished around the mouth few times a day for best results. It is also found to be of aid for dental caries if used regularly. 

Haritaki for memory

Regular use of haritaki improves memory due to beneficial effects on the nerves of the brain. Haritaki is known to awaken the non-mechanical parts of the brain. It enhances the subtle energy which helps give rise to various parts of the brain, making the brain and body feel rejuvenated  Consuming haritaki increases awareness and makes the individual more capable and intelligent. 

Haritaki for heart

Haritaki helps in the purification of blood that flows in the body. The clean blood stops the building up of fat in the arteries, especially the coronary artery. This can lead to a reduction in blood pressure, a stronger heart and result in arteries without accumulated fat in it. The heart muscles grow stronger with the purification of blood.

Haritaki for skin

Haritaki has incredible antibacterial properties which make it effective for the treatment of acne. Haritaki powder and boiled water make a paste which can be applied on the acne and ulcer spotted skin. Haritaki has also proven to be useful in fighting against skin allergies. The haritaki paste is a potent remedy for such problems. Haritaki acts as a cleanser for the skin. It works by rejuvenating skin and clearing acne. It works on rashes, sunburns and eczema

Haritaki for hair

Haritaki helps prevent hair loss as well when used in the form of herbal oil. This oil shields hair from dandruff and lice infestations. Taking haritaki powder regularly should improve your hair overall as it is a rich source of antioxidants and also acts as a potential detoxifier. It also helps in stopping the hair from greying. Haritaki oil can be prepared by warming a cup of coconut oil in a container with three pods of haritaki till it turns to a brownish colour. Allow it to cool and massage your hair gently. 

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Haritaki for arthritis

Haritaki can also be used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have found that acetone extract of the fruit has a definitive effect on controlling arthritis by reducing the inflammatory effect. Aqueous extract of the dried fruit of Terminalia chebula showed anti-inflammatory by inhibiting inducible NO synthesis. Use of harikati can also produce a significant inhibition of joint swelling in the disease. 

Haritaki against pathogens

Haritaki has a strong antibacterial activity against intestinal bacteria, Clostridium perfringens, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, Staphylococcus epidermidsis, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa demonstrating that it is a broad spectrum antibacterial remedy. The two antibacterial compounds found in the ethyl extract of the fruit, gallic acid and ethyl ester are also effective against Helicobacter pylori.

Haritaki also shows antifungal activity against a number of dermatophyte and yeasts. The alcoholic ethyl acetate extract shows the activity against Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus. The extract of haritaki seeds showed antiplasmodial activity against Plasmodium falciparum which is effective against diseases such as malaria.

Haritaki boosts immunity

If haritaki powder fried in clarified butter (ghee) is consumed regularly, it acts as a booster for immunity and increases longevity. Haritaki helps in the increase in immunity and hence, protection from diseases as a cough and cold. For treating cough, haritaki powder should be consumed along with honey. This remedy is also used to cure a sore throat and gingivitis. The extract of haritaki has also been found to increase cell-mediated immune response thus, boosting immunity. 

Haritaki finds wide use for its numerous health benefits. However, unregulated consumption may cause certain side effects which have been described below. 

