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What is Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)?

The Himalayan region is showered with nature’s endless gifts. Ranging eclectically from ornamental to culinary and to exclusive healing agents. One will find the natural alternatives for almost every human need here. Shatavari is one such herb that is found growing wild in the Himalayas and at the base of the Himalayan regions. It is one of the oldest herbs in ayurveda and mentions of this herb are found in most ancient texts in Indian medicine. In both Charaka Samhita and Ashtanga hridayam it is famously known as a “female tonic”.In fact, it may interest you to know that the name shatavari means “ the one who has a hundred husbands”. Shatavari is known for its benefits in improving the overall health of the female reproductive system. If you think that is all, you're in for a surprise as shatavari is also known as the “curer of a hundred diseases” as per ayurveda. Additionally, the adaptogenic (anti-stress) and antioxidant properties make it a very effective herb to alleviate most of the stress-related problems and age-related diseases. Such is the importance of this herb that ayurveda calls it the “queen of herbs”.

Some basic facts about shatavari:

  • Botanical name: Asparagus racemosus
  • Family: Liliaceae/ Asparagaceae
  • Common name: Shatavari, Asparagus root, Indian asparagus
  • Sanskrit name: Shatavari, Shatmuli/ Satamuli
  • Parts used: Roots and leaves
  • Native region and geographical distribution: Shatavari is native to the tropical regions of the Indian subcontinent but it also grows abundantly in the Himalayan regions of India. Shatavari is also found in parts of Sri Lanka and Nepal.
  • Energetics: Cooling and moistening. In ayurveda it is known to balance the vata and pitta “doshas”.
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  10. Shatavari helps in reducing stress
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  15. Shatavari for treating diarrhea
  16. Shatavari as a diuretic
  17. Shatavari benefits for hair and scalp
  18. Shatavari benefits in diabetes
  19. Shatavari as a potent anti-cancer agent
  20. Shatavari for improving immunity
  21. Shatavari as immunoadjuvant

Mosquito-borne diseases are one of the common causes of disease and mortality in developing countries like India.  The unsanitary conditions and lack of information is a major factor in making the disease ratio more severe than it should be. While there are a lot of programs to develop curiosity and knowledge about the safety measures we cannot stop the seasonal breeding of these insects entirely.  Most of the chemical based precautions that are commonly used have one or the other side effects and we cannot deny the development of new resistant species which are not affected by the current chemicals used. So, some stringent measures are needed to keep mosquitoes from breeding and spreading the disease so easily. Some recent studies are suggestive that the methanol root extract of asparagus is an excellent killer of the mosquito larvae, eggs and adults. This means we can use the root extract of this plant to prevent diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya in a way that is much more environmental friendly. It was further suggested that since it is a herb which has evolved along with mosquitoes, it works in a wide range manner and it’s difficult to get resistant against the action of the root extract.

Consuming shatavari is likely unsafe during pregnancy as it has shown to cause miscarriage and birth defects in animal models of lab studies and there has been no human research to contradict this effect in humans. So,  pregnant women should always consult their doctor before taking shatavari in any form.

People who are allergic to other members of asparagus family may be allergic to shatavari too.

Not much is known about the drug interactions of this herb so if you are already on prescribed medicines, it’s advisable to refer to a registered medical practitioner if you want to add this herb to your diet.

Ayurvedic doctors suggest that one tsp on shatavari powder can be taken as a tea twice a day.

For fertility issues, it’s better to take shatavari regularly for a few months before you decide to conceive. This will not only help in increasing your fertility but also improves the conditions of your uterus and makes it more suitable for conceiving. 2 tsp of shatavari powder is suggested by ayurvedic doctors to be taken with milk twice a day for improving the fertility and overall sexual health in females.

Shatavari is a perennial plant (lives for many years) which climbs with the help of its woody stems to about 1-2 m in height. Its leaves are thin and needle-like and it bears white flowers with small spikes. The roots of this asparagus plant are tuberous and are the main source of all of its medicinal benefits. Although ancient texts suggest taking shatavari in a fresh form, it is generally taken in the form of a powder which might be in part due to the bitter taste of the roots or because of sheer convenience. It is also available commercially as shatavari capsules, shatavari tablets, and granules. You are highly advised to confirm the dosage, and frequency to consume shatavari from a reputed ayurvedic doctor before including it in your daily diet.

