There are many benefits of minerals in our body. Minerals are important for the proper functioning of our body. Most minerals help us in body metabolism, water balance and bone health and in many other ways minerals keep us healthy. So today we know what are the benefits of these minerals found in our body. 

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  1. Benefits Of Boron
  2. Benefits Of Calcium
  3. Benefits Of Chromium
  4. Benefits Of Iron - Iron in hindi
  5. Benefits Of Magnesium
  6. Benefits Of Iodine
  7. Benefits Of Phosphorus
  8. Benefits Of Manganese
  9. Benefits Of Copper
  10. Benefits Of Potassium
  11. Benefits Of Selenium
  12. Benefits Of Silicon
  13. Benefits Of Sodium
  14. Benefits Of Zinc
  15. Summary

Boron is important in our bone health, brain function, aging process, sexual health, preventing cancer, treating Alzheimer's disease and reducing muscle pain.

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Calcium is an important mineral that keeps bones healthy and prevents osteoporosis. It helps in treating arthritis, dental health, insomnia, menstrual cessation, premenstrual syndrome and relieves cramps during menstruation. Apart from this, it is important in preventing or treating obesity, colon cancer, acidity, heart disease and high blood pressure.

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Chromium is important for the absorption of glucose in the body, so it is a particularly important mineral for people suffering from diabetes. It increases the process of absorbing glucose in the cells which stimulates fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis. But both of these are harmful components for health in general. But both of them are necessary in small quantities for complete body function and healthy life.

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Iron is an important element for the formation of hemoglobin, metabolism, muscle activity, anemia, brain function, immune system, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and regulating body temperature. Iron is a very important element for the formation of red blood cells in the body which transport blood and oxygen to various organ systems of the body. Iron deficiency causes anemia which leads to problems like weakness, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders and cognitive decline.

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Magnesium is a very important element for high blood pressure, heart disease, alcohol addiction, bone health, cramps, diabetes, menopause, pregnancy and asthma. Its consumption is very important in reducing anxiety and stress. It also helps to overcome the problem of insomnia because the consumption of magnesium works to calm the body and release sleep-inducing hormones.

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Iodine consumption prevents goiter, fibrocystic breast disease, skin problems and cancer. Along with this, iodine also helps in preventing pregnancy, hair care and improving the body's metabolism. Iodine is very important for the production of thyroxine (T4), the deficiency of which causes a decrease in metabolic rate and can increase cholesterol levels in the body.

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Consumption of phosphorus helps in reducing muscle weakness, improving bone health, increasing brain functioning, removing sexual weaknesses, aiding in dental health and maintaining better body metabolism.

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Manganese plays an important role in managing metabolism, osteoporosis and brain function in the body. It provides relief from fatigue, fertility, sprains, swelling and epilepsy.

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Consumption of copper or tamar improves brain functioning, reduces arthritis pain, helps in skin care, eliminates throat infections, replenishes red blood cell deficiency, prevents heart diseases and boosts immunity. It helps the body absorb iron and maintain the functioning of iron in the circulatory system.

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Potassium intake corrects low blood sugar, can control blood pressure, helps prevent heart diseases, increases water flow in the body, reduces muscle disorders and cramps, enhances brain function, controls diabetes, cures kidney disease and helps control arthritis. It acts as a vasodilator, reducing tension in blood vessels and ensuring proper delivery of oxygen to vital organs.

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Selenium is a rare mineral but its function is important. It is one of the powerful mineral antioxidants. Selenium reduces free radicals as well as helps in bone development along with calcium, copper and zinc.

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Intake of silicon minerals is very important for bone health, skin care, hair care, nail health, insomnia, atherosclerosis, tissue growth, dental health and TB disease.

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Sodium mineral is widely consumed to maintain water balance in the body, avoid heat stroke, improve brain function, relieve muscle cramps and prevent the aging process.

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Zinc or zinc intake is very useful in skin care, eczema, acne, wounds, prostate disorder, cold, weight loss, pregnancy, fertility, hair care, loss of appetite, eye care and night blindness. It is an important component of more than 10 important enzymatic functions of the body. Due to zinc deficiency, the body may face many problems like inability to heal wounds, inability to store insulin, inability to fight diseases, inability to develop properly and inability to prevent many skin infections etc.

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Minerals are essential nutrients for our body to function properly. These elements play a vital role in various bodily functions, such as building strong bones and teeth, regulating blood pressure, and keeping the muscles and nervous system functioning properly. Key minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron are an important part of our diet. Their deficiency can lead to various health problems, such as anemia, weakening of bones, and muscle cramps. Therefore, consuming adequate amounts of minerals through a balanced diet is extremely important for our overall health and well-being.


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