  • Haritaki has the ability to lower the high blood sugar levels. Though it is generally seen as beneficial to those who are at a risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, it may not be advisable to those patients who are on glucose lowering medication. Consulting the doctor before consuming haritaki is recommended if the individual is on the prescription drugs for high blood sugar levels.
  • The intake of Haritaki powder should be immediately stopped before two weeks of undergoing a major surgery due to its effect on blood sugar control during the operation.
  • Haritaki works most extensively on the gastrointestinal tract. Its cleansing action ensures nutrients from the stomach can go through the intestinal walls and reach the bloodstream. When this cleansing takes place, the stool can become softer and looser than usual. This can lead to dehydration if the proportions consumed are too high or if the body responds by flushing the system.
  • Consuming too much of Haritaki powder may cause temporary diarrhoea and other problems of digestion like bloating and excessive gas. These issues of the intestine should clear up within a few days. If not, then it is advised to stop taking the powder for a few days and consult with your doctor. In case of other digestive issues as well haritaki must be avoided because of its strong, astringent properties.
  • Haritaki is not advised for those undergoing exhaustion or illness. It should not be consumed after fasting or when underweight. Especially women who experience heavy menstruation or have indulged in alcohol are advised to stay away from Haritaki.
  • Pregnant women are not advised to use haritaki as it may reduce the production of breast milk for nurturing mothers.
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Aimil Pulvolax GranulesPulvolax Granules95.9
Dhootapapeshwar Sanjeevani GutikaDhootapapeshwar Sanjeevani Gutika Guti Vati52.5
Aimil Amyron CapsuleAmyron Capsule115.5
Aimil Amroid TabletAmroid Tablets126.0
Aimil Muscalt Forte TabletAimil Muscalt Forte Tablet141.55
Aimil Zymnet SyrupAimil Zymnet Syrup122.5
Aimil Amyron SyrupAimil Amyron Syrup126.0
Dhootapapeshwar Sinhanad GuggulDhootapapeshwar Sinhanad Guggul82.6
Dhootapapeshwar Swayambhuva GuggulDhootapapeshwar Swayambhuva Guggul1484.0
Dhootapapeshwar Triphala ChoornaDhootapapeshwar Triphala Choorna53.9
Dhootapapeshwar Triphala GuggulDhootapapeshwar Triphala Guggul936.6
Baidyanath Vridhivadhika BatiBaidyanath Vridhivadhika Bati 53.9
Baidyanath Vatagajankush RasBaidyanath Vat Gajankush Ras Tablet112.0
Baidyanath Nityananda RasBaidyanath Nityanand Ras (Ta.Yu.)90.25
Baidyanath Mahasudarshan Ghan BatiBaidyanath Mahasudarshan Churna129.5
Baidyanath Chandraprabha VatiBaidyanath Chandraprabha Vati 140.0
Baidyanath Chyawan Vit SugarfreeBaidyanath Chyawan Vit Sugarfree140.0
Baidyanath Singnad GugguluBaidyanath Singnad Guggulu188.1
Baidyanath Mahasudarshan ChurnaBaidyanath Mahasudarshana Churna175.75