Recently, there have been several studies that claim the usage of Asparagus racemosus in the production of edible biofilms, which can be used in wrapping commercial meat products. These films not only keep the food product fresh for a longer period of time, they also do not contain any of the side effects of the normal poly film. This is because of the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of shatavari, Researchers are seeing a great deal of potential in this natural product, keeping in mind, the environmental friendly biofilms, and a longer shelf life of food products in the market.

Shatavari is an excellent herb for fertility and overall well being of the female sexual health but there is a reason it’s called the herb with many remedies.

  • Champion of women health: Shatavari is best known for its benefits for women. It increases their libido, balances hormones and improves fertility. Shatavari consumption has also been found to reduce period pain and regularise menstrual cycle.
  • Beneficial in PCOS: Research studies suggest that shatavari has an estrogen-like effect on the body, which modulates hormone function in women and helps in proper development of oocytes, thus alleviating all the risk factors for PCOS. Though more studies are needed to confirm its efficiency and dosage for PCOS prevention.
  • Improves libido in men: Shatavari is not just the herb for women, it is as beneficial for men. Regular consumption of shatavari is claimed to exhibit an aphrodisiac action on the body. However, due to absence of clinical studies, it is best to talk to a doctor to know more about this benefit.
  • Benefits for nursing mothers: Shatavari is used as a galactagogue in ayurvedic medicine. This means it increases milk production in nursing mothers. While preclinical evidence has confirmed this benefit, human studies are still lacking to prove the galactagogue action of shatavari.
  • Reduces stress: Shatavri has been found to be an effective stress-buster in pre-clinical settings. As an adaptogenic herb, it reduces the amount of stress hormones in your body, leading to a stress-free mind.
  • Natural antioxidant: Laboratory studies indicate that shatavari is a repository of antioxidant compounds, which combats free radical damage and improve the natural ability of your body to fight diseases. It also delays ageing and improves organ function.
  • Reduces peptic ulcers: It has been found in a clinical study that regular consumption of 3 g of shatavari root with milk is effective in reducing the severity of peptic ulcers regardless of gender or age. However, it also needs some dietary restriction and must be taken under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Acts as an antibiotic: In a series of studies, it has been confirmed that the leaf extracts of shatavari plant can inhibit the growth of several pathogenic microbes and it may have some potential as a natural antibiotic for the treatment of infectious diseases.
  • Relieves arthritis symptoms: Shatavari is suggested to be an efficient anti-inflammatory herb in research studies. Regular consumption may reduce swelling and pain associated with arthritis. Being an antioxidant herb, it reduces free radical damage, one of the primary causes of arthritic inflammation.
  • Relieves diarrhoea: Ayurvedic doctors prescribe shatavari for alleviating diarrhoea symptoms. Lab-studies confirm this traditional use, but human-based studies are still pending to confirm the anti-diarrhoeal potential of shatavari.
  • Good for hair: Asparagus is a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent. It helps inhibit fungal infections of scalp. Being an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it ensures that you do not suffer from scalp conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It also reduces hair fall and premature greying of hair.
  • Reduces blood sugar: Animal-based studies suggest that shatavari increases the amount of insulin in your body, facilitating the clearance of excessive blood sugar. 
  • Increases immunity: It has been proven by scientific studies that shatavari consumption boosts immunity and increase the capacity of your immune system to clear away pathogens. It is also useful in reducing the incidence of post-surgical infections.
  • Prevents mosquito-borne diseases: Shatavari root extracts are demonstrated to be toxic to mosquito larvae, eggs and adults. It is speculated that since it is a herb, it has evolved with mosquitoes and hence can act against these disease vectors in numerous ways, without posing a threat of resistance.
  • Immunoadjuvant: Shatavari root extract, when administered along with vaccines (as an adjuvant) results in a much better immune response than the vaccine alone. This is because of the immunostimulatoryry properties of shatavari root, provided in part due to its rich saponin content.
  • Prevents cancer: In vitro (lab-based) studies indicate the anti-cancer potential of shatavari root and leaf extracts. It has been found that shatavarin, an active compound present in this plant suppresses the growth and spread of cancer cells. However, clinical trials are still needed to confirm this benefit.