Baidyanath Agastya HaritakiBaidyanath Agastya Haritaki66.5
Baidyanath Chandrodaya vartiBaidyanath Chandrodaya varti23.1
Dhootapapeshwar Avipattikar ChoornaDhootapapeshwar Avipattikar Choorna143.5
Dhootapapeshwar Kumari Aasav No 1Dhootapapeshwar Kumari Aasav No 1199.5
Baidyanath Arogyavardhini VatiBaidyanath Arogyawardhni Bati100.8
Baidyanath Avipattikar ChurnaBaidyanath Avipattikar Churna135.8
Baidyanath Gaisantak BatiBaidyanath Gaisantak Bati84.0
Baidyanath Gandhak RasayanBaidyanath Gandhak Rasyan67.2
Baidyanath Gokshuradi GugguluBaidyanath Gokshuradi Guggulu158.65
Baidyanath Haridra Khand (Br)Baidyanath Haridra Khand (Br)63.0
Baidyanath Hridayarnava RasBaidyanath Hridayarnava Ras159.6
Baidyanath Kabja HarBaidyanath Kabja Har112.0
Baidyanath Kaishore GugguluBaidyanath Kaishore Guggulu114.0
Baidyanath Kankayan Bati ArshBaidyanath Kankayan Bati Arsh81.7
Baidyanath Panchsakar ChurnaBaidyanath Panchsakar Churna45.5
Dhootapapeshwar Chandraprabha GutikaDhootapapeshwar Chandraprabha Gutika189.7
Baidyanath Punarnavadi GugguluBaidyanath Punarnavadi Guggulu169.1
Baidyanath Sanjivani BatiBaidyanath Sanjivani Bati63.0
Baidyanath Tapyadi Lauh No 1Baidyanath Tapyadi Lauh No 184.0
Baidyanath Punarnavadi MandoorBaidyanath Punarnavadi Mandoor68.6
Baidyanath Phalkalyan GhritaBaidyanath Phalkalyan Ghrita161.0
Baidyanath Saptamrit LauhBaidyanath Saptamrit Lauh75.05
Dhootapapeshwar Abhraloha TabletDhootapapeshwar Abhraloha Tablet91.0
Dhootapapeshwar Agnitundi VatiDhootapapeshwar Agnitundi Vati1076.6
Dhootapapeshwar Arogyavardhini BatiDhootapapeshwar Arogyavardhini Bati1547.0
Dhootapapeshwar Ekangaveer RasaDhootapapeshwar Ekangveer Rasa679.7
Dhootapapeshwar Gandhak RasayanDhootapapeshwar Gandhak Rasayan1244.6
Dhootapapeshwar Kaishor GuggulDhootapapeshwar Kaishor Guggul1052.8
Dhootapapeshwar Kantaloha BhasmaDhootapapeshwar Kantaloha Bhasma214.2
Dhootapapeshwar Loha BhasmaDhootapapeshwar Loha Bhasma1140.3
Dhootapapeshwar Mahayogaraj GuggulDhootapapeshwar Mahayogaraj Guggul3653.3
Dhootapapeshwar Myrolax Forte TabletDhootapapeshwar Myrolax Forte Tablet31.5
Dhootapapeshwar Myrolax Lite TabletDhootapapeshwar Myrolax Lite Tablet77.0
Dhootapapeshwar Punarnavadi GuggulDhootapapeshwar Punarnavadi Guggul1118.6
Dhootapapeshwar Saptamrut LohaDhootapapeshwar Saptamrut Loha971.6
Dhootapapeshwar Shirahshooladri Vajra RasaDhootapapeshwar Shirshooladri Vajra Rasa912.1
Aimil Amlycure DS CapsuleAimil Amlycure DS Capsule52.5
Paurush Jeevan CapsulesPaurush Jiwan Capsule 10's25.9
Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair OilKesh King Scalp and Hair Medicine Oil313.5
Zandu ChyavanprashadZandu Chyavanprashad310.26
Nirogam Haritaki PowderNirogam Haritaki Powder220.5
Nirogam Triphala Rasayana PowderNirogram Triphala Rasayana Powder 270.0
Nirogam Triphala PowderNirogram Triphala Powder 175.5
Avn Varanadi Kashayam TabletAvn Varanadi Kashayam Tablet273.0
Avn Amrutottram Kashayam TabletAvn Amrutotram Kashayam Tablet259.0
AVN Diuraven TabletAvn Diuraven Tablet210.0
Avn Diuraven DS TabletAvn Diuraven DS Tablets315.0
Avn Setebid TabletAvn Setebid Tablet322.0
Dabur ChyawanprashDabur Chocolate Chyawanprash126.0
Dabur Hepano SyrupDabur Hepano Syrup (Pack of 2)154.0
Dabur Gastrina TabletDabur Gastrina Tablet38.5
Dabur Triphala ChurnaDabur Triphala Churna155.8
Dabur AshokarishtaDabur Ashokarishta Syrup78.4
Dabur Khadiradi GutikaDabur Khadiradi Gutika 93.8
Dabur AshwagandharishtaDabur Ashwagandharishta 680 ml186.9
Dabur LauhasavaDabur Lauhasava100.8
Dabur Chitrak HaritakiDabur Chitrak Haritaki Churna82.6
Kudos Triphala CapsuleKudos Triphala Capsule/D.S.210.0
Autozyme TabletCharak Autozyme Tablet66.5
Sri Sri Tattva Haritaki TabletSri Sri Tattva Haritaki Tablet56.0
Sri Sri Tattva Haridra Khanda ChurnaSri Sri Tattva Haridra Khanda Churna80.5
Sri Sri Tattva Avipattikara ChurnaSri Sri Tattva Avipattikara Churna70.0
Sri Sri Tattva Chitrakaharitaki LehyaSri Sri Tattva Chitrakaharitaki Lehya91.0
Sri Sri Tattva Triphala ChurnaSri Sri Tattva Triphala Churna42.0
Sri Sri Tattva Virechana Vati TabletSRI SRI TATTVA VIRECHANA VATI280.0
Sri Sri Tattva Ancholean TabletSri Sri Tattva Ancholean Tablet157.5
Baidyanath Yograj GugguluBaidyanath Yograj Guggulu49.0
Nagarjuna Thriphala Gulgulu TabletNagarjuna Thriphala Gulgulu Tablet217.0
Nagarjuna Himasaagara Thailam Nagarjuna Himasaagara Thailam112.0
Nagarjuna Madhusnuhi RasayanamNagarjuna Madhusnuhi Rasayanam98.0
Nagarjuna Himguvachaadi Gulika TabletNagarjuna Himguvachaadi Gulika Tablet 98.0
Nagarjuna Amruthotharam TabletNagarjuna Amruthotharam Tablet182.0
Nagarjuna Baahusaalagulam Nagarjuna Baahusaalagulam 94.5
Nagarjuna Mahaapaisaachika Ghrutham Nagarjuna Mahaapaisaachika Ghrutham 108.5
Nagarjuna Naarasimha RasayanamNagarjuna Naarasimha Rasayanam182.0
Nagarjuna Punarnnavaadi KashayamNagarjuna Punarnnavaadi Kashayam70.0
Nagarjuna HaridrakhandamNagarjuna Haridrakhandam49.0
Nagarjuna Kaidaryaadi KashayamNagarjuna Kaidaryaadi Kashayam84.0
Nagarjuna Dasamoolaharithaki LehyamNagarjuna Dasamoolaharithaki Lehyam72.8
Nagarjuna SaaribaadyasavamNagarjuna Saaribaadyasavam60.2
Nagarjuna Duraalabharishtam Nagarjuna Duraalabharishtam66.5
Nagarjuna Aragwadharishtam Nagarjuna Aragwadharishtam61.6
Nagarjuna PunarnnavasavamNagarjuna Punarnnavasavam55.3
Nagarjuna Vyswaanara ChoornamNagarjuna Vyswaanara Choornam38.5
Kerala Ayurveda Mahathikthakam Kwath TabletKerala Ayurveda Mahathikthakam Kwath 30 Tablets115.5
Kerala Ayurveda Biogest TabletKerala Ayurveda Biogest350.0
Kerala Ayurveda Dhanadanayanadi Kwath LiquidKerala Ayurveda Dhanadanayanadi Kwath 101.5
Kerala Ayurveda NavajeevanrasayanamKerala Ayurveda Navajeevanrasayanam84.0
Kerala Ayurveda Triphala TabletKerala Ayurveda Triphala140.0
Himalaya ChyavanaprashaHimalaya Chyavanaprasha133.0
Himalaya Triphala TabletHimalaya Triphala Tablet105.0
Organic India Triphala PowderBio Organic Triphala Powder 100 Pure Ratio 12 4 100g0.0
Organic India Triphala CapsuleOrganic India Triphala 60 Capsules0.0