If anything, shatavari is a champion for women’s health. It doesn't only lead to a higher sex drive but also improves the overall health of the uterus, help the body to balance the female sex hormones and improves the fertility of women. Recent medical studies claim all of these benefits of shatavari to be true along with the property of this herb to improve the quality of the female reproductive cells (oocytes). Furthermore, a more balanced hormonal system in females would lead to lesser cramps in and a more pain-free menstrual cycle.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the formation of cysts in the female ovary. Hormonal imbalance is known to be the main reason behind this problem which leads to symptoms like irregularities in the menstrual cycle, infertility, back pain and difficulty in conceiving or giving birth. The imbalanced female hormones can also cause irrational hair loss, acne and other skin conditions and neurological problems like anxiety and depression. There is no known cure for this problem so far but the medical science is exploring the use of Asparagus racemosus in dealing with this gradually rising female problem. A recent article published in the International Journal of Herbal Medicine talks about the estrogen (female hormone) like effects of asparagus root and how it could have a potential in the future treatments of this disease. The same article further suggests that shatavari does so by helping in the proper development of oocytes in the female ovary. However, it is always advisable to talk to your doctor about the proper dosage according to your body type.

Shatavari is one of the best-known herbs for females but its efficiency doesn’t stop at just one gender. Studies have shown that the hydro-alcoholic and water extract of shatavari is very effective as an aphrodisiac. An aphrodisiac is a compound or a herb (in ayurveda) which is used to improve the sexual performance and libido in humans. However, in the lack of any human studies, nothing can be claimed about the efficiency of shatavari as a human aphrodisiac for men.

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In ayurveda, shatavari is called as a galactagogue, which means it helps increase the milk production in nursing mothers and ayurvedic doctors suggest the consumption of this herb for increasing the amount of milk in females. Modern medical science is fast moving towards the use of natural herbs in medicine too, in this series a research was done to test the effects of the root extracts of shatavari as a galactagogue and it was found that the oral administration of this plant might actually be potent in increasing milk production in mammals. However, the human tests are still not available to prove the exact action on humans so it’s better to talk to your ayurvedic doctor to know more about the benefits of this herb for nursing women.

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In Ayurveda, Shatavari is known as one of the top adaptogens, which means it has potent anti-stress activities. Recent studies suggest that intake of this herb affects a certain brain pathway which reduces the amount of stress hormones in the body thus leading to a stress-free mind. But these studies are mostly under trial with successful animal models and there has been no human trial so far to prove its efficiency in humans. So, its advisable to refer to a registered medical practitioner before taking in shatavari as a medicine for stress.

Antioxidants are the body’s natural defense against free radical damage. Just in case you are wondering what free radicals are, they are molecules formed in the body by its everyday functions, but eventually, they become potentially toxic to the body by killing the body’s own cells. Accumulation of a large amount of free radicals is called as oxidative stress which is one of the main reason for weakened body functions and premature aging. Studies have claimed that Shatavari has at least three very potent antioxidant compounds (racemofuran, aspargamine, racemosol) which help scavenge all the harmful free radicals from your system. So taking shatavari in your diet can help your body in dealing with a lot of metabolic damage and keep itself healthier for a longer time.

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Do you suffer from acidity and heartburns often? Is your lifestyle too stressful and your diet mostly comprises of fast food or otherwise too spicy foods? It should not come as a surprise as none of the above mentioned is good for your health. According to doctors, our stomach has a very thin protective layer, which protects us from the harmful effects of the digestive acids produced in the body. These acids are normally produced to help our stomach easily digest the food and to reduce the chances of bacterial growth in stomach thus keeping it healthy but over-consumption of spicy food or lifestyle habits, in general, might lead to an oversecretion of this acid in the stomach. When the stomach is no longer able to save itself from the effects of the digestive juices it starts to burn the inner lining of the stomach itself and this is what leads to formation of ulcers in stomach. Peptic ulcer is the medical term which refers to the kind of ulcer which forms in the stomach due to the overproduction of acids. A study was conducted in India to test the efficiency of asparagus root in relieving the symptoms of peptic ulcers in a group of 30 patients wherein 3 gm of shatavari root powder was given with milk to all of the subjects for a period of 6 weeks along with keeping them on a strict diet. After 6 weeks it was found that shatavari root powder has an excellent effect in treating chronic cases of peptic ulcers in both males and females. But, there were a lot of factors involved, such as diet plan and regular monitoring. Hence it’s better to consult an ayurvedic doctor for enjoying the benefits of this herb safely and more holistically.