Patanjali Moosli PakPatanjali Moosli Pak245.0
Hamdard Majun InjeerHamdard Majun Injeer52.5
Hamdard Majun Musaffi KhasHamdard Majun Musaffi Khas58.1
Divya Arshkalp VatiDivya Arshkalp Vati78.4
Divya Saptvisanti GuggulDivya Saptvisanti Guggul35.0
Divya ArvindasavaDivya Arvindasava42.7
Divya AshokarishtaDivya Ashokarishta49.0
Divya AshwagandharishtaDivya Ashwagandharishta70.0
Divya DashmularishtaDivya Dashmularishta73.5
Divya Madhunashini VatiDivya Madhunashini Vati147.0
Divya KumaryasavaDivya Kumaryasava52.5
Divya Mahamanjisthadi Kwath (Pravahi)Divya Mahamanjishthadi Kwath52.5
Divya Triphala GuggulDivya Triphala Guggul49.0
Divya Mahasudarshan VatiPatanjali Divya Mahasudarshan Ghan Vati56.0
Patanjali Divya Arogyavardhini VatiDivya Arogyavardhini Vati62.3
Divya Sanjivani VatiDivya Sanjivani Vati28.0
Divya Triphaladi TailaDivya Triphaladi Taila101.5
Divya AbhyaristhDivya Abhayarishta52.5
Divya KhadirarishtaDivya Khadirarishta52.5
Divya Singhnad GuggulDivya Singhnad Guggul42.0
Divya Kaishore GuggulDivya Kaishore Guggul42.0
Divya Gokshuradi GuggulDivya Gokshuradi Guggul49.0
Swadeshi Chandraprabha VatiSwadeshi Chandraprabha Vati91.0
Hamdard Safi Natural Blood PurifierHamdard Safi Syrup57.0
Mugli Ghutti 555Mugli Ghutti 555 Syrup58.1
Mahabringraj OilMAHABRINGARAJ OIL 100ML128.1
Cycloset SyrupCycloset Syrup182.7
IMC Aloe Kofkare SyrupIMC Aloe Kofkare Syrup63.0
Maharishi Amlant TabletMaharishi Amlant 120 Tabs322.0
Kairali Amruthotharam KashayamKairali Amruthotharam Kashayam68.6
Baidyanath Abhayarishta SyrupBaidyanath Abhayarishta Syrup101.5
Baidyanath BhringrajasavaBaidyanath Bhringrajasava114.1
Baidyanath Isabbael ChurnaBaidyanath Isabbael Churna101.5
Baidyanath LiverexBaidyanath Liverex Syrup87.5
Baidyanath LodhrasavaBaidyanath Lodhrasava118.3
Baidyanath LohasavaBaidyanath Lohasava102.9
Baidyanath SaraswatarishtaBaidyanath Saraswatarishta132.3
Baidyanath Balamrit SyrupBaidyanath Balamrit Syrup63.0
Dabur Amritarishta SyrupDabur Amritarishta Syrup99.4
Planet Ayurveda Digestion Support CapsulePlanet Ayurveda Digestion Support Capsule1215.0
Kairali Gandharvahastadi KashayamKairali Gandharvahstadi Kashayam73.5
Zandu Haritaki TabletsZandu Haritaki Tablet54.0
Himalaya Dryness Defense Protein ShampooHimalaya Dryness Defense Protein Shampoo161.0
Jiva Amlapittantak RasayanJiva Amlapittantak Rasayan70.0
Jiva Bhringraj OilJiva Bhringraj Oil56.0
Jiva Black Pearl ShampooJiva Black Pearl Shampoo84.0
Jiva Equiline TabletsJiva Equiline Tablet31.5
Jiva Maharasnadi KwathJiva Maharasnadi Kwath42.0
Jiva Saaf Saaf TabletsJiva Saaf Saaf Tablet53.9
Jiva SaraswatarishtaJiva Saraswatrishta87.5
Jiva Triphala TabletsJiva Triphala Churna37.1
Kairali Kaisora GulguluKairali Kaisora Gulgulu238.0
Khadi Amla Bhringraj ShampooKhadi Natural Amla Bhringraj Shampoo126.0
Vasu Kultab TabletVasu Kultab Tablet367.5
Kairali Maharajaprasarani Thailam Kairali Maharajaprasarani Thailam63.0
Vasu Maxcal C TabletVasu Maxcal C Tablet69.3
Kairali Narasimha RasayanamKairali Narasimha Rasayanam112.0
Zandu Nityam ChurnaZandu Nityam Churna85.0
Planet Ayurveda Pile Off CapsulePlanet Ayurveda Pile Off Capsule1215.0
IMC Piles Away TabletsIMC Piles Away Tablets 252.0
Planet Ayurveda Gum Care PowderPlanet Ayurveda Gum Care Tooth Powder Pack of 2448.0
Planet Ayurveda Triphala CapsulesPlanet Ayurveda Triphala Capsule1215.0
Vasu Simlim CapsuleVasu Simlim Capsule210.0
Lupin Softovac PowderSoftovac SF Bowel Regulator Powder101.5
Kairali spacol capsuleKairali Spacol Capsule231.0
Kairali Spaliv CapsuleKairali Spaliv Capsule75.6
Sri Sri Tattva Sudarshan Vati TabletSri Sri Tattva Sudarshan Vati70.0
Kairali Thriphaladi ChoornamKairali Thriphaladi Choornam36.4
Planet Ayurveda Trim SupportPlanet Ayurveda Trim Support Capsule1215.0
Kairali Vaiswanara ChoornamKairali Vaiswanara Choornam30.8
Kairali Valiya Rasnadi KashayamKairali Valiya Rasnadi Kashayam107.8
Kairali Varanadi KashayamKairali Varanadi Kashayam70.0
Vasu Va U TabletVasu Va U Tablet275.48
Kairali yograj gulguluKairali Yograj Gulgulu Tablet210.0
Zandu Chitrak Haritaki AvalehaZandu Chitrak Haritaki Avaleha82.6
Zandu Avipatikar ChurnaZandu Avipatikar Churna Powder105.0
Zandu Khadiradi GutikaZandu Khadiradi Gutika Tablet85.0
Zandu Sona Chandi Chyavanprash PlusZandu Sona Chandi Chyawanprash Plus180.0
Zandu Triphala Churna Zandu Triphala Churna68.0
Zandu Snez CureZandu Snez-Cure 225.0
Dabur Triphala TabletsDabur Triphala Tablet51.8
Dabur Panchasakar ChurnaDabur Panchsakar Churna52.5
Dabur Avipattikar ChurnaDabur Avipattikar Churna79.8
Dabur Sanjivani Vati Dabur Sanjivani Vati33.6
Dabur Triphala GugguluDabur Triphala Guggulu33.6
Dabur Yograj GugguluDabur Yograj Guggulu96.6
Dabur Musli Pak LaghuDabur Musli Pak Laghu164.5
Dabur Kanchnar GugguluDabur Kanchnar Guggulu55.1
Dabur Punarnava Mandoor Dabur Punarnava Mandoor75.6
Dabur Saptamrit Lauh Dabur Saptamrit Lauh22.4
Dabur Vat Gajankush Ras Dabur Vat Gajankush Ras33.6
Dabur Agnitundi VatiDabur Agnitundi Vati55.3
Dabur Amar Sundari GutikaDabur Amarsundari Gutika29.4
Dabur Arogyavardhini GutikaDabur Arogyavardhini Gutika51.8
Dabur Chandraprabha VatiDabur Chandraprabha Vati81.2
Dabur Vridhivadhika VatiDabur Vridhi Vadhika Vati64.4
Dabur Kankayan GutikaDabur Kankayan Gutika17.5
Dabur Mehamudgar VatiDabur Mehamudgar Vati45.5
Dabur Shoolvajrini VatiDabur Shoolvajrini Vati68.6
Baidyanath Sarivadyarishta Baidyanath Sarivadyarishta94.5
Baidyanath Haritaki KhandBaidyanath Haritaki Khand58.1
Kapiva Get Slim CapsuleKapiva Get Slim Capsule329.0
Kapiva Neem Glow Capsule Kapiva Neem Glow Capsule122.5
Baidyanath SarivadhasavaBaidyanath Sarivadhasava92.4
Patanjali Divya Kayakalp VatiPatanjali Divya Kayakalp Vati56.0
Patanjali Divya Punarnavadi MandoorPatanjali Divya Punarnavadi Mandoor63.0
Patanjali Divya ChurnaPatanjali Divya Churna35.0
Patanjali Divya Kayakalp TailaPatanjali Divya Kayakalp Taila49.0
Patanjali Divya Shilajeet Rasayan VatiPatanjali Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati49.0