Numerous researches have been done to examine the antimicrobial properties of shatavari and almost every research claims that the root and leaf extract of this herb is very effective against a wide range of microorganisms(germs) including bacteria like E. coli, Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and Pseudomonas and fungus, like Candida. So, it is safe to say that shatavari root can be used to treat most bacterial and fungal diseases and may have a potential as a naturally occurring wide range antibiotic in modern medicine.

If the diseases and health issues weren't enough the day to day stress of the modern life and the amount of processed food in the diet has made life quality even worse for humans. Arthritis is one of the rising bone associated problems these days which is affecting even the younger generations now. Most of the drugs that are commercially available in the market are chemical based and they do come with a lot of side effects. Free radical damage and oxidative stress is one of the main causes of this problem. Shatavari, as an antioxidant helps scavenge the free radicals in the body thus relieving the oxidative stress and reducing the chances of diseases like arthritis in particularly younger people. Additionally, studies have also suggested shatavari to be an excellent anti-inflammatory so it also helps you deal with the swelling and pains in the joints.

Ayurvedic doctors have been using shatavari in the treatment of diarrhea but curiosity has lead the scientists to test the efficiency of this herb in the treatment of this most common health problem and the ayurvedic claims have been found to be accurate, at least in lab studies. Human studies are still pending to check the dosage and action of this herb in treating diarrhea and dysentery.

Diuretics are the herbs or compounds which lead to a more frequent release of water from the body and shatavari is especially helpful if you are looking for a natural detoxifying agent It releases the extra water and toxins from the body thus making your body function better. Additionally, the flushing out of extra salts and water from the body would clean up the kidneys too, animal studies show that the oral administration of shatavari root extracts helps break down kidney stones.

Are you suffering from dandruff? Do scalp condition never seem to leave you alone? This might be a sign of a skin based infection. Recent studies suggest that the ethanolic extracts of asparagus root is an excellent antibiotic against that common scalp fungi and can be very helpful in treating scalp problems like dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis (a scalp condition marked by rash and itching which is very similar to eczema and psoriasis) In ayurveda, shatavari is long known as an anti-inflammatory, which means it will help you get relief from the rashes and itching that can be a collateral with the scalp infections or dandruff. But there have been no human studies to prove the efficiency of shatavari in treating these scalp conditions. So, its advisable to talk to your ayurveda doctor before using shatavari for your the health of your hairs.

Shatavari roots are an excellent antidiabetic agent, it increases the amount of insulin in the body thus helping in decreasing the blood sugar levels of the body. Animal studies support the potency of this herb in the anti-diabetes therapy but since there is a lack of human models, diabetic people are highly recommended to refer to their doctor before taking shatavari in any form.

Studies have shown that the extracts of shatavari root and leaves have potent anti-cancer activities. Scientist claim that shatavarin, a chemical compound found in the shatavari roots and leaf extract has an ability to kill the cancer cells. However, human studies are yet to be done so it's better to talk to your ayurveda doctor for the potential uses of shatavari as an anti-cancer agent.

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Immunomodulators are drugs, plants or compounds which stimulate the immune system of our body and help us fight infections. With the advancement of science, we have a lot of antibiotics commercially available in the market. A lot of incurable diseases are now curable by a proper treatment and surgery if it goes to an extreme. But the mortality rates of secondary infections cannot be denied. Secondary infections are the infections which can be acquired as a result of regular consumption of medicines in high doses that lead to the decrease in the immunity of the person. As a result, more medical therapy is needed and it becomes a vicious loop. So what is the alternative? A more holistic treatment of the body with naturally occurring substances that can not only help you heal from the secondary infection but also helps your immune system be strong enough to reduce the chances of any further problems. Studies have shown that shatavari is an excellent agent against secondary infections like candida and staphylococcus. It was suggested that the oral administration of shatavari stimulates the immune system to produce more antibodies and kill the infection more effectively.

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Immunoadjuvant are substances which can be given along with a vaccination to improve the efficiency and function of the vaccine. A number of studies have been done to study the working of shatavari root extract as an immunoadjuvant along with the vaccines for diseases like Hepatitis, DPT vaccine etc and all of them suggest that addition of the shatavari adjuvant has a definite effect as an adjuvant. Further studies suggest that the saponins(natural chemical compounds present in shatavari) may be responsible for this property of the herb. It was further claimed that this herb acts in the body by stimulating the cell- based immunity of the body (T cell activation)  which in turn is responsible for activating the white blood cells and antibodies in the human body. Thus shatavari root may have potential therapeutic uses as adjuvants with most vaccines.

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Charak Autozyme SyrupCharak Autozyme Syrup 76.5
Charak M2 Tone Syrup Charak M2 Tone Syrup111.15
Sri Sri Tattva Narayana Kalpa TabletSri Sri Tattva Narayana Kalpa Tablet135.0
Sri Sri Tattva Pradarashamaka Vati TabletSri Sri Tattva Pradarashamaka Vati130.5
Baidyanath Manmath Ras Baidyanath Manmatha Ras167.2
Nagarjuna Asoka GhruthamNagarjuna Asoka Ghrutham116.1
Nagarjuna Varanaadi Tablet Nagarjuna Varanaadi Tablet270.0
Nagarjuna Himasaagara Thailam Nagarjuna Himasaagara Thailam144.0
Nagarjuna Murivenna OilNagarjuna Murivenna Oil121.5
Nagarjuna Sukumaara GhruthamNagarjuna Sukumaara Ghrutham 279.0
Nagarjuna Sathaavaryaadi GhruthamNagarjuna Sathaavaryaadi Ghrutham124.2
Nagarjuna Beman CapsuleNagarjuna Beman Capsule461.7
Nagarjuna Mahaapaisaachika Ghrutham Nagarjuna Mahaapaisaachika Ghrutham 139.5
Nagarjuna Phalasarpis Nagarjuna Phalasarpis247.5
Nagarjuna Musaleekhadiraadi KashayamNagarjuna Musaleekhadiraadi Kashayam85.5
Baidyanath Vita-ex gold plusBaidyanath Vita Ex Gold Plus Capsule283.5
Kerala Ayurveda Varanadi Kwath TabletKerala Ayurveda Varanadi Kwath90.0
Kerala Ayurveda Ostoact TabletKerala Ayurveda Ostoact531.0
Kerala Ayurveda Promactil CapsuleKerala Ayurveda Promactil720.0
Kerala Ayurveda Gestatone GranuleKerala Ayurveda Gestatone Granule207.0
Kerala Ayurveda Iogen SyrupKerala Ayurveda Iogen130.5
Kerala Ayurveda Menovin TabletKerala Ayurveda Menovin396.0
Himalaya ChyavanaprashaHimalaya Chyavanaprasha180.0
Himalaya Menosan TabletHIMALAYA MENOSAN TABLET221.0
Himalaya Renalka Syrup Himalaya Renalka Syrup 200 Ml81.0
Zandu Ovoutoline SyrupZandu Ovoutoline Syrup118.75
Zandu Ovoutoline Forte TabletZandu Ovoutoline Forte171.0
Zandu Satavarex Granules Zandu Satavarex Granules251.75
Patanjali Moosli PakPatanjali Moosli Pak315.0
Kudos Vital Forte CapsuleKudos Vital Forte Capsules540.0
Divya ArvindasavaDivya Arvindasava54.9
Divya Mahamanjisthadi Kwath (Pravahi)Divya Mahamanjishthadi Kwath67.5
Divya Anu TailaDivya Anu Tailam54.0