Patanjali Divya Shuddhi ChurnaPatanjali Divya Shuddhi Churna59.5
Jiva Neem SyrupJiva Neem Syrup63.0
Jiva Triphala ChurnaJiva Triphala Churna28.0
Jiva Slim TeaJiva Slim Tea210.0
Jiva Hair LepJiva Hair Lep84.0
Jiva Sattva Hair loss Health Care PackJiva Sattva Hair loss Health Care Pack770.0
Jiva Skin TeaJiva Skin Tea259.0
Planet Ayurveda Avipattikar ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Avipattikar Churna297.0
Planet Ayurveda Haritaki PowderPlanet Ayurveda Haritaki Powder320.0
Planet Ayurveda Jatyadi TailamPlanet Ayurveda Jatyadi Tailam216.0
Planet Ayurveda Kabaj Mukti CapsulesPlanet Ayurveda Kabaj Mukti Capsule1215.0
Planet Ayurveda Panchsakar ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Panchsakar Churna297.0
Patanjali Special Chyawanprash with SaffronPatanjali Special Chyawanprash with Saffron94.5
Patanjali Advanced Dant Kanti Manjan Patanjali Advanced Dant Kanti Manjan63.0
Patanjali Divya Medohar VatiPatanjali Divya Medohar Vati56.0
Patanjali Divya Triphala ChurnaPatanjali Divya Triphala Churna16.1
Patanjali Divya Avipattikar ChurnaPatanjali Divya Avipattikar Churna70.0
Patanjali Divya Udarkalp Churna Patanjali Divya Udarkalp Churna35.0
Patanjali Divya Maharasnadi Kwath Patanjali Divya Maharasnadi Kwath17.5
Patanjali Divya Mahatriphaladi GhritPatanjali Divya Mahatriphaladi Ghrit266.0
Patanjali Divya AshokaristhPatanjali Divya Ashokaristh52.5
Patanjali Divya Udramrit VatiPatanjali Divya Udramrit Vati21.0
Patanjali Divya Ashvagandharist Patanjali Divya Ashvagandharist263.2
Patanjali Divya Haritaki ChurnaPatanjali Divya Haritaki Churna24.5
Patanjali Divya Triphaladi TailaPatanjali Divya Triphaladi Taila91.0
Patanjali Divya Sanjeevani VatiPatanjali Divya Sanjeevani Vati25.9
Patanjali Divya Saptamrit LauhPatanjali Divya Saptamrit Lauh14.0
Patanjali Divya Vriddhivadhika VatiPatanjali Divya Vriddhivadhika Vati25.9
Patanjali Divya Mandura BhasmaPatanjali Divya Mandura Bhasma10.5
Jain Gokshuradi Guggulu TabletJain Gokshuradi Guggulu77.0
Jain Triphala Guggulu TabletJain Triphala Guggulu700.0
Jain Madhumardan TabletJain Madhumardan168.0
Jain Madhumardan PowderJain Madhumardan Powder651.0
Jain Kanchanara Guggulu TabletJain Kanchanara Guggulu77.0
Jain Yogaraj Guggulu TabletJain Yogaraj Guggulu700.0
Jain Haritaki PowderJain Haritaki Powder350.0
Jain Kaishore Guggulu TabletJain Kaishore Guggulu77.0
Jain Haemocal SyrupJain Haemocal Syrup196.0
Jain Avipattikar ChurnaJain Avipattikar Churna500.5
Kudos Triphala RasKudos Triphala Ras 111.3
Kudos PT 2 TabletKudos PT2 Tablet210.0
Kudos Pet King TabletKudos Pet King Tablet210.0
Aimil K G tone Forte SyrupAimil K G tone Forte91.0
Swadeshi AshwagandharisthaSwadeshi Ashwagandharistha 136.5
Swadeshi Haritaki ChurnaSwadeshi Haritaki Churna46.2
Swadeshi Maharasnadi KwathSwadeshi Maharasnadi Kwath61.6
Swadeshi Panchsakar ChurnaSwadeshi Panchsakar Churna 43.4
Khadi Triphala Hair OilKhadi Natural Triphala Hair Oil175.0
Swadeshi RaktShodhak SyrupSwadeshi RaktShodhak Syrup70.0