Divya Pradarsudha Syrup (For Menorrhagia)Divya Pradarsudha Syrup72.0
Vasu Spark CapsuleVasu Spark Capsule212.5
Zandu Alpitone SyrupAlpitone Syrup67.5
Charak Aptizoom SyrupCharak Aptizoom Syrup85.5
Baidyanath Chandrakala RasBaidyanath Chandrakala Ras Tablet108.0
Baidyanath Chyawan-Vit ChyawanprashBaidyanath Chyawan Vit Chyawanprash356.25
Baidyanath MahamanjishthadyarishtaBaidyanath Maha Manjishthadyarishta207.0
Baidyanath SaraswatarishtaBaidyanath Saraswatarishta179.55
Vasu Bonton Active GranulesVasu Bonton Active Granules216.0
Planet Ayurveda Bustonica CapsulesPlanet Ayurveda Bustonica Capsule1215.0
Dabur Maha Narayan TailDabur Maha Narayan Tail77.9
Kairali DuranceKairali Durance162.0
Planet Ayurveda Female Health Support CapsulesPlanet Ayurveda Female Health Support Capsule1215.0
Hem PushpaHem Pushpa Syrup513.95
Jiva SaraswatarishtaJiva Saraswatrishta112.5
Jiva Shatavari TabletsJiva Shatavari Tablet85.5
Kairali Kairheal OilKairali Kairheal Oil720.0
Kairali Kairkare Body Massage OilKairali Kairkare Body Massage Oil877.5
Kairali Kairkare Body Massage OilKairali Kairkare Body Massage Oil1125.0
LactareLactare Cardamom Granules265.5
Kairali Maharajaprasarani Thailam Kairali Maharajaprasarani Thailam81.0
Menohelp SyrupMenohelp Syrup162.0
Vasu Merylact GranulesVasu Merylact Granules202.5
Vasu Meryton CapsuleVasu Meryton Capsule216.0
Kairali Murivenna Oil Kairali Murivenna Oil144.0
OvoutolineOvoutoline Forte Tablet130.5
Patanjali SaraswatarishtaPatanjali Divya Saraswatarishta94.5
Patanjali Shatavar ChurnaPatanjali Shatavar Churna144.0
Planet Ayurveda Atirasadi ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Atirasadi Churna899.1
Planet Ayurveda Naari Kalyan ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Naari Kalyan Churna531.0
Planet Ayurveda Shatavari CapsulesPlanet Ayurveda Shatavari1215.0
IMC Power O Gold PowderIMC Power O Gold Powder 427.5
Kairali Prabhanjanavimardanam ThailamKairali Prabhanjanavimardanam Thailam130.5
Baidyanath Prostaid TabletsBaidyanath Prostaid Tablet135.9
IMC Protiwon Sugar Free Powder VanillaIMC Protiwon Sugar Free Powder Vanilla427.5
Vasu Ranger TabletVasu Ranger Tablet216.0
Divisa Herbal Sachi SaheliDivisa Herbal Sachi Saheli Capsule132.3
Baidyanath Shakti Ras CapsuleBaidyanath Shaktiras Capsule720.1
Sri Sri Tattva Mamatva GranulesSri Sri Tattva Mamatva Granules202.5
Sri Sri Tattva PhalasarpiSri Sri Tattva Phalasarpi152.0
Sri Sri Tattva Pradarashamaka SyrupSri Sri Tattva Pradarashamaka Syrup121.5
Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari TabletSri Sri Tattva Shatavari Tablet117.0
Baidyanath Swarna Shakti RasBaidyanath Swarna Shakti Ras720.1
Kairali Valiya Narayana Thailam Kairali Valiya Naryana Thailam211.5
Kairali Valiya Rasnadi KashayamKairali Valiya Rasnadi Kashayam138.6
Kairali Valiya Sahacharadi ThailamKairali Valiya Sahacharadi Thailam148.5
Kairali Varanadi KashayamKairali Varanadi Kashayam90.0
Zandu Pancharishta SyrupZandu Pancharishta Syrup177.65