Swadeshi Shodhit Harad PowderSwadeshi Shodhit Harad Powder36.4
Swadeshi Vyoshadi GuggulSwadeshi Vyoshadi Guggul67.2
Lama Phalatrikadi KwathLama Phalatrikadi Kwath77.0
Dhootapapeshwar Amlapitta Mishran SuspensionDhootapapeshwar Amlapitta Mishran Suspension42.0
Dabur SaraswatarishtaDabur Saraswatarishta Syrup120.4
Himalaya Oro T Oral RinseHimalaya Oro T Oral Rinse115.5
Dabur Mahasudarshan ChurnaDabur Mahasudarshan Churna81.2
Baidyanath Gulmakalanal RasBaidyanath Gulmakalanal Ras59.5
Sri Sri Tattva Shirashoolari Vati TabletSri Sri Tattva Shirashoolari Vati144.0
Nirogam Picoshunya TabletNirogam Picoshunya Tablet1799.1
Sri Sri Tattva Pylmukti TabletSri Sri Tattva Pylmukti Tablet360.0
Sri Sri Tattva Pavanahara ChurnaSri Sri Tattva Pavanahara Churna91.0
Biogetica Neuralease TabletBiogetica Neuralease Tablet1899.05
Lama Chyawanprash Special (Enriched with Gold, Silver and Keshar)Lama Chyawanprash Special (Enriched with Gold, Silver and Keshar)330.0
Lama Avipattikar ChurnLama Avipattikar Churn700.0
Lama Triphala ChurnLama Triphala Churn160.0
Lama AbhayaristLama Abhayarist94.5
Lama Arogya Jeevan CapsuleLama Arogya Jeevan Capsule77.0
Lama Haritaki ChurnLama Haritaki Churn65.0
Lama Musli PakLama Musli Pak210.0
Lama KumariasavLama Kumariasav140.0
Four Seasons Triphala PowderFour Seasons Triphala Powder60.0
Four Seasons Haritaki PowderFour Seasons Haritaki Powder60.0
Four Seasons Triphala TabletFour Seasons Triphala Tablet125.0
Basic Ayurveda After Meal TabletBasic Ayurveda After Meal Tablet63.0
Basic Ayurveda Avipattikar ChurnaBasic Ayurveda Avipattikar Churna98.0
Basic Ayurveda Triphala ChurnaBasic Ayurveda Triphala Churna42.0
Basic Ayurveda Medohar GugguluBasic Ayurveda Medohar Guggulu80.5
Basic Ayurveda Trifala Drishti Eye DropBasic Ayurveda Trifala Drishti Eye Drop43.4
Basic Ayurveda Arogyavardhini BatiBasic Ayurveda Arogyavardhini Bati59.5
Basic Ayurveda Saptamrita LohBasic Ayurveda Saptamrita Loh45.5
Basic Ayurveda Saraswatarishta With GoldBasic Ayurveda Saraswatarishta With Gold129.5
Basic Ayurveda Slim U Herbal Mix PowderBasic Ayurveda Slim U Herbal Mix Powder364.0
Vringra Piles Capsules Vringra Piles Capsules320.0
Aveda Ayur Triphala Magic Veg CapsuleAveda Ayur Triphala Magic Veg Capsule360.0
Birla Ayurveda Arshotex TabletsBirla Ayurveda Arshotex Tablets275.0
Birla Ayurveda Eczegon TabletsBirla Ayurveda Eczegon Tablets360.0
Birla Ayurveda Abhayaarishtam Birla Ayurveda Abhayaarishtam102.0
Birla Ayurveda LohaasavamBirla Ayurveda Lohaasavam107.0
Birla Ayurveda SaraswatarishtamBirla Ayurveda Saraswatarishtam355.0
Birla Ayurveda Sudarshana ChoornamBirla Ayurveda Sudarshana Choornam95.0
Birla Ayurveda Chiruvilwaadi KashaayamBirla Ayurveda Chiruvilwaadi Kashaayam180.0
Birla Ayurveda Varanaadi KashaayamBirla Ayurveda Varanaadi Kashaayam130.0
SK Triphla RasSK Triphla Ras180.0
Aveda Ayur Herbal Lax Lite CapsuleAveda Ayur Herbal Lax Lite403.2
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