Zandu SatavarexZandu Satavarex162.0
Zandu VigorexZandu Vigorex Capsules Pack Of 20 Capsules0.0
Dabur Dhatupaushtik Churna Dabur Dhatupaushtik Churna198.0
Dabur Musli Pak LaghuDabur Musli Pak Laghu209.0
Dabur Vasant Kusumakar RasDabur Vasant Kusumakar Ras with Gold & Pearl Tablet560.5
Dabur Brahmi Vati GoldDabur Brahmi Vati with Gold & Pearl270.0
Kapiva Dhatupaushtik ChurnaKapiva Dhatupaushtik Churna162.0
Kapiva Vigor Max CapsulesKapiva Vigor Max Capsules1080.0
Jiva Nari Sakhi CapsulesJiva Nari Sakhi 144.0
Jiva Ojas CapsulesJiva Ojas 247.5
Jiva Sattva Post Natal Health Care PackJiva Sattva Post Natal Health Care Pack990.0
Planet Ayurveda Bustonica OilPlanet Ayurveda Bustonica Oil612.0
Planet Ayurveda Anu TailamPlanet Ayurveda Anu Tailam 202.5
Planet Ayurveda Brahmi ChyawanprashPlanet Ayurveda Brahmi Chyawanprash486.0
Planet Ayurveda Shatavari PowderPlanet Ayurveda Shatavari Powder405.0
Planet Ayurveda Tribull OilPlanet Ayurveda Tribull Oil445.5
Patanjali Herbal Powervita PowderPatanjali Herbal Powervita Powder175.5
Patanjali Herbal GlucoshaktiPatanjali Herbal Glucoshakti85.5
Patanjali Divya Youvnamrit Vati Patanjali Divya Youvnamrit Vati225.0
Patanjali Divya Trayodashang Guggul TabletPatanjali Divya Trayodashang Guggul 25.2
Patanjali Divya Laxmivilas RasPatanjali Divya Laxmivilas Ras54.0
Patanjali Divya Maharasnadi Kwath Patanjali Divya Maharasnadi Kwath22.5
Patanjali Divya Vrikkdoshhar VatiPatanjali Divya Vrikkdoshhar Vati54.0
Patanjali Divya Phal GhritPatanjali Divya Phal Ghrit278.1
Patanjali Divya Vrikkdoshhar KwathPatanjali Divya Vrikkdoshhar Kwath36.0
Jain Shatavari PowderJain Shatavari Powder585.0
Jain Mahanarayan OilJain Mahanarayan Oil108.0
Jain Janodine SyrupJain Janodine Syrup252.0
Herbal Hills Femohills ShotsHerbal Hills Femohills Shots265.5
Herbal Hiils Shatavari Herbal CoffeeHerbal Hiils Shatavari Herbal Coffee148.5
Swadeshi Maharasnadi KwathSwadeshi Maharasnadi Kwath79.2
Swadeshi Moosli PakSwadeshi Moosli Pak 540.0
Swadeshi Satavari ChurnaSwadeshi Satavari Churna 74.7
Dabur SaraswatarishtaDabur Saraswatarishta Syrup146.2
Vyas Shiva GutikaVyas Shiva Gutika132.99
Vyas Dhatupaushtik ChurnaVyas Dhatupaushtik Churna142.5
Vyas Ashwagandha TailVyas Ashwagandha Tail109.25
Vyas Shatavari ChurnaVyas Shatavari Churna118.75
Charak Expijoy NutraCharak Expijoy Nutra Tablet1206.0
Zandu Chyawanprash AvalehaZANDU CHYAWANPRASH 450GM148.5
Himalaya Evecare Forte LiquidHimalaya Evecare Forte Liquid130.5
Evian SyrupEvian Syrup81.0
U T Prim TabletUT Prim Tablet128.25
Biogetica Amesolve CapsuleAmesolve Capsule949.05
Biogetica Neuralease TabletBiogetica Neuralease Tablet1899.05
Vasu Meryton SyrupVasu Meryton Syrup103.5
Vasu Ranger SyrupVasu Ranger Syrup112.5
Bold Care Forever CapsuleBold Care Forever Capsule849.0
Bold Care Progeny CapsuleBold Care Progeny Capsule1259.0
Lama Arogya Jeevan CapsuleLama Arogya Jeevan Capsule110.0